K. Michelle Slaps Mimi Faust In Face In Altercation Surrounding A Radio Interview, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

K. Michelle and I had a small falling out on the night of the Super Bowl. At that point, I decided i would limit my mentions of her on my website until I figured out how I wanted to handle her moving forward. Well, it seems like I am not the only person she has fallen out with. Honestly, she appears to be falling out with everybody. Yesterday morning K.Michelle was a special guest on the breakfast club where she sprayed Mimi’s new love interest, pretty much calling him gay.

“Mimi has a new boyfriend, I think he’s downlow. That’s my opinion. Normal stuff I wouldn’t be in the middle of. I really just wanna be in the studio.” ~ K. Michelle

Catch these T’s on the altercation and another altercation involving Rasheeda & K. Michelle. Continue reading

Mimi Faust has birthday party the same day she exposes Stevie J. on radio (pics)

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I guess Mimi Faust really is happy. She went up to Atlanta’s V-103, put Stevie J on all kinds of blast, introduced us to her new man, and then went and partied the night away. From the looks of things, Mimi just may be over Stevie and all of his antics. I think it may be time for me to call Ms Joseline Hernandez and get the real T’s. Say what you want to say about Joseline, but y’all know she keeps it real. Mimi celebrated her birthday along side her girlfriend best friend Arianne at Halo Lounge. A few of her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast-mates stopped by along with some other Atlanta celebrities. Check out the pics from the party. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Mimi Faust BLAST Stevie J on Atlanta’s V-103 about custody scandal. Introduces her NEW man!

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Not sure if this was a good look or not, but while in the middle of trying to write a post about the premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York season 3, I had to drop what I was doing and focus my attention on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Damn, can New York get some shine without Atlanta upstaging them?  Chile, Mimi Faust took her a** up to Atlanta’s V103 to put Stevie J on Blast about this “full custody” rumors Stevie started on twitter last week. Mimi also took the time out to introduce us to her new boyfriend and let us know that the reason Stevie is actin up is because she’s moved on. You are going to gag when you find out what he does for a living and who he looks like. Catch these T’s!!! Continue reading

New Music: Lil Scrappy ft Rasheeda, ‘BAGS’ – Erika & Mimi In Video (watch)

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Get Yo Life. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has definitely created a platform for a lot of forgotten artist. Honestly, I have never really followed Lil Scappy’s music. I definitely remember getting off in the club back in the day when he first came out and was rocking with Lil John. That was about the extent of involvement with his music.

Check out Scappy’s new song “BAGS’ featuring Rasheeda & Chinkie Brown. It’s a cute song. In a true Atlanta fashion the song is laced up with a heavy bam bam thump thump beats. That seems to be Scrappy’s style. Fiancé and cast-mates Erika Dixon,Mimi Faust, and Kirk Frost make appearances throughout the video. Check it out.

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Dirty Little Secrets [Full Episode] + The Fight Viewers STILL Didn’t See

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I honestly forgot how the theme music and intro to Love & HipHop Atlanta got my adrenaline running until last night. Monday nights on television definitely have not been the same since LHHATL disappeared from the Monday night line up. As much as some folks would hate to admit, week after week, LHHATL united a large portion of the pop culture demographic as we over indulged in the antics of the cast. It felt good to take a brief trip down memory lane last night, not to mention, The Doll was a part of the show this time, so that added to the hype. If you missed last nights viewing, you can check out the full episode here. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Vh1 To air Love & HipHop Dirty Little Secrets Year End Special + Funky Dineva Joins The Cast

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Yes Gawd Hunty! For those of you who just can’t get enough of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you  will be able to get you a lil piece of your favorite characters on December 16. Love and Hip Hop Dirty Little Secrets will be a special show devoted to showing you guys a lot of out takes, behind the scenes and never before scene footage, as well as give you a bit of an update woith wahts going on with the cast. For an added bonus, The Doll, Miss Funky Dineva Ross joined the cast for this special on behalf of The People to say the ish everyone was really thinking. Get into it! Continue reading

Souldja Boy & Diamond Join Love & HipHop Atlanta, Joseline Stevie J Mimi Pushed To Background

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Catch these T’s. So you guys are well aware of the fact that Love & HipHop Atlanta was NEVER supposed to be based around Stevie J, Mimi, and Joseline right? As a matter of fact, Joseline was not even a member of the original cast. Quiet as its kept, Joseline was added to the show right before filming started as a result of some other shakeups in the cast. Its no secret that Diamond formerly of Crime Mob was in fact filming, and the shows main plot was going to surround Diamond, Lil Scrappy, Mama Dee, and Erika. Well Diamond threw a wrench in the game when while filming, she went to the restroom, had a “Come To Jesus” meeting with herself, walked off the set and was never seen again. The show had to go on, and it did. However,  what is meant to be will be, because it is looking like Mona will get the story she sought after in the beginning after all. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Mimi Faust Love & Hip-Hop ATL Talks To Funky Dineva About Being Dumb, Sex With Stevie J, And More…

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While working backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, The Doll got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Mimi Faust. This was not my first time meeting Mimi, but it was the first time we got an opportunity to talk about the show a little bit. I must say Mimi is one beautiful chick. If you think she photographs well, you MUST see her in person. You know I had to let Mimi know that the whole world thinks she dumb for putting up with Stevie J and his mess. Check out what she had to say. Catch these T’s. GET INTO IT. Continue reading