Lil Kim So PETTY. Once Again Using Nikki Minaj For Promotion. Identity Theft Diss Track

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You know, I just don’t get what it is that has Lil Kim’s panties in a bunch as it relates to Nikki “stealing her identity.” It’s not like the bitch was using it. Hell, she ditched her “identity ” 27 surgeries ago. Hell, Lil Kim do you even know your identity? If anything, Kim needs to be glad that Nikki is trying to help her melted milkshake face ass remember.

It would not have been enough for Kim to just put out a mix tape. Of course the Queen of Complaining had to employ some marketing stunt that involved Nikki Minaj to even achieve any sort of buzz. It must be hard sleeping at night Lil Kim. Honestly, to have been one of the best (despite the fact that Biggie was writing the lyrics), to having this incurable fixation with Nikkie Minaj. identityTo all you Lil Kim stans, you can kiss my got damn ass. Tell the truth, the ONLY time you now hear Lil Kim’s name is when it is said in the same sentence with Nikki Minaj. It’s like some ole Snow White and The Evil Queen type mess. You know, that ole Sci-Fi Chanel foolishness where both of the ladies share the same heart and one can’t live without the other. Well, it seems like Nikki Minaj’s name is the only thing keeping Lil Kim afloat these days.

Take a look at the song cover. Kim placed a picture of Nikki wearing a green wig on a License issued to Kimberly Jones. No tea no shade, It was a cute lil stunt, and it perfectly illustrates the message that Kim is trying to convey. However, this argument is so old. In my Sunshine Anderson voice, heard it all before. So Kim you mad because Nikki too started sporting colorful wigs and wearing next to nothing?¬† NEWSFLASH, that isn’t all that original. Check the ho stroll of any major city, and you will see a whole bunch of bum bitches and crack whores sporting party city wigs. Hell, if you want the true tea, the drag queens had been doing it since the beginning of time. So one must ask, why are you mad?

I will say this, the track does sound pretty good and goes off pretty hard. I love the gritty old school New York feel of the song, and I love the way Kim is flowing on the track. However, it goes without saying, SHE DIDN’T WRITE IT. I don’t care what nobody says, Lil Kim is not a lyricist, that is why she has been unable to put out any music that closely rivals anything off her hardcore cd. Biggie was writing all that shit, he is dead now, and Kim can’t find any more of his journals to steal one liners from. I guess that would make me stick my face in the microwave too. Chile, I guess Lil Kim. I hope you go on to have continued success selling music on PayPal.

Pops popcorn, waiting on UNSUNG¬† Lil Kim to come on…

[VIDEO] Nikki Minaj Cusses Mariah Carey The F*** Out On Set Of American Idol

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Think its a joke if you want to. Nikki Minaj cusses Mariah Carey out on the set of American Idol. Fox and the PR folks for American Idol have been trying there hardest to minimize the beef rumors surrounding Niki Minaj & Mariah Carey. Ohh well, to hell with the uphill battle that they have been fighting. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. Get into this video of Nikki Minaj letting Mariah Carey know that she is not dealing with her “f*****g highness” today! OKAY Continue reading