Porsha Williams Gets F&cked In Divorce Settlement! Leaves With Nothing But Her Credit Card Debt

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Okay, somebody stop the mutha freaking presses. Y’all mean to tell me that Porsha’s divorce is finalized and the child leaves with absolutely NOTHING. Eww chile, Porsha could not have been my daughter, because I would have told her a$$ to go back over there, and do not leave until she leaves with something! I’m over here blown at how Porsha walks away from a Divorce with A former NFL Quarterback in the red. That’s right, the judge awarded her NOTHING.

According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ –  Porsha gets NO alimony, NO house, NO NFL retirement money, NO cash-out, NO health insurance.  She even has to pay her own credit card balances.

Now Kordell is dead ass wrong. He knows good and damn well he could have bought this girl a few prepaid pap-smears. What is we gone do hunty!

As for Kordell … he gets two houses, 2 plots of land, a 2013 Mercedes and a 2010 Porsche, and his full retirement benefits.  He also gets to keep a 100% interest in his companies.

Chile, the sad part is Nene’s Lawyer that Porsha was seen consulting with throughout the show must not be as good as they say he is. Nene done got this girl all messed up. The lawyer on the other hand got a whole bunch of camera time and all of Porsha lil money in exchange for her leaving the court house with credit card debt. I mean damn, at least Kordell could have helped the damn girl start back at one…

Oh well, f&ck Kordell ole d!ck sucking in the park a$$. Porsha’s got her an African Prince. She doesn’t need Kordell’s pocket change.

Kordell Stewart Once Caught Sucking D!ck In Park Now Readies Himself For Gay Marriage

Porsha baby, listen to me good. Pay off those credit cards, make sure every gift that Amistad Daddy gives you is in your name, spend your money on items that hold their value like diamonds, and do like Shaunie O’neal siphon his money off to the side and put it in your mamma’s name… Don’t say I ain’t never gave you nothing for free.

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Is Dating An African Man With A Jerry Perm. He’s Rich Though…


Kordell Stewart Changes Locks On Porsha. She Cant Get In the House AT ALL

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Chile, this divorce mess between Porsha & Kordell is getting uglier by the minute. Just when we had not heard anything about it for a while, this mess pops up out of nowhere. Quiet as its kept, I thought they were damn near through with the divorce. Hell, whats taking so long? I guess Kordell is fed up with sharing the residence with Porsha and is truly ready to move on. Remember weeks back, Kordell was locking Porsha out of the house, forcing her to have to call the police for entry. Now, Kordell has flat out changed all the locks and refuses to give Porsha a key. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Porsha & Kordell STILL Sleeping Under The Same Roof. Best For Her Case If She Remains In Home

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I’ve never had the pleasure of getting divorce, but I could not imagine what it would be like going through something as life altering as a divorce, and having to remain under the same roof with your soon to be ex-spouse. Well two people who can answer this is Kordell & Porsha Stewart. Even though their house is gigantic and the two could comfortably dwell on separate sides of the house, it still has got to be awkward with both of them sharing the same address. My guess was that Kordel was staying in the house because he wanted to make sure Porsha wasn’t walking up out of there with anything. My other guess is Porsha was staying in the house because she didn’t have anywhere else to go. LOL. The reason Porsha is still in the house may surprise you. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Kordell Stewart Files For DIVORCE From RHOA’s Porsha Stewart. Cites Marriage Is “Irretrievably Broken”

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Chile, this sh!t done hit the fan! Kordell Stewart filed a petition on March 22nd in Fulton Co, GA seeking a divorce against the Real Housewives of Atlanta star citing the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” This right here is complete devastation to the nation. The picture perfect life that Porsha describes in her intro to RHOA is about to abruptly come to an end. To make matters worse, BRAVO is partially sold on replacing Porsha and has already started interviewing ladies for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

SWEET TEA: Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama Is Sheree Whitfield’s Ex Girlfriend

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tanya sheree

So apparently The Doll was the last person to know, but Kordell Stewart’s baby mama is the same woman that Sheree as flaunting around on television a few years back on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Y’all remember Tania? She was the one who offended Lisa Wu-Hartwell by saying she had that “wash & go ” hair. Well I picked up some T’s yesterday on how Tania was supposed to have much larger role and other affiliations on RHOA, but a certain somebody was not to keen on her participating. Sound familiar? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Porsha Stewart talks about Kenya Moore and Kordel Stewart being gay on “The Breakfast Club”

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Bae-Bae media training has done Porsha Stewart some good. She stopped by the popular New York radio station Power 105.1 and dishes the dirt on her beef  with that ole dusty dragon Kenya More and addressed rumors about her husband, Kordel Stewart being gay. Catch these T’s. Continue reading