Porsha Stewart Recording An Album. First Single ‘Perfectly Worthless’ A Sad Song About Kordell

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Chile, Kordell is trying to stiff Porsha in this divorce settlement, so I guess Miss Girl figured she’s got to get out here and earn a living. We’ve heard Porsha sing a small portion of Amazing Grace during last season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion. How sweet the sound? Well, that’s up for debate. Depends on who you ask. I’ve gotten the pleasure of hearing Porsha sing on multiple occasions, as we are castmates in Kandi Burruss’s stage play ‘A Mother’s Love‘. Quiet as it’s kept, miss girl can sing. Catch these T’s about Porsha’s first single Continue reading

Kenya Moore Visits Access Hollywood, Shades Nene Leakes and Talks How She Charmed Kanye West

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By: Brian Rayfield

Bravo is gearing up for its Season 6 premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and you know what that means. Yes, some of our favorite, and not so favorite Georgia Peaches are making their rounds in the media circuit. And we all know, wherever there is attention to be given, Kenya Moore is sure to be close.

Miss Kenya appeared earlier this week on Access Hollywood Live to rehash some of last seasons “old-ass drama,” and to spill some tea on the hell she is expected to raise season 6. We all know tension has been brewing between the former Miss Biloxi USA and the “Very Rich” Nene Leakes.  Chile, let’s just say, she was throwing subtle shade toward Nene for a good portion of the interview. Kenya basically told Access Hollywood Live that her and Nene’s drama is due to the fact that Nene is no longer in Hollywood, and wants to have a problem, for the sake of having a problem. “People make a problem with you because they want to have a problem with you.”  Catch that. Continue reading

Behind The Scenes Of Kandi Burrus’s Stage Play ‘ A Mother’s Love’ – 1st Day Of Rehearsal (pics)

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photo 1-2

Chile, it is day 1 of rehearsal for the stage play that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are producing entitled “A Mother’s Love”. I am actually writing this blog post from our table read right now. Chile i am overjoyed that music legend Shirley Murdock is sitting 2 seats down from me. I am screaming on the inside. I’ve been singing the hook to “I still Love You” all morning. At any rate, it is 1:40 and rehearsal is not scheduled to end until 5pm. Our time together has been well spent. We’ve read through the script 1 time, has sang a couple songs together and is really beginning to bond as a cast.

Since I am scheduled to be here for the next month from 10-5, I figured I’d might as well give y’all a behind the scenes all access pass to the making of the play that stars Kandi Burrus, D. Woods, Q. Parker, Shirley Murdock, Chandra Currelley, Porsha Stewart, Luscious, and The Doll Miss Funky Dineva Ross. That’s right, The Doll is about to make her Broadway musical debut hunty. Get into these behind the scenes photos Continue reading

Kandi Burruss The New Female Tyler Perry. Produces Gospel Play With Shirley Murdock & Eddie Levert

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Singing: “i’m not trying to interefere of cause you any stress, but I know what I like and I like what I love and I know that things have changed….” Heeeeeyyyy that’s a line form one of my favorite Shirley Murdock songs I Still Love You. Chile, between the government shut down and Kandi Buruss, there are not going to be any jobs left for anyone in the US. Expanding her ever-growing empire, Kandi has decided to try her hand at stage plays. I was aware that Kandi & Todd were working on a stage play, but I wasn’t aware that they were actually doing it up for real for real. I honestly thought the play was going to be a lil something something that they put on at the church or something, but from the looks of the leading cast, they are doing it big bish!

The play is set to star Kandi, Eddie Levert, Shirley Murdock, D. Woods, Q. Parker, Chandra Currelley, and FUNKY DINEVA ROSS! That’s right, The Doll is also in the play. No tea no shade, I don’t know how the hell D. Woods made the flyer and I didn’t! My part was must real small hunty.. uhmm hmmmm I’ll take that up with Kandi and Todd later. Anyway, the play is November 22-24 here in Atlanta and you can purchase tickets at Kandi Online.

Musical Homage To Shirley Murdock – I Still Love You

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Extended Trailer. Drama, Fights, Infidelity & More!!! (video)

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housewives atl 6

Chile Bravo has just released the the extended trailer for season 6 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and when you watch it you are going to fall dead to the bead. Baby when I tell you The Atlanta Housewives have taken a few classes from the cast of Love & Hip Hop! Chile they even got Mama Joyce (Kandi Mama) on here fighting. Lawd have mercy Jesus! The apple must not fall far from the tree because Kandi is shown in the trailer threatening to drag someone. Honorary Housewife Miss Kordell Stewart even makes an appearance. Kenya is twirling all over the place, but when she twirls in the face of Nene Leakes she almost gets slapped. We can’t forget about Apollo beating the sh!t out of Kenya’s assistant Brandon. Chile this and a whole lot more when you view the trailer. Catch these T’s Continue reading

RHOA’s Peter Thomas Birthday Party, Marlo Hampton Attends, Kenya Moore Rents Bentley

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I since the premiere of The New Atlanta, there has been a party in Atlanta every damn night of the week. It did not make things any better that the BET Hip Hop awards just left town. Chile me feet hurt so damn bad from tootsie rollin all across this city. I was invited to attend Peter’s birthday party that they filmed yesterday, but good thing I didn’t go because I might have been inclined to cuss Kenya the hell out on GP. Naw i’m just playing. I love Kenya in a special way.

The party went down at Atlanta’s Suite formerly Luckie Lounge. In attendance was everyone’s favorite fashionista Marlo Hampton and a few others. Check out the pics. Continue reading

Kim Zolciak Now Pregnant With Twins. 6 Kids and Counting.

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Chile i don’t know if I should be congratulating Kim, or giving her a ride down to the welfare office to sign up for assistance. They say babies are blessing, but Kim & Kroy can y’all save some of the blessings for someone else? LOL I’m just playing. I have no issue with folks have swarms of kids when they can afford them. Kim Zolciak announced to E news that her and Kroy are expecting twins. She says she was completely taken by surprise considering that the babies were conceived natural. However, she did admit that twins do run in her family.

For those of you who did not know, Kim Zolciak is done with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. We will not be seeing her this season. No tea no shade, of all the Housewives from the Atlanta franchise, Kim Zolciak has show the most growth. Truthfully, I feel like she has outgrown the entire situation. I think kim is the only one who kept RHOA in perspective. It was fun while it was fun, but when sh!t got bad she bounced. Moreover, unlike the other ladies, Kim did not make RHOA her life. I guess you can do that when you’ve got money! Bloop catch those T’s. Kim has a billionaire baby daddy, she had big poppa, and now she has Kroy. Trust & believe mamma has coins. Congrats to kim and Kroy. I hope Kandi did not mention any other baby names around her…

Kim had 2 daughters from previous relationships, 2 sons from Kroy, and the sex of the babies in her belly is unknown at this time…

ALERT: New Atlanta Housewife??? Harpo Who This Woman?

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mynique porsha cynt copy


Y’all, that damn social media will get you in trouble all the time. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook sometimes tell stories that we may not have intended to tell. This is is no different. A little Instagram stalking and a tinge of deductive reasoning leads The Doll to believe there may be a New Atlanta Housewives in our midst. The mystery woman pictured above was out and about today on a city tour along side Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, and Porsha.  For one, we know they are definitely filming, because all of those ladies don’t even get down with one another like that to spend time as a group on their own accord. Secondly, Kandi & Porsha are from Atlanta, and Nene, Cynthia, and Phaedra have been here so long, they don’t need no damn tour. Hell, Atlanta is only but so big.

My guess is this mystery woman probably “just relocated” here from somewhere… We all know how that storyline goes. The housewives all have pictures with this mystery woman on their instagram pages from today’s outing, but were crafty enough to not take any group photos. Chile cheese, The Doll ain’t dumb! i know y’all don’t expect us to believe that there were two groups of y’all that hung out today with a small overlap in the two groups and everybody had on the same clothes?? Catch these T’s

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