Kandi Burruss, Porsha Stewart, and Q Parker (112) Get In Argument Over Age. Somebody A$$ Is Lying… (video)

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By now, everyone knows that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are producing a stage play called A Mother’s Love. The play is set to run in Atlanta November 22-24 at the Rialto theater. The play features Kandi Buruss, Shirley Murdock, Eddie Levert and a slew of other big names. Anyway, while taking a break from our table read, I was blogging and minding my business when I caught wind of an argument that was taking place to the left of me. Apparently you can’t tell fables and fairy tales about your Atlanta roots when there are other native Atlantans in the vicinity to fact check you.

We have been having such a good time as a cast at rehearsal. I will try my hardest to capture the best behind the scenes moments of  A Mother’s Love. See what happens when Kandi tried to trip  Q. Parker up… Continue reading

Another Freaking ATL Reality Show. Welcome “Big Rich Atlanta”

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Whoopty Damn Doo!! All we need is ANOTHER reality tv show filmed in Atlanta based around the lives of supposed rich and fabulous women. Anyone else noticing the trend here? I introduce to you “Big Rich Atlanta”. A spin-off of The Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas” Chile who the hell even watches The Style Network. Non the less, the show is scheduled to start airing January 20th.

Big Rich Atlanta is set around a bunch of women and their daughters who congregate at the Brookfiled Country Club in Roswell. I read through the cast of women and the only one that sticks out to me is Sharlinda Parker. Sharlinda is the Wife of Q-Parker, formerly of the group 112. What is interesting about Sharlinda’s involvement is the fact that she has filmed/auditioned multiple times across several seasons for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Word on the street is each time she has filmed, Bravo producers have found her to be boring. The fact that she has now turned up on Big Rich Atlanta is kind of suspect. Mama, you want to be on TV just that bad huh? Check out more info on Sharlinda and the rest. Continue reading