COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Stripper Dances Middle Of Food Court In Miami’s Flea Market USA

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Y’all I was born & raised in the county of Dade! Only in Miami Florida does some ratchet foolishness like this go down. Chile some tired stripper who’s shelf life in the hustle has expired decided that she would take her moves to the Flea Market. I guess she figured “why pay more when you can payless”. The gag is, this busted broad doesn’t even have “the moves”. Her whole routing was a struggle. To top it off, kids were in the general vicinity and folks were just eating as if nothing odd was taking place. Now that I think about it, it is the Flea Market in Miami, nothing odd was taking place. Chile you’ll be surprised what all you can find up in the Miami flea markets. Check out this video and prepare to gag! Continue reading

Complete Devastation: Man Tries to Pay Bartender with His Own Stolen Credit Card

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David Weber might now be one of the world’s most unlucky petty criminal. He broke into a car parked in a Miami Beach parking lot on Monday night and swiped a credit card. He then walked into the Clevelander to buy a beer, which he tried to pay for with the stolen credit card. Turns out that the card he had stolen belonged to none other than the very bartender who was serving him.

According to The Herald, the incident happened just before midnight on Monday night.
Dumbfounded that he had just been handed his own credit card by a total stranger, the bartender had Clevelander security call the police.
Webster, who is homeless, initially told the police that he had found the card on the ground.
Weber, 53, is being hold on charges of petit theft and credit card fraud in lieu of $1500 bond. ~ Miami New Times

[PICS] Real Housewives Of Miami Is Back BIGGER & BETTER – Meet Supermodel Castmate Joanna Krupa

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Chile, so I ain’t gone even much lie to you! I was never interested in the Real Housewives Of Miami. I think I watched one or two episodes and drew the conclusion that I just was not feeling it. Being from Miami, I was rather disappointed because I could not relate to anything on the show. I honestly don’t think much of anyone watched the show. That being said, I was rather surprised when I found out that Bravo filmed a season two of the failed arm of the franchis

[VIDEO/PICS] Real Housewives of Miami BACK For Season 2!!! Premiere Date Revealed

The fact that Bravo even considered a season two said to me that they must have made some major changes this time around. For sure, one of the changes came in the form of the addition of two new cast mates. I said to myself that this time around I was going to make a conscious effort to follow the show from start to finish in an effort to support my home town. Then I got to thinking, if I don’t know much about the show or its cast, then I am sure most of you don’t either. So, I decided I would slowly get familiar with the cast members one by one and help you guys get familiar to. Continue reading