Raven Symone Doesn’t Want To Be Called African-American, But AMERICA Will Still Call And Treat Her Black!

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Nessa Girl, I just got through watching this sit down interview that Raven Symone just did with Oprah, and girl I must say that I am a little concerned for little Olivia (Raven’s character on the Cosby show). Raven Symone, someone who is probably so far removed from “the Black experience” in American due to her early starts in Hollywood ignorantly expressed to Oprah

“I don’t know where my roots go to. I don’t know how back they go. I don’t know how far back, and I don’t know what country in Africa I’m from. I do know that my roots are in Louisiana. I’m an American, and that’s a colorless person because we’re all people. I have lots of things running through my veins.”

Oprah who was damn near startled out of her chair tried to give this miseducated sister a chance to clean up the mess that she had just made, but in a true unaware fashion, Raven dug the hole even deeper

“I’m an American. I have darker skin. I have a nice, interesting grade of hair.”

Here’s the thing. I totally get Raven and I see where she was trying to go with this whole thing. However, this was a misguided attempt to try to be a part of a greater whole, that quite frankly Raven and those that look like her are not the gatekeepers of. Unfortunately, the term “American” generically translates to “White people”, “Caucasian people”, “Becky & Heather”. Have you ever hear a white person refer to themselves as a “White – American” or a “Caucasian-American”? No, and you never will. However, everyone of any other race must hyphenate and attach a prefix to “American” (i.e. “African-American”, “Asian-American”, “Latino- American”). What Raven needs to understand is that in an effort to denounce being labelled, she’s herself is still blindly categorizing and labeling herself.  The issue, and one that I think Raven is totally unaware of, is that she is trying to be a part of a larger label that never intended to encompass her Black ass.

I caution Sister Raven to be a little careful with trying to disassociate with the one label of people, who are going to be the only label of people she’ll have to turn to, if some major sh!t hits the fan. No tea no shade, with the cocktail of cultures/races that she claims run through her veins, Raven most closely resembles the descendant of someone who was on a plantation during American Slavery. With that, “America” has and will continue to treat her as such. Unfortunately, Raven wants to be called “American”, but “America” is calling her “Black” or “African-American”. It perplexes me why people want to be a part of something that does not want them. Perhaps Raven’s early introduction to globs of money and high-powered Hollywood circles have her looking at the world out of rose tinted glasses. I’m here to hand her ass some some $20 clear lenses readers from Wal-Mart. Here Raven girl, look through these…

Something tells me Oprah has probably had a few conversations with Raven offline about this, then again, Oprah just discovered she was Black when her network started failing and she teamed up with Tyler Perry to save it. BLOOP!


Phenomenal Woman Poet, Maya Angelou Dead At 86. Oprah Winfrey Inconsolable

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Pretty women wonder where my secret lies,

/I am sad to report that the writer oft hat famous line has died.

Y’all I am all torn up. Anyone who has followed my videos knows that I have used lines from Maya Angelou’s poetry throughout my career. I’ve mostly borrowed lines from Phenomenal Women and Still I rise.

Angelou, 86k had recently been battling health problems. She recently canceled a scheduled appearance of a special event held in her honor.

Angelou recieved 50 honorary degrees and was Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.

Angelou is famous for saying, “I’ve learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Lord somebody go round Oprah house and check on her. I know she’s bout all tore up

Here’s the very first time I payed HOMAGE To Dr. Maya Angelou, My Hair Is Layed Like Poetry



Look Back At It. Oprah Says Get Into Her 60 year Old Shape! (before Gayle does)

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oprah look back 60

Yes mother Oprah! Get into that shape y’all. I know Gayle King and Maya Angelou had a body party with Oprah when she got home that night. I don’t care what nobody says, Oprah photo shopped the hell out of that waist, but mama is looking GOOD! No tea no shade, Oprah in my opinion has always stayed away from being sexy, but she really should play around in the sexy section more often. She looks damn good to be 60 years old. I can’t stop looking at her ass. That thang is sitting right hunty! Get into the other photos from Oprah’s sexy shoot. Continue reading

Oprah’s Messy A$$ Stepmother: Salty of Nah?

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Written by guest writer Brian Rayfield @BrianRayfield

So when your former stepdaughter sends you an eviction notice giving you 30 days to pack your sh&% and get missing, what is one to do?

Well if you take a chapter from Barbara Winfrey’s book, she might tell you to get down and dirty, because that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Barbara Winfrey is the former stepmother to Mother Oprah Winfrey, and after a court ruling ordering her to be out of her $1.4 million home, Barbara is putting O on blast.

Babs gave an interview with the Daily Mail, where she discusses being kicked out the home she once shared with Oprah’s father for 14 years.

“I have lost everything. It’s not just a house, this is my home. All my memories are here.”

“I’m trying to keep it together but there are some days I just don’t understand how I could have made her so angry that she would kick me out on the street and think nothing about it. But that’s Oprah – she’s judge and jury.”

Catch some of the shade from the interview below: Continue reading

When Did Oprah Start Cussing? Tells Lindsay Lohan On Camera “You Need To Stop The BullSh!t”

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Chile, Lady O ain’t having it with Lindsay Lohan. After paying a bazillion dollars to film Lindsay’s train wreck of a life, Oprah needed to ensure that she would receive some sort of return on her investment. Looks as if Lindsay was not making good on some of her promises and contractual obligations, and the production folks had to call in Oprah to go in and let have. Check out the video, and catch these t’s. Continue reading

Oprah Winfrey A LIAR – Wants Public To Think She Is As Thin As Magazine Cover Suggest

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I know one of the unspoken rules in Black America is that we do not talk about Mother Oprah, but hunty these days I find my self taking major exception with the things that she is doing. First off, for years on end Oprah has catered to middle aged white women and excluded the pop culture and hip hop communities from the grace of her Oprahness. Then as soon as she launched The Own Network and it began to tank she Immidiately turned to the pop culture and hip hop communities to rescue her network. When she had The Kardashians on one fo her interview show, I knew then she had sold her self out. What really had me through with Oprah is when she did an hour long interview with 50 cent. Really bish? Let us not remember that years ago when the cast of Crash appeared on The Oprah show did not want Ludacris there at all. Her reasoning was because he uses the N word and has misogynistic lyrics. Uhhhhhhm bish have you ever listened to a 50 cent album??? It gets no more hood than a 50 album.

We move on from all of that to Oprah’s pairing up with Tyler Perry. I take major exception with this duo solely because Tyler Perry’s main support base is the black church community that quite frankly follows his sub par productions blindly. My issue once again rest in the fact that Oprah has never catered to this demographic before, why start now? That market was not good enough for her when she was on top at ABC, but now that she is trying to keep her network afloat, all of a sudden she see’s the light. Chile bye!

Lastly, and this point might be a little lighter and funnier than the others, Oprah is a liar. Oprah knows good and got damn well she is not as skinny as she has been photoshopped to look on the cover of this Magazine. Oprah is giving me Naomi Campbell pony tail realness, and I am loving every minute of it, but it is going to take more than a nice skirt and a fancy top to fool The Doll. Oprah’s image has become synonymous with weight loss struggles. For Mother O to always preach to the masses about living in their truth and being alright with who they are, this image sure as hell is sending a totally different message. Every other week we see Oprah on some entertainment news show and her titties be bout to spill out her blouse like Aretha Franklin or somebody. Give me a break Oprah! Keep it real.

My last and final thought is, “if you are going to try and be a role model for women, then be that. But don’t sit on television for years on end and act as if you’ve been delivered from the beauty pressures pushed downward on women, then succumb to them on your very OWN magazine cover.

Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when i’m right…