Angie Stone Celebrates 52 Birthday With The R&B Divas And Other R&B Legends (pics)

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This past Saturday I had the esteemed pleasure of celebrating Angie Stone’s 52 birthday alongside Angie and her closest friends and family. The TVOne cameras were there and so were all the R&B Divas including the newbies and excluding Nikki Gilbird. There were special performances by Dottie People, Mikki Howard, Allison Williams, Regina Belle and others. When I walked into the party Allison Williams was on the stage singing “Just Call My Name”. Baby when I tell you she shut the place down. Chile folks were slain in the spirit all through the venue. Spontaneity was the driving force in the room. After Angie stone took the stage to perform, an impromptu jam session broke out where Angie called the divas to the stage 1 by 1 to sing a lil something. Chile the gag is, when she called Latavia Roberson to the stage to sing, she would not get out of her chair citing that she had laryngitis. You know I was side-eying the hell out of her. Anyway get into these pics and other T’s from the party. Continue reading

R&B Diva’s Monifah: Living and Loving With a Homophobic Daughter

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

The mother-child relationship has the potential to be one the most special relationships in the world. Nature and society combine to render motherhood one of the most exalted roles that a woman can ever undertake in her life. Because the mother-child relationship is often filled with beauty, it is easy to forget that there can also be an ugly side to the mother-child relationship. Many things have the potential to undermine the mother-child relationship, but homophobia, in particular, taints the mother-child relationship in a uniquely insidious way.

Prior to watching R&B Divas Atlanta, I had little knowledge of the singer Monifah. What I did recall of her, I learned from the movie BAPS. In the movie, one of the characters runs up to Heavy D, in excitement, yelling, “I’m the next Monifah!” It was clear to me, even then, that Monifah was a great singer, but I had paid little attention to her throughout the years. When it was announced that Monifah would be part of the R&B Divas Atlanta cast, blogs and other media outlets began to report that Monifah was a lesbian woman. As a Black gay man, I was excited to by the news that Monifah was a member of the LGBT community, and that she would be sharing her life on television. When I began watching R&B Divas Atlanta, I soon came to realize that Monifah, aside from being a great singer, was also a woman with a beautiful personality and spirit. In each of her scenes, she could be counted on to emanate truth, light, love, and a positive attitude. I suppose, it was this warmth and kindness that made me assume that Monifah was loved, as the whole person she is, by everyone in her life. I was wrong.   Continue reading

R&B Divas Season 2 Finally Here! Fights, Fashions,Phonies, New Cast Members – Promo Video

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Are y’all ready for season 2 of Rough & Buff R&B Divas? Yes Gawd Hunty! After all the mess that has been going on around town I am. Bae-Bae, R&B Divas season one was ok, but my woman’s intuition is telling me that season 2 is going to be so much better. I think the divas along with the production folk over at TvOne got their hands on the Shaunie O’neal & Mona Scott-Young handbooks on “How To Pimp A Bish.” I’ve got confirmation that this season will be packed full of drama, mess and all the other unfortunate ratchetness you need to have a successful reality television show.

I am loving the promo picture. Looks like R&B divas was able to garner enough ratings to secure some more advertisers or higher advertising rates,  thus giving them a larger budget. IT SHOWS. I must say the ladies look really nice. There is one of them up there that I am questioning what the hell she has on, but I’ll give her a pass for right now. I’m sure she’ll find a way to dig her own hole once the show starts. Angie Stone and Latocha Scott we see y’all. Check out the promo and catch these T’s Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Angie Stone & Sunshine Anderson Added To Cast Of R&B Divas, Faith & Nikki GONE

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“Remember where you got this Tea from FIRST” ~ Funky Dineva

Nessa Girl!! Ive been holding on to this tea for a little minute and I finally have mustered up the energy to spill it. You may not believe it, but stating facts while throwing shade is an art that can drain the life out of of you. OK. Here we go. So it is no secret that Nikki Gilbert got axed from R&B Divas. I told you about that some time ago. [Its OFFICIAL, Nicci Gilbert FIRED From R&B DivasLong story short, the folks over at TvOne  conducted some marketing surveys and 95% of respondents stated that they did not like Nicci Gilbert. I think the general consensus is that people really didn’t care for Nicci’s attitude on the show. Continue reading

Faith Evans the ONLY face on R&B Divas CD, WTF??? Here’s why…

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Ok I really had to debate if I was going to write this post. I don’t like to start no mess where there isn’t any, but I am honestly feeling some kind of way about Faith Evans being the ONLY face pictured on the R&B Divas Album Cover. While I on it, I might as well go a step further and let it be known that I have major issues with the ENTIRE set up of the R&B Divas plot. I am so not feeling this fabricated ass story line of Faith corralling all these women together to put together a tribute album in Whitney Houston’s honor. This is some major BS. Here is the real scoop. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

[VIDEO] KeKe Wyatt & Monifah Kill “Love Under New Management” Piedmont Park ATL Gay Pride

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KeKe Wyatt and Monifah have payed HOMAGE to Mikki Howard only the way true R&B Divas can. Sunday, September 2, 2012, as part of Atlanta’s Gay Pride festivities held at Piedmont park, KeKe Wyatt took the the stage. When she called Monifah up to help her, things got NASTY. Yes GAWD!  Get into these two beasts singing “Love Under New Management”.  Continue reading