Joseline Hernadez’s Former Hair Stylist Says She’s Strung Out On Drugs And About To Lose Her Home

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joseline Hernandez on Drugs

Ok look, I don’t make the news, I just report it. I was minding my own business as I always do, when a former hair stylist of Joseline’s made it their business to spill their heart out as to why they no longer work with the Puerto Rican Princess. Reportedly, all the fame and money has gone to Joseline’s head and up her nose. Chile Miss hairstylist said that things have gotten so bad round Joseline’s house that majority of the Glam Squad that was working with her have quit and many of which have began working with Mimi. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Karlie Redd ALLEGEDLY Got Paid 3-5k To Have 3-Some With Music Exec Hiriam Hicks and His Wife

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karlie redd hiram hicks

Chile, it appears as if Mimi Faust isn’t the only one with a sex scandal going on out there. Young Joc’s money must not be long enough to satisfy Karlie Redd, so she decided she would enroll in the Marlo Hampton School Of How To Get Your Bills Paid. Hiriam Hicks, is a low key, yet big time music exec who is credited for building Dru Hills career and rebuilding the careers of Ron Iseley and the Iseley Brothers. After this post, you’ll be able to add Karlie Redd to his roster. Hicks and his wife, the former stripper seen above on the right allegedly were looking to spice things up and in the bedroom, and Karlie Redd was the right flavor of vinegar. lol Catch these T’s Continue reading

Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop) Enlists In Media Training, After Purposely Leaking Sex Tape

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It troubles me to even write this. However I don’t make the news I just report it. About 2 weeks ago, Mimi Faust enlisted the help of a media coach to provide her with media training in an effort to get ahead of this sex tape scandal that is about to rock Love & Hip Hop.

For those of you in the dark, as I was, pictures have surface online of Nikko and who appears to be Mimi Faust doing the nasty. The breast on the woman in the pictures look store bought, and the tattoos align, so we are more than confident it is Mimi.  We are also confident that this tape did no mysteriously leak, but that Mimi & Nikko most likely orchestrated this stunt to stay current. It’s worked for everyone else, hell why not? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Funky Dineva Ross Appears In Love & Hip Hop 40 Greatest Moments – Get Ready To Holler

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photo 1

photo 2So many of you guys asked “Funky Dineva, why weren’t you at the reunion.” Chile the answer is I really don’t know. However it doesn’t even matter because Gawd had a larger job lined up for me. After working with the good ole folks over at Love & Hip Hop on the reunion and the Dirty Little Secrets special, they reached out to me again and asked would I be interested in being a part of the 40 greatest moments special. All I could do is scream Yes Gawd! When the producer explained to me the set up of the show and how i would basically have free reign to go in and let have, I was super excited.

So what can you guys expect, put it this way ya girl was on TWO CUPS of straight up ciroc before they yelled lights camera action. That being said, y’all already know what to expect. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 Supertrailer – Don’t Expect Much K.Michelle (video)

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The time is upon us. Love & Hip Hop New York season 4 is almost here. I’m almost a little embarrassed to say this, but I’m actually looking forward to the premiere. With the new cast, it seems as if they finally got it right. All of you Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans are most definitely excited to see what K. Michelle is going to bring to New York. I hate to burst your bubble, but don’t expect too much. K. Michelle has already let it be known that she was on the road traveling majority of the time.


For those of you who can’t wait until Monday to get a little piece of Love & Hip Hop, you can get your life as VH1 counts down the 40 greatest moments of Love & Hip Hop tomorrow at 8pm. The show is a 2 hour countdown and The Doll Miss Funky Dineva Ross is all up an through there. That’s right, you can catch me on your television screen tomorrow night as I tell the world how I really feel about some of the goings ons from past seasons.

Check out the super trailer and catch these T’s Continue reading

Uncle Sam Hits K. Michelle With Something “Very Special”, A $52,000 Tax Lien

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Singing “I don’t know what they want from me seems like the more money we come across the more problems we see…” Let me tell y’all something, Uncle Sam is not cutting anybody any slack these days. The damn girl cd ain’t even been out 3 months yet and the IRS is already standing in line with their hand out. Chile, i know we shaded the hell out of Lauryn Hill, but it looks like a whole lot of celebrities may be sitting right next to her ass in jail if they don’t get a handle on their accounting. Catch these T’s Continue reading