Why Y’all Didn’t Buy Mariah Carey’s Newest CD? The People Say Her Record Sales Ain’t Too Hot

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Now see, why y’all go off and do Mimi like that? I’ll be the first person to say I didn’t even know the b!sh had a new cd coming out. I happened to be on Twitter one of those Tuesday’s and my TL had a few mentions of her album. With that, I don’t think it is the people that failed Mariah, I think it was the lack of promotion and the lack of a quality lead single to really got the peoples attention.

Undoubtedly Mariah is beyond talented, but could it be her day is done? Honestly, I think it is time for Mariah to crossover to adult contemporary music. She is no longer believable as a sexy dress wearing songstress. Like for real Miss, you are somebody’s mama. It is time Mariah trades in the tight fighting dresses for a pants suit. I don’t know, as much as I go up for Mariah Carey, I have zero motivation to even go to Itunes and download the cd. Ughhh Whatever.

It is worth noting that Mariah enter the the Billboard charts with her 17th top ten album, The Elusive Chanteuse. The album debuted at no. 3 with 58,000 in sales the first week. This is her lowest non-holiday album opening since SoundScan started tracking sales in 1991.Her previous low came when 1991′s Emotions launched at No. 4 with 156,000. Mariah’s 2009′s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, debuted at No. 3, but with 168,000.

I guess the girls just ain’t seeing it for Mariah. As it relates to the global musical climate, get into these numbers:

Carey has tallied six No. 1 albums between 1991 and 2008. The era of double and triple platinum albums sales has definitely leveled off, but Beyonce did pull off a millon-seller last year when she dropped her self-titled release directly to iTunes with no advance promotion.

By comparison, Adele has sold 10 million copies of her 21 release which came out in 2011, Rihanna sold 4.1 million total of her 2012 Unapologetic CD and Beyonce is now up to 3 million worldwide of her self-titled CD.  Carey’s top seller is 1993′s Music Box which sold 17.2 million records worldwide.~ Black America Web

I got a feeling Mariah will push through. She hasn’t been around this long being no dumb ass. Y’all go but her cd. Y’all know she’s has 3 kids to put through college. Them not so attractive twins and Nick Cannon. BYE


FASHION: Too Young vs. Too Old

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Too Young?

Many of you might be confused on the appropriate age to wear certain types of clothes.   In my opinion you can wear almost anything as long as your body type says you can wear them. Some women feel as long as they make the clothes in their size then that means it’s ok to wear it, no matter their age.   Today’s fashion isn’t so prude as it was  twenty-five years ago,  there were a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to age appropriate wardrobe years ago. You probably would never see a woman over 30 with short shorts, or someone over 40 wearing leggings other than to workout in.  With time comes change, however is you have to question if you are too old to wear something, then it’s likely that you probably should not be wearing it. But as long as your body type is on point for what you are trying to pull off, I say go for it. Be bold, step outside the box and show them what a woman your age is suppose to look like…lol

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New Music: Mariah Carey & Miguel BEAUTIFUL

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If you like a feel good song with an old driving down route 66 with  the wind blowing in your hair kind of flair, then this is the song for you. Mariah Carey and Miguel teased us with leaked pictures and video clips of them working in the studio together. The finished product of their studio rendezvous is here. The song is called Beautiful. The song serves as the lead single off the 42-year-old Mariah’s upcoming new album, scheduled for release this summer. Check it out.

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[PICS] Oprah Winfrey Films Love Scene In Lee Daniels Flick, THE BUTLER

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Oprah is serving Newport Kitty Kat REALNESS! Thanks to Oprah’s instagram feed, we have gotten yet another look at her in the upcoming Lee Daniels movie The Butler. The caption for this picture from Oprah instagram feed reads:

“And THAT’s a Wrap! Terrance Howard and me in our goodbye”love scene”. Thanks Lee Daniels for the great experience. #theButler”

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[VIDEO] Nikki Minaj Cusses Mariah Carey The F*** Out On Set Of American Idol

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Think its a joke if you want to. Nikki Minaj cusses Mariah Carey out on the set of American Idol. Fox and the PR folks for American Idol have been trying there hardest to minimize the beef rumors surrounding Niki Minaj & Mariah Carey. Ohh well, to hell with the uphill battle that they have been fighting. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Get into this video of Nikki Minaj letting Mariah Carey know that she is not dealing with her “f*****g highness” today! OKAY Continue reading