COMPLETE DEVASTATION: R. Kelly’s ‘#AskRKelly’ Twitter Chat Goes Horribly Wrong

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Here it is I was getting ready to tell y’all all about how good R. Kelly’s latest album is when i stumbled across this mess. Chile the children went in and let have on Mr. Kelly yesterday. Someone in the marketing department at R. Kelly’s label thought that it would be a great idea to have fans tweet R. Kelly directly with the hashtag #AskRKelly to boost promotions for the CD’s release yesterday. Well, this morning that person may not have a job anymore. Chile, Twitter used this as an opportunity to poke all kinds of fun at the singer with a checkered past. Although most of the questions asked were gravely personal and inappropriate, they were deathly funny.

“Getting ready to answer some of my favorite #AskRKelly questions!! Start tweeting!” the singer shared. What you are about to see down below is what followed:


and this one:


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Soooooo, I must be the only person who did not get the memo that R. Kelly released a cd on June 22, 2012. While cruising in the car on the streets of Miami this past weekend, a smooth cut came across the airways. It sounded so old school and suave that I just refused to believe it was new. I quickly whipped out my handy dandy iphone to Shazam this tune and low & behold, it was R. Kelly’s a**. Yes, GAWD! I loves me some R. Kelly. This song is definitely serving all kinds of Isley Brothers T’s. GET INTO IT. Continue reading

[VIDEO] Memory Lane – R. Kelly Sings Our FAVORITES Live, Crowd Looses Their MInd

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Yes GAWD. R. Kelly was in Shreveport LA this past week and bay-bay he TURNT IT!. Mr. Kelly took it back to the early 90′s, singing a collage of all his famous baking making music. After seeing this, I must admit. I sent me dashing to iTunes to Download all my R. Kelly Favorites. What ever happen to R.Kelly? At what point did he stop making all that ole NASTY R&B music that we love? Was it before or after he married Curios George? GET INTO IT! Continue reading