Question Of The Day: Did Angie Stone & Latocha Scott Add Anything To R&B Divas Atlanta?

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You all know I love hearing back from you guys. Quiet as its kept, so do the networks and the celebrities. As R&B Divas Atlanta season two wraps, I want to know your thoughts on season two and its additions?

Do you think Angie Stone & Latocha Scott added anything to the show?

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She WAS A Friend Of Mine. R&B Divas LA Kelly Price & Chante Moore NOT Feeling One Another

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As R&B Divas Atlanta is nearing its season end, it only makes sense that R&B Divas L.A. begins to turn up… Chile all kinds of T’s are spilling out of the L.A. camp. If you thought the Nicci & Syleena style drama was over, guess again. It’s only just begun. Quiet as its kept, Miss Chante Moore is not featuring Miss Kelly Price. Tensions between Chante & Kelly are what caused Lil Mo and Kelly Price to fall out. Lil Mo has been subtle about expressing some of her issues with Miss Price during radio interviews and on Twitter. We have not heard much from Miss Moore. I guess she is waiting for the show to air, but you know The Doll had to let the cat out of the bag. Catch these T’s

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R&B Divas Nicci Gilbert Makes Rude A$$ Video About Syleena Johnson

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Nicci Gilbert really has a thing for Syleena Johnson and you can tell that it is deep rooted. So much so, Nicci took the time to create and edit a video quite frankly making fun of and throwing subtle jabs at Syleena. The video is called “Angry Black Woman Chronicles”. The gag is, the ish is wack as hell and isn’t even funny. It’s so interesting how Nicci made a big ole fuss about the producers making a mockery of her daughter Brandy’s charity, yet Nicci used her daughter Brandi as a pawn to poke fun at Syleena. I’m sure Nicci would really feel some kind of way if people start it going in on Brandy’s. Catch these T’s Continue reading

FRAUD: Nicci Gilbert allegedly Does Not Design Curvato. Instead Purchases Wholesale From China

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Chile, the worst thing you can do these days is arm an old lady with a computer. First Angie Stone uses the internet to uncover that Nicci’s daughter’s charity doesn’t really exist (yet), Now Miss Nosey Stone has uncovered that Nicci Gilbert does not even design Curvato clothing. Instead, she purchases the bargain basement fashions from China Wholesale. Hey, why pay more when you can pay less? Catch these T”s Continue reading

Petition Launched Begging Execs To Remove Nicci Gilbert From R&B Divas. Nicci Snaps Back!

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Chile, as if things in the court of public opinion could not get any worse for Nicci Gilbert, “someone” has now launched a petition asking for TvOne and producers to remove Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas Atlanta. Why is it the the general public just does not like this woman? Episode after episode Nicci is made to look like a  b!tch! As the season progresses, things are getting worse. At what point does one stop blaming the editing and take an introspective look at themselves. If you scour the net for anything R&B Divas related, the overwhelming majority of the comments express disdain for Nicci. At this point, in an effort to salvage whatever steam is left in her engine, I really feel like Nicci needs to remove herself from in front of the camera and play up her strengths in the background. It must suck being the executive producer of this show and one of the driving forces behind the concept coming to fruition but not being well received by those watching it.

Overall, the general consensus is that non one likes Nicci Gilbert. Are these feelings the product of biased editing or does Nicci Really have a nasty attitude and an ugly spirit? Well Nicci seems to think that all the heat she is catching is as a result of biased editing and even goes on to name a particular producer as the culprit. In a twitter rant, Nicci went in and let have. Take a look at what all she had to say and you be the judge. Continue reading

Nicci Gilbert Reunites With Brownstone. In 2013 Are They ’5 Miles To Empty’? (video)

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I don’t want to  rain on this parade, but I’m starting to question the love that was made!  Famed 90′s R&B group Brownstone has come together after years of separation, but 1/3 of the trio has me asking “Harpo who this woman?” Don’t get me wrong, I think it is awesome when groups reunite, but its not quite the same when all of the members from the poster in your ‘Word Up’ magazine are not present. As I recall it, the Brownstone I knew and loved consisted of Nicci, Maxee, and Kina. Well, Kina ain’t nowhere to be found so now we have Nicci, Maxee, and Teisha. Who is Teisha? Who cares? The bigger question is where is Kina and why won’t she sing along side Nicci & Maxee? I’m sure y’all can already guess why. Catch these T’s Continue reading