Latocha Scott (Xscape) Slays Classics at ATL Live On The Park + Marcus Canty Wows Audience (Watch)

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Last night I got my life! Once a month here in Atlanta, there is an event held called ATL Live On The Park. It is a monthly music showcase that features LIVE music from established and emerging artist. There’s food, drinks, press, celebrity attendees and all that jazz, you get the picture. Well last nights talent line up included Marcus Canty, Q-Parker, and Latocha Scott. Bay-Bay when I tell you Latocha Scott sang that place down, she sang it down! Don’t sleep, Marcus Canty did his thing too. Quiet as its kept, I didn’t half no who the hell Marcus Canty was, but I definitely know he he is now. This brother sang This Woman’s Work and gave Maxwell a NASTY run for his money.  Continue reading