Peter Thomas Reveals Drawing Of New BarOne ATL Location. Ahh it’s Reopening After All… Look at GAWD!

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Barone closed peter thomas

Listen, BarOne Atlanta has been one hell of  a roller coaster ride from the moment it was first introduced to us on The Real Housewives of Atlanta years ago. As a faithful customer of the restaurant, I can say I honestly enjoyed every bump, dip, and turn. Anyone who knows The Doll knows that I am a huge fan screen-shot-2014-09-20-at-5-39-37-pmof Chef Natasha Wong’s oxtail soup, sold exclusively at BarOne. Just check any of my social media accounts, and you will find some sort of rant about this world famous soup.  When Peter announced that BarOne Atlanta would be closing briefly, needless to say, I was gravely disappointing. No tea no shade, but in my heart of hearts, I was a little skeptical about about whether or not BarOne Atlanta would reopen. I guess I should rest assured that there is no need to fret, Peter has unveiled a rendering of what the oxtail soup headquarters will look like.

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Peter, Apollo, And Kirk Throw Todd Tucker A Bachelor Party? Chile… (pics)

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Ughhhh I feel so bad for strippers. And yes I’m judging. Nonetheless, Peter and them had a slew of them down to da bar for Todd Tucker’s bachelor party last night. Bachelor parties are supposed to be a man’s last hoorah, and it looks as if they had one hell of a time. Now quiet as its kept, I don’t know how and why they would allow photographers inside of the party,UNLESS they wanted the pictures to get out and for folks like me to talk about them. So, that’s what I’m here to do.

All tea, all shade, from a public relations standpoint, THIS IS NOT A GOOD LUCK. Kirk (Love & Hip Hop) currently has a public persona of being a cheat, Peters past interactions with strippers is a bit sketchy, and Apollo, well I’m not even going to touch that one. I know Todd, and he’s a pretty good guy. I’m sure he behaved himself. However, the last thing he needed to do was give that damn Mama Joyce something else to talk about.

Anyway, Kandi and Todd are getting married this Friday in Atlanta. That reminds me, I need to get my a$$ up off this sofa and find something to wear. Check out the rest of the pics. Continue reading

RHOA’s Peter Thomas Birthday Party, Marlo Hampton Attends, Kenya Moore Rents Bentley

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I since the premiere of The New Atlanta, there has been a party in Atlanta every damn night of the week. It did not make things any better that the BET Hip Hop awards just left town. Chile me feet hurt so damn bad from tootsie rollin all across this city. I was invited to attend Peter’s birthday party that they filmed yesterday, but good thing I didn’t go because I might have been inclined to cuss Kenya the hell out on GP. Naw i’m just playing. I love Kenya in a special way.

The party went down at Atlanta’s Suite formerly Luckie Lounge. In attendance was everyone’s favorite fashionista Marlo Hampton and a few others. Check out the pics. Continue reading

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Write A Book

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Chile, when I found out the Cynthia  & Peter were writing a book, the first thing I thought to myself was “It better not be about how to run a business.” Ha! Thankfully it wasn’t. Quiet as its kept, I’m not sure a relationship book from Cynthia & Peter is much better. Any chile, they wrote one. Catch these T’s Continue reading

THE YES GAWDS – Peter Thomas

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What’s in the new chicken wrap? Chile, Peter Thomas. I hope Cynthia doesn’t get mad with me but her husband can get it. She better hold on to his ass and treat him right because everything she wont do I will. Ow Ow Ow. Hey Cynthia…

I don’t know where this picture came from. I stumbled across it somehow. Lord knows i’m glad I did hunty.

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Bar One:

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Goodbye NeNe, Hello Kenya! Real Housewives Of Atlanta Super Trailer + All New Promo Pics

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For those of you who are in need of a real reality tv fix, you are about to get it. As far as I am concerned, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is THE BEST reality tv show there is out there. Season 5 premieres on Sunday, November 4th at 9pm on Bravo. Listen, I have been holding in so much T, and in a few weeks I will have the green light to spill it all!

Bravo has realsed the super trailer and bay-bay it is explosive. Move out of the way Nene Leakes, here comes Kenya Moore. If you thought Nene going all Hollywood and Sheree’ leaving the cast was going to hurt this ship, think again. The producers over at Bravo are a crafty bunch. They knew just how to leverage all these women’s personalities and personal relationships to create a season that will leave all of us over indulging in all things Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Check it out. Continue reading