Bout Damn Time – NEW MUSIC – Monifah, ‘The Other Side’. Yassssssssss Bishhhhhhh

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There is a GAWD! After 3 seasons of tootsie rollin’ around my got damn tv screen talmbout she is a singer, Monifah has FINALLY given “The People” some new music.

After all these years of being off the scene, is Mo’s new song worth anything? You bet your bottom dollar it is bish!! I definitely think Monifah is going to chart pretty well with this one. The song has a nice summery feel with hell of crossover appeal. Come through The Purple Princess. All jokes aside, I’m glad Monifah took her time and released the “right” track as opposed to putting out some bullsh!t and embarrassing herself. Good thing to know that my home girl understands what second chances at a music career are all about.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Inside Monifah Carter ( R&B Divas) & Terez Mychelle’s Wedding. (pics)

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Well it goes without saying that Monifah and Terez tied the knot. The lovely ladies and friends of the site tied the not on February 8th, 2014 with a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii. All of the Divas were present and so were the TVOne cameras. I hope like hell Koo-Koo Wyatt was on her best behavior and did not attempt to make Monifah’s moment about her.

“It’s something I’ve never done before,” says Monifah. “It’s all new and wonderful. My life is merged and my spirit has merged with somebody else.” ~Monifah

Check out more pics from the wedding and Monifah’s interview with Essence Magazine.

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New Music From Monifah (R&B Divas), ‘Sorry Goodbye’ – BOUT DAMN TIME!!!!

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Y’all already know I had to get Monifah’s ass together in my last video ( My Hair Is Layed Like Monifah Got Her Obama Care). Well Miss R&B Divas Fish must have heard my humble cry. Monifah has released a small sample of what she has been working on and I must say The Doll is here For it.

Get you a piece! Let me know what you think!



In Case You Missed: R&B Divas Atlanta ep4 (full video) + Funky Dineva’s Review

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monifah surgery

I’m ALWAYS going to be hear for the R&B Divas. They are the closest thing to real music that exist these days. Last night’s episode of R&B Divas Atlanta was real cute. There is some f&ckery going on, and Angie Stone thinks we don’t see it. Angie is trying to slide her daughter into the fold and may possibly be dating a much younger man. Terez got her income tax return and put it together with Monifah’s Obama Care so that Monifah could get lipo suction. Koo-Koo Wyatt took her mother to counseling when it is she that should have been in counseling ALONE. Meelah sang at a bootleg charity event, while Latavia continues to backpedal and pussy pop when it comes to singing. This and a whole lot more on R&B Divas Atlanta season 3 episode 4.

If you missed episode 4, you can check it out down below.

In a true Dineva fashion, The Doll had to go in and let have. Check out my review video. Prepare to laugh. Continue reading

Angie Stone Celebrates 52 Birthday With The R&B Divas And Other R&B Legends (pics)

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This past Saturday I had the esteemed pleasure of celebrating Angie Stone’s 52 birthday alongside Angie and her closest friends and family. The TVOne cameras were there and so were all the R&B Divas including the newbies and excluding Nikki Gilbird. There were special performances by Dottie People, Mikki Howard, Allison Williams, Regina Belle and others. When I walked into the party Allison Williams was on the stage singing “Just Call My Name”. Baby when I tell you she shut the place down. Chile folks were slain in the spirit all through the venue. Spontaneity was the driving force in the room. After Angie stone took the stage to perform, an impromptu jam session broke out where Angie called the divas to the stage 1 by 1 to sing a lil something. Chile the gag is, when she called Latavia Roberson to the stage to sing, she would not get out of her chair citing that she had laryngitis. You know I was side-eying the hell out of her. Anyway get into these pics and other T’s from the party. Continue reading

R&B Diva’s Monifah: Living and Loving With a Homophobic Daughter

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

The mother-child relationship has the potential to be one the most special relationships in the world. Nature and society combine to render motherhood one of the most exalted roles that a woman can ever undertake in her life. Because the mother-child relationship is often filled with beauty, it is easy to forget that there can also be an ugly side to the mother-child relationship. Many things have the potential to undermine the mother-child relationship, but homophobia, in particular, taints the mother-child relationship in a uniquely insidious way.

Prior to watching R&B Divas Atlanta, I had little knowledge of the singer Monifah. What I did recall of her, I learned from the movie BAPS. In the movie, one of the characters runs up to Heavy D, in excitement, yelling, “I’m the next Monifah!” It was clear to me, even then, that Monifah was a great singer, but I had paid little attention to her throughout the years. When it was announced that Monifah would be part of the R&B Divas Atlanta cast, blogs and other media outlets began to report that Monifah was a lesbian woman. As a Black gay man, I was excited to by the news that Monifah was a member of the LGBT community, and that she would be sharing her life on television. When I began watching R&B Divas Atlanta, I soon came to realize that Monifah, aside from being a great singer, was also a woman with a beautiful personality and spirit. In each of her scenes, she could be counted on to emanate truth, light, love, and a positive attitude. I suppose, it was this warmth and kindness that made me assume that Monifah was loved, as the whole person she is, by everyone in her life. I was wrong.   Continue reading