DRAMA ALERT: Nicci Gilbert Wont Support Syleena Johnson’s Because She Doesn’t Like Her

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Soooooo last night, The Doll was invited to attend a private listening party event for Syleena Johnson. Syleena has teamed up with Musiq Soul Child and the two of them put together a reggae album. Reggae??? Yeah i was looking like a confused dog too. However, the tracks that we all heard during the event were dope. At least now I can Dutty Wine to some reggae tunes and stop rolling my hips to Total Praise. The R&B Divas camera crew was there, and MOST of the ladies including newbies Angie Stone & Latocha Scott were also in the building. Faith was not in attendance, but noticeably missing was Madea Nikki Gilbert. Catch these T’s. Continue reading