Kim Zolciak Now Pregnant With Twins. 6 Kids and Counting.

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Chile i don’t know if I should be congratulating Kim, or giving her a ride down to the welfare office to sign up for assistance. They say babies are blessing, but Kim & Kroy can y’all save some of the blessings for someone else? LOL I’m just playing. I have no issue with folks have swarms of kids when they can afford them. Kim Zolciak announced to E news that her and Kroy are expecting twins. She says she was completely taken by surprise considering that the babies were conceived natural. However, she did admit that twins do run in her family.

For those of you who did not know, Kim Zolciak is done with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. We will not be seeing her this season. No tea no shade, of all the Housewives from the Atlanta franchise, Kim Zolciak has show the most growth. Truthfully, I feel like she has outgrown the entire situation. I think kim is the only one who kept RHOA in perspective. It was fun while it was fun, but when sh!t got bad she bounced. Moreover, unlike the other ladies, Kim did not make RHOA her life. I guess you can do that when you’ve got money! Bloop catch those T’s. Kim has a billionaire baby daddy, she had big poppa, and now she has Kroy. Trust & believe mamma has coins. Congrats to kim and Kroy. I hope Kandi did not mention any other baby names around her…

Kim had 2 daughters from previous relationships, 2 sons from Kroy, and the sex of the babies in her belly is unknown at this time…

Kim Zolzciak May Be Having A Fifth Child [video]

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In a true trailer park fashion, Kim Zolciak may be packing out her house with a whole bunch of kids. Ever since Dionne Warrick and Ms. Cleo gooped the kids out of all their coins, I have not had too much faith in these here psychics. However, Kim has had a pretty high batting average with her Little House On The Prairie fortune teller Miss Rose. Well, Rose has predicted a 5th child in Kim’s future. This one a little girl. Check it out. Continue reading

FIRST Picture of Kim & Kroy’s New Foreclosure Dream Home By Default

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Chile after Kim & Kroy had to move out of Kendra Davis’s home expeditiously for whatever reason, their “dream home” quickly became a nightmare. Not to mention, in effort to spite Kendra, Kim dug up all 40k of the flowers and trees she installed in the yard and sold them off on Bufford Highway. Non the less, the last part of 2012 brought about a lot of change for Kim. A move, a new baby, leaving RHOA are just same of the changes Kim was going through. Well we’ve been hearing her through various media outlets boast about this new “dream home”, check out the first glimpse of the home she has given us Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Going Broke. First Eviction, NOW 200k UNPAID Wedding Bill To Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie

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“I guess being a Mrs, doesn’t pay as much as being a mistress.” ~Funky Dineva

Has Kim Zolziak gone broke? We’ve watched Kim’s eviction/move play out on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Twitter, and various other media outlets. All along I felt like that whole situation was a media stunt to mask the fact that the recession hit her and Kroy’s a** just like everyone else in America and they had to make some budgetary modifications aka DOWNSIZE. Ain’t no shame in, hell, we’ve all had to downsize at sometime another. Now reports stemming from unpaid vendors and sources close to the couple are stating that Kim has left Celebrity Wedding Planner Collin Cowie unpaid and owes 200k plus…

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[VIDEO] Kim Zolciak’s Mother Suing Her Over Visitation, Has NEVER Seen Her New Grandson

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So as we get closer to the airing of season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I figured I’d start to beef up my coverage of the ladies and make sure you guys have all applicable T going into this season. Not sure if any of you watched Kim’s wedding series Don’t be Tardy For The Wedding. Well, towards the conclusion of the show, there was a big fall out between Kim & Kroy and Kim’s mother Karen involving Karen going into the house to use the restroom after being instructed to use a porta-potty. Things got heated, and ultimately Kim & Kroy called the police and had Karen escorted off the property.

Word on the street is that Kim has not talked to her mother since then, has completely cut her off, and moreover has not allowed her any grandma time with any of the grandchildren. What’s even more disheartening, is that Kim has recently given birth to her fourth child and sources say Karen has not seen the baby at all. I guess Karen has had enough with Kim & Kroy’s antics and has decided to take legal action, but does she have any true legal recourse? Catch these T’s. Continue reading