Basketball Wives Season 5 Sneak Peak At Promo Shoot + The New Chick

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Basketball Wives Season 5

The ladies that ushered in The Doll doing reality tv recaps are back. Yes gawd, Basketball Wives season 5 is well underway. Bout damn time i might add. The non married wives are back and are looking better than ever. Someone’s hair up there isn’t really all that layed. Can you guess who I’m talking about? Oh yeah, the new chick on the end, that’s Tasha Marbury. Tasha is the ex wife of Stephon Marbury.

Today Tami Roman Tweeted:

“The last 2wks of taping BBW5 have been the best in 4 seasons for me. So thankful 4 @ShaunieONeal @EvelynLozada &@suzieketcham -we ride!!!”

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Guess Who Shaunie O’Neal Is Cutting From Basketball Wives L.A.

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People may lie, but numbers don’t. Ratings for season 2 of Basketball Wives are down and it is no secret. The ratings for episode 5 are down to 1.2 million viewers from 1.8 and are on a steady decline. Quiet as its kept, I have not made many review videos on the show because many of the episodes haven’t left me with much material to go feed off of. As much as the viewing audience is trying, it is hard for the contrived story lines on BBWLA to hold viewers attention or be trusted as believable.

As viewers lose interest in the sinking ship, changes must be made. If Shaunie is going to salvage what’s left of the franchise considering the damages Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman have already done, someone or a couple someones have got to go. Who do you think it is? Catch these T’s.

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Evelyn Lozada Jumps Ship, Issues Statement, Leaves Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Out In The Cold

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Evelyn Lozada says Chad Johnson ”needs help.” – NEW YORK (AP)

Ain’t this about a bish. No one really knows what happen, but CLEARLY this business arrangement is done. Evelyn Lozada and her camp are operating in panic mode and are trying to salvage what is left of her brand.  Continue reading