Question Of The Day: Did Angie Stone & Latocha Scott Add Anything To R&B Divas Atlanta?

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You all know I love hearing back from you guys. Quiet as its kept, so do the networks and the celebrities. As R&B Divas Atlanta season two wraps, I want to know your thoughts on season two and its additions?

Do you think Angie Stone & Latocha Scott added anything to the show?

Tell me how you really feel! Go in and let have! Continue reading

R&B Divas Season 2 Finally Here! Fights, Fashions,Phonies, New Cast Members – Promo Video

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Are y’all ready for season 2 of Rough & Buff R&B Divas? Yes Gawd Hunty! After all the mess that has been going on around town I am. Bae-Bae, R&B Divas season one was ok, but my woman’s intuition is telling me that season 2 is going to be so much better. I think the divas along with the production folk over at TvOne got their hands on the Shaunie O’neal & Mona Scott-Young handbooks on “How To Pimp A Bish.” I’ve got confirmation that this season will be packed full of drama, mess and all the other unfortunate ratchetness you need to have a successful reality television show.

I am loving the promo picture. Looks like R&B divas was able to garner enough ratings to secure some more advertisers or higher advertising rates,  thus giving them a larger budget. IT SHOWS. I must say the ladies look really nice. There is one of them up there that I am questioning what the hell she has on, but I’ll give her a pass for right now. I’m sure she’ll find a way to dig her own hole once the show starts. Angie Stone and Latocha Scott we see y’all. Check out the promo and catch these T’s Continue reading

Nicci Gilbert QUITS R&B Divas After Her Husband Gets Into Major Altercation

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I said this once before, but ish is seriously getting real with the R&B Divas. I’ve had one production member flat out say to the that the show has turned into Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives. Word on the street is after the altercation that almost resulted in Nicci’s husband getting a gun pulled on him, Nicci quit the show. Catch these T’s Continue reading

SWEET TEA: R&B Divas Nikki Gilbert and Latocha Scott Husband’s FIGHT

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R&B Divas Husbands

No Gawd Hunty! Sh!t has gotten real over in the R&B Divas camp. From what I’ve heard, there is bout to be some slow singing and flower bringing. Husbands of R&B Divas Nicci Gilbert-Daniels and Latocha Scott got into a fight last night while filming. Nicci’s husband is retired boxer Leonard M. Daniels and Latocha’s husband is music industry veteran Rocky Bivens. Rocky now serves as Latocha’s manager. Rocky was Xscape’s manager back in the day. Additionally Rocky has represented TLC, Jaime Foxx, and R. Kelly. Anyway, the word is things got a little out of hand ended up with Rocky going to trunk. Ughh ohhh, we know what that means. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

If Tamika Scott Apologizes PUBLICLY To Kandi For Lies, There May Be An Xscape Reunion

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With the addition of Latocha Scott to R&B Divas, Xscape and all the drama surrounding their breakup has been given new life. It has been 20 years since Xscape released their first single ‘Just Kicking It’ in 1993. The short-lived quartet definitely died out before they reached their full potential. Having 3 uber successful albums, fans are still asking “what really happened, and does it really matter 20 years later?” Well, for Kandi, it seems that somethings do still matter because they have had a lasting impact on her spirit and her reputations. Recently Kandi talked to Sister 2 Sister Magazine about some things that were said publicly that left her feeling some kind of way. Catch these T’s  Continue reading

Latocha Scott of Xscape is OFFICIALLY An R&B Diva – ohh and Angie Stone

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latocha scott (copy)

So I had already told you guys some time ago that Angie Stone was being added to the cast of R&B Divas. Well, I wasn’t expecting this one, but Latocha Scott from the girl group Xscape has OFFICIALLY been added to the cast as well. I spoke to some people from her camp and an official press release will be issued later today. This adds a really interesting dynamic to the show and here is why. Catch these T’s. Continue reading