[Full Video] Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life With Evelyn Lozada + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile cheese! Evelyn Lozada done wooped every ass in miami, screwed everybody’s husband, and now she just realizing she needs her life fixed! I guess its never too late to be born again. Yes Gawd! All jokes aside, I do commend Evelyn for taking the neccesarry steps to improve herself as a woman, “IF” what she is doing is truly genuine and and no some sort of PR stunt. It ain’t easy going through all the public scrutiny, so hats off to Evelyn Lozada.

If  missed Evelyn’s emotional sit dow with Voodo Priestest Iyanla Vanzant, get your life right here. Also check out my video review and see what all The Doll had to say.  Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada Working With Iyanla Vanzant & Oprah To “Fix Her Life”

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Bay-Bay when I tell you that Evelyn Lozada has hired the best crisis management team that money can buy. I am feeling some kinda way. Evelyn has found a way to weasel her a** into being the face of domestic violence after she has whooped just about every a** on BasketBall Wives for 3+ seasons. I’m so over it. I get it though. Protect the income and the brand at all cost.  Evelyn and her camp have now worked their magic and landed her a role on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) working with life coach and spiritual advisor Iyanla Vanzant to “fix her life”. GET INTO IT. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson FIRED From Miami Dolphins, Virtually Walks Out In Tears

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I just watched the video  of Chad Johnson getting fired from the Miami Dolphins and I am heated. This ish is not funny. All this SCRIPTED reality tv is starting to have real world affects. I’m not going to lie, I never had any kind of real opinion about chad. I just thought he was a flashy, loud mouth, gay man. Watching this clip humanized my thoughts of him. This video made me realize that this guy is human too with feelings. You could see the hurt and remorse on his face. GET INTO IT Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada Jumps Ship, Issues Statement, Leaves Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Out In The Cold

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Evelyn Lozada says Chad Johnson ”needs help.” – NEW YORK (AP)

Ain’t this about a bish. No one really knows what happen, but CLEARLY this business arrangement is done. Evelyn Lozada and her camp are operating in panic mode and are trying to salvage what is left of her brand.  Continue reading

Complete Devastation: Ochocinco Released from Dolphins Following Domestic Violence Arrest

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse for Chad & Evelyn, they just did. Now let me be the first to say that part of me felt like this whole domestic dispute was a big PR stunt for Chad & Evelyn’s upcoming reality show on Vh1. However, after getting the news that The Miami Dolphins have released Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson from the team. I Guess we can go ahead and count on Chad & Evelyn getting a season 2, “The Divorce Special”.

Continue reading

[VIDEO] Funky Dineva Talks Gabby Douglas, Chick Fil-A, K.Michelle/Toya/Memphitz Beef, Evelyn & Ocho Cinco

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So The Doll did something that she said she would not do. That was weigh in on some of today’s most controversial topics in pop culture. Everyone wanted to know what My opinion was on these matters, well here it is. BRACE YOURSELF!  Check out “My Hair Is Layed Like Gabby Douglas”, where i discuss Gabby’s hair, the K. Michelle / Toya Wright/ Memphitz beef, Chick Fil-A & the gays, and the Evelyn Lozada & Chad “Ocho Cinco” John domestic dispute. Continue reading