Madea Meets Sofia – Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey Commercial Finally Here! FUNNY!!! (watch)

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Earlier last week, pictures hit the net of Oprah Winfrey once again dressed like Miss Sofia, the roll she made iconic in the 1985 movie The Color Purple. Well if you are wondering why, it was for a commercial that her and Tyler Perry were doing together. The dynamic duo have teamed up to create some original programming for Oprah’s network OWN. The commercial is very cute to say the least. Check it out. Continue reading

Oprah Winfrey High Fashion Model, Covers Harper’s Bazaar, Talks A Day In The Life Of A Media Mogul

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Yes GAWD Hunty! I don’t care what y’all say about Oprah, She is alright with me. Oprah, Miss Winfrey if you’re NOSTY graces the cover of this month’s Haper’s Bazaar magazine which hits news stands Oct 23rd. The billionaire media mogul opens up about her guilty pleasures, her favorite ways to pamper herself, and what a day in the life of a network owner and media mogul is like. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

[Full Video] Usher Lies to Oprah For An Hour Straight In Interview + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile, Oprah, in her constant pursuit of higher ratings gave Usher a platform to spread lies, fantasies, and fairytales and thats exactly what he did. Usher sat down with the Queen of Talk for an hour and avoided directly answering questions and clouding the truth. The sad part about it is that Oprah seemed to be in on the PR stunt as well. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, and i damn sure ain’t on Team Tameka, but something is real fishy about this interview. It just didn’t feel genuine. Perhaps Usher should have sat down with Iyanla Vanzant. Get Into It…
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[Full Video] Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life With Evelyn Lozada + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile cheese! Evelyn Lozada done wooped every ass in miami, screwed everybody’s husband, and now she just realizing she needs her life fixed! I guess its never too late to be born again. Yes Gawd! All jokes aside, I do commend Evelyn for taking the neccesarry steps to improve herself as a woman, “IF” what she is doing is truly genuine and and no some sort of PR stunt. It ain’t easy going through all the public scrutiny, so hats off to Evelyn Lozada.

If ¬†missed Evelyn’s emotional sit dow with Voodo Priestest Iyanla Vanzant, get your life right here. Also check out my video review and see what all The Doll had to say.¬† Continue reading