Singer Tweet Was On Way To Becoming An R&B Diva But Feared Lesbian Life Would Come To Surface

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It goes without saying that Tweet has one of the most unique voices of our time. Undoubtedly, mama can sing. That being said and Tweet being on her way to Unsung, it was a no brainer that Tweet would be a viable candidate for R&B Divas Atlanta. Well production felt the same way and began courting Tweet. They met with Tweet on multiple occasions but for whatever reason there was no real thunder there. One person close to production said “quiet as its kept, they met with her… And apparently they’re still sleep from the boredom”. Another source said “we actually love Tweet, she seems a bit guarded though.”  Well I ran into a friend of Tweet’s that had a few insights on the situation. Catch these T’s Continue reading

R&B Divas Tour With Faith, Kelly, Nicci, Dawn & Keke A Complete FLOP! Faith and Ticket Master Announce Its Cancelled

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diary of a diva

Listen, you can’t win when you’re dirty chile. God don’t like ugly and he ain’t to crazy about pretty either. I knew when this tour line-up was announced that it was nothing more than a bunch of f&ckery & foolishness. All along I had been calling this the friends, family, and favoritism tour. No tea no shade, but this tour line up was birthed from a shady place. First off, Faith continues to shade the sh!t out of the other R&B Divas by positioning herself as Beyonce and the others are Kelly & Michelle. Little does she know, we the people love her voice, but we ain’t checking for her like that. Mama needs to shrink this picture and fall back in line with Nicci & Keke. Secondly, after how Kelly Price rubbed the entire planet the wrong way with her grandstanding on R&B Divas LA, she couldn’t sell a box of Girl Scout cookies yet alone a concert ticket. Dawn Robinson does not have enough material to sing at  a PTA meeting. Envogue was a quartet, what the hell is Dawn going to do, sing all four parts at the same damn time? Chile Bye! Not to mention with her car smoking on the side of Sunset Boulevard, we know she wasn’t making it to rehearsal and probably sounds like trash. Nicci GilBIRDS ass! Chile I done slayed Nicci enough in the past that I’m not even gone spend any time on her.  I’ll just say this, much like Dawn, how the hell did Nicci make the roster? What is she going to sing? Keke Wyatt, I like keke, so i’m not going to go in on her. However, this tour had me side eyeing keke big time. I’m going to leave it at that.

There is trouble in paradise. According to Faith Evans and Ticketmaster, there wont be any tour! I wonder why! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Syleena Johnson Says Nicci Gilbert’s Lips Look Like A Baboon’s Ass – READ BISH

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Listen, for some odd reason, some friends and I were riding in the car this weekend and somehow we ended up watching a clip from the season finale of R&B Divas Atlanta on my Iphone. Chile I do not remember the argument between Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert being as funny as it was, but that thang was funty hunty! OKAY. Chile, Syleena told Madea, and I quote

“I know you ain’t talking spongebob with that wack a$$ outfit you got on. Bish you super wack. Yes I’m a bish. A bish thats better than you, a bish that’s cuter than you, and  that’s more pulled up than you bish, and you hate it”

If that wasn’t enough to have you dead to the bed, Syleena went on to tell that Uhaul

“You’re a hot mess, and your lips look like a baboons a$$”

“You’re gonna look a mess with those black gums and all, and those knock a$$ knees”

Chile you would have thought this clip was a Vine video because we watched it over and over again. Go a head and get 911 on your speed dial because you are going to fall dead to da bead after reliving this! Continue reading

STAMPEDE! Nikki Gilbert and Kelly Price Hit The Red Carpet AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

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Chile, this headline is a read in its self. To top it off, friends of The Doll over at Crunk & Disorderly has this to say about the buffet buddies:

No red carpet is ever complete without someone showing up with a mouth full of teeth closely resembling kilos of cocaine smuggled into the country by the Medellín Cartel. Our government officials clearly cannot be bothered for a number of reasons but whatever.

TV One ‘R&B Divas’ reality stars Kelly Price and Nicci Gilbert put their weak ankles to the test by attending Sheryl Lee Ralph Foundation’s 23rd Annual Divas Simply Singing! Benefit Concert on Saturday night (October 12).

Chile after reading that I fell dead to the bed. No tea no shade, Kelly Price’s heels look like they are reinforced with construction grade steel beams while Fashion Designer Nicci Gilbert is giving shower curtain realness. While I’m on Nicci and her fashions, why is she starting a fashion line? Seriously, who the hell wants to dress like Nicci Gilbert? Chile I don’t know which is a bigger waste of her time, trying to start a fashion line or trying to bring Brownstone back to life? Both are futile efforts that should be aborted ASAP in the interest time, money, and the remaining f&cks that few of us have left to give.

Chile, imma just go on ahead and stop now because y’all know I could go in on these two all day long. BYE

Promoters NOT BUYING The R&B Divas Tour As Kelly Price Announced It- “People Just Don’t Want It”

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At the conclusion of the R&B Divas LA reunion when Kelly Price made the big tour announcement, I fell dead to the bed. Is it me, or was the whole announcement shady bootz? Kelly announced that she along with Faith Evans,  Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, and Brownstone would be going on tour. tumblr_mr3l93SYwp1s4u0oxo1_400The announcement caught everyone off guard. I like to refer to this lineup as the friends, family and favoritism tour. Much like the Sesame Street game, one of these things is not like the other. Based on their reactions, no one was more caught off guard than Lil Mo. Am I the only one who felt like Chante should have perhaps filled Mo in, even if no paperwork had been signed yet? Then it threw me how Kelly paid a sickening piece of homage to Michel’le, citing that before there was Faith or Mary J Blige, Michel’le was singing over hip hop beats. However, when the tour line up was announced, Michel’le s name was nowhere in the mix. Really Girl? But Dawn Robinson made the short list? Ohh ok.  We all see what this is.  There is so much mess here that I don’t even know where to begin breaking it all down. Continue reading