Wacka Flacka Says He Is Not Doing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Telling Little White Lies…

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After 2 seasons of Joseline, Stevie, Mimi and their mess, we’ve all wondered what or who would Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have to add in order to keep things fresh and exciting. This question was answered when stories started to make their way around the net that Wacka Flacka, his momager Deb Atney,  and his fiance’ Tammy where joining the show (EXCLUSIVE!! Waka Flocka Flame & Tammy Rivera Added To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta…) . Wacka & Co didn’t seem to have any issues when the news broke, but now Wacka is signing a different tune. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

On an interview with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club, Wacka dished some dirty tea. Catch these Ts Continue reading

K. Michelle Covers Sister 2 Sister Magazine. Talks About Misconceptions And Her Move To New York

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I must say, K. Michelle has definitely been doing the damn thang lately. The new poster child for female R&B has been gracing stages, shows, and magazine covers that quite honestly I never thought she would have.  Not sure how many people consider The Wendy Williams Show to be a major stage, but no tea no shade, when I saw K. Michelle performing no Wendy, I thought to myself “this girl done f&cked around and made it”. yes Gawd K. Michelle.

The singer who’s album sold 72 thousand copies in its first week sat down to talk with Jaime Foster Brown over at Sister 2 Sister magazine and revealed some pretty interesting truths. One in particular is that K. Michelle feels she learned more as  stripper than she did in college. Hmmm OK. Hell, these days the strip clubs and the streets are the higher learning institutions. Anyway, the soulful songstress dishes on the biggest misconceptions about her as a person and her big move to New York. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Benzino (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) NAKED Photo leaked. You Might Be Impressed NSFW

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Y’all know Benzino is the king of taking selfies. #LAME The middle aged chicken nugget has no issue taking his shirt of and letting the world know what slim fast can do for you. Quiet as its kept, Benzino got a lil too bold with the selfies and sent a nude to somebody who felt the need to share it with the world. No tea no shade, I know I call benzino a chicken nugget, but chile he is working with more than a 6 piece. Catch these T’s Continue reading

K. Michelle’s 1st Week Record Sales Are In. Rebellious Soul SOLD. The Numbers May Or May Not Shock You.

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Chile go in and let have Miss K. Michelle. Mama’s first week record sales are pretty impressive.

First Week Figure: 71,853 units sold.

Billboard Urban #1

Billboard 200 position: #2

Not bad for the bish with the bad attitude. Do y’all remember when I emailed K. Michelle before season 1 of Love & Hip Hop premiered and she said that she just wanted to get her cd off the back shelves of Walgreens? Well She has succeeded! Just to put K. Michelles forst week sales into perspective , Ciara’s Ciara sold 58,000 in it’s first week, Kelly Rowland’s Talk A Good Game sold 68,000 and Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream sold 71,000 in its first week, despite having the huge radio single “Adorn” on the LP. It is important to note that she earns one of the highest first week figures in recent R&B history (no exaggeration) and does so without the benefit of a smash hit lead single. This is important because the lack of a smash hit lead single has oft been used to defend a number of unfortunate first week results recently.

K. Michelle dedicates a special song to Mimi entitled “A Mimi Story”. Mimi does not take to kind to it. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Lil Scrappy & Erika Dixon’s Daughter Bit By Dog. Had To Leave The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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So season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sold all kinds of lies, fantasies, and fairy tales. Since so many people rely on shows like LHHATL to escape the harsh realities of everyday life, I made an executive decision this season to not kill anyone’s joy. I mean who wants to be the the person who tells the kids that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist. Well, during the reunion which you guys will soon see, there is a part where Erika & Scrappy leave the stage and do not return. All sorts of rumors have been swirling around as to what happened. The most popular rumor is that they quit the show. I’m here to tell you you guys nothing of the sort happened. Unfortunately, their daughter got bit by a dog pretty badly and they had to snap into parent mode real quick! Catch these T’s Continue reading