Funny Pictures Of People Mourning Mitt Romney

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Throughout this entire election you guys have not heard me too vocal about much of anything. Especially bashing Mitt Romney or the Republican Party. Truth is, I truly feel some kind of was about both politics and religion. I think they are two of the most divisive institutions in this country. For that reason alone, I kinda just stay out of it and try to keep my opinions to a minimum.

However, when i stumbled across these pictures on a tumblr blog that carried a rather insensitive name (White People Mourning Romney) I just had to share. I figured  i’d leave the whole “White People” thing out of my headline because we are now at a point were we need to be bringing folks together and causing further divide. All that being said, funny is funny and you can’t negate how humorous some of these pictures are. Check them out.

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LL Cool J & 50 Cent Republicans? These And Other Famous Blacks You May Know

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Don’t be so quick to think that all or most black people side with The Democratic Party. Believe it or not there are many African American’s, particularly the wealthier ones who’s party affiliation is Republican. Take LL Cool J for example. If this surprised you, you’d be surprise to see which other famous African American’s are Republicans as well. Catch These T’s. GET INTO IT. Continue reading