SCANDAL: Walter Jackson confesses Kenya Moore asked him to PLAY her boyfriend on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Says they dated 3 years ago for 3 months ONLY

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Bae-Bae- I got the Tea and it is sweet. Let me start off by saying “Gawd don’t like ugly and he ain’t to crazy bout pretty.” This morning on Atlanta’s Frank and Wanda Morning show on V103, the guest was Atlanta native Walter Jackson and he spilled all the Tea on his “business arrangement” to play Kenya Moore’s love interest on the show. While deliberating on whether or not to play the role of Kenya’s boyfriend, Walter cites Kenya saying “its like acting”. Catch these T’s

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Drunk Mama Elsa Real Housewives Of Miami Goes OFF On Drag Queen

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It ain’t no secret that I love Mama Elsa. Right now she has got to be one of my favorite reality tv mothers. She drinks, she speaks her mind, and she is fashionable. What’s not to like? For those that don’t follow RHOM, Marysol Patton, Mama Elsa’s daughter is involved in a small beef with a local celebrity drag queen over being allowed to walk the red carpet at an event. Apparently the drag queen is telling people that PR Maven Marysol Patton someone how prevented her from walking the red carpet.

Elsa, resting outside at a party and drunk, spotted the woman and took know time letting her know how she felt. Check out how the battle of The Dragons played out…

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[VIDEO/PHOTOS] Why is Elsa Patton, Real Housewives Of Miami So Damn UGLY?

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Again, I figured I start to prep you guys in advance for some of the shows I plan to follow closely as the fall season of television shows starts to unravel.   Being that I am from Miami, The Doll has decided to follow closely season 2 of The Real Housewives of Miami. Yea i know, season 1 was whack, but I got a feeling the folks over at Bravo have gotten their act together and season 2 will be much better.

In doing my own research on some of the cast, I’ve come across Elsa Patton. She is a B character, a mother of one of housewife Marysol Patton. Now bay-bay, no matter how you slice or dice it. This is one ugly woman. Good Gawd!! Lil Kim, Vivica Fox, Bruce Jenner,  Joan Rivers, this is EXACTLY what happens when botched plastic surgery goes too far. The real gag is, before she decided to touch her face, she was BEAUTIFUL AS HELL. Our obsession with youth and our outer appearance are really driving people to crazy measures. I can almost gurantee you that she looks at old pictures of herself and wishes she never touched her face. Continue reading

[PICS] Real Housewives Of Miami Is Back BIGGER & BETTER – Meet Supermodel Castmate Joanna Krupa

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Chile, so I ain’t gone even much lie to you! I was never interested in the Real Housewives Of Miami. I think I watched one or two episodes and drew the conclusion that I just was not feeling it. Being from Miami, I was rather disappointed because I could not relate to anything on the show. I honestly don’t think much of anyone watched the show. That being said, I was rather surprised when I found out that Bravo filmed a season two of the failed arm of the franchis

[VIDEO/PICS] Real Housewives of Miami BACK For Season 2!!! Premiere Date Revealed

The fact that Bravo even considered a season two said to me that they must have made some major changes this time around. For sure, one of the changes came in the form of the addition of two new cast mates. I said to myself that this time around I was going to make a conscious effort to follow the show from start to finish in an effort to support my home town. Then I got to thinking, if I don’t know much about the show or its cast, then I am sure most of you don’t either. So, I decided I would slowly get familiar with the cast members one by one and help you guys get familiar to. Continue reading