[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Newest Atlanta Housewife, Civil Rights Leader’s Granddaughter, Porsha Williams Stewart

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I think, bye now, everyone kind of knew that Kenya Moore was one of the additions to The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. Word on the Atlanta streets is that the producers of housewives were still auditioning other ladies to be a part of the mega successful franchise. Rumors have been spiraling about who this other woman could be. I’ve heard everything from actress Nicole Porsche, to Sharlinda Williams (Q-Parker’s wife, 112), to the latest Toby Saunders.

Let me be the first to put the Toby rumor to rest. Toby is Kandi’s best friend. She is NOT one of the newest housewives. Hey Toby, call me girl. However, this lovely young lady just may be. Let me introduce you to Porsha Williams Stewart. Wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart and granddaughter of Civil Rights Leader and one of the last persons to see The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. alive, Hosea Williams. GET INTO IT. Continue reading