New Video: Tamar Braxton LOVE AND WAR

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Well well well. The time is upon us. The music video for Tamar Braxton’s Love and War is finally here. I must say that I was really excited when i began watching the video. By the end of it i had kind of tuned out. The video is really nice from a videography standpoint. I think the lack of a plot is what caused my attention to move to my iphone and away from the video. By two minutes in, I was kind of over watching her sing in random places of her house and on the beach. Non the less, the video is good. Check it out. Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Performs LOVE AND WAR On Good Morning America

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Just like a true artist, Tamar Braxton is doing a nation wide promo sweep with her hit single Love and War. Earlier this morning, Tamar performed live on Good Morning America. I am definitely glad to see that her music career is blowing up and that mama is getting her shine, however, I wouldn’t be Funky Dineva if I didn’t keep it real. This performance didn’t have the same majic as her debut performance on the Wendy Williams show. You cheek it out and you be the judge.  Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Sings Love And War Live On Wendy Williams, Evokes Spirit 90′s Divas (Video)

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Let me tell you something, I don’t care what you say about Tamar Braxton, she is alright with me. Y’all know that in the past Tamar has not been one of my favorite people, but this right here has COMPLETELY changed how I feel about her. Reality TV does not do every artist justice. I definitely think in the court of public opinion, much of Tamar’s over the top ways on television may have left a lot of people looking at her sideways. Whatever you may feel about Tamar’s personality, good, bad, or indifferent you can’t deny her talent. I always felt that Tamar needed just SHUT UP and SANG. Well, that is exactly what she did. Bae-Bae, Tamar made her to the Wendy Williams show to perform her single Love and War  and she TURNT IT! Continue reading

New Music: Tamar Braxton, ‘Love And War’ (full song)

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Earlier this week, I shared with you guys snippets of Tamar singing Love And War on the Tamar & Vince show. Well the full single is here. I must say I am impressed. Tamar brought the funk the way The Doll likes r&b singers to do so. Tamar you’ve wanted to be a singer for so long. Stick to singing like this, leave the pop dropping and locking to them younger girls, and you will be alright. Check out Love And War. Continue reading

Tamar Braxton, One White Woman Who Can SANG!!!!! (listen)

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Yes Gawd Hunty! It ain’t no secret that The Doll does not really fancy Tamar Braxton too much. The character she plays on Braxton Family Values just wears my last effin nerve. Considering the Atlanta girls that she hangs out with, I am willing to bet that Tamar doesn’t really act like that in real life. Non the less, I’m a fair bish. I give credit where credit is do. When it comes to singing, Tamar Braxton cannot be denied. For that I say yes gawd. Everybody knows that The Doll is a sucker for nasty R&B tune. Well, Check out a snippet of Tamar singing Love andWar. This will be her first single from her album that is set to debut in February 2013 Continue reading