Lisa Kudrow Joins The Cast Of Scandal As A Nassssty Politician Baby…

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Yes Gawd Miss Shonda! Give us what we need hunty! As the fall television season rapidly approaches, details about some of our favorite shows are strategically starting to make their way to the press. Shonda has already let it be known that we will get 10 uninterrupted weeks of Scandal. This is good considering the fact that every 2 episodes during season 2 we had to go a week or so without a new episode. It seemed as if every time Scandal was supposed to come on, the real president had to make a speech or there was some world event that took place during our Scandal time. I guess Judy Smith called the white house for real and told those aids to schedule those presidential speeches on Wednesday, hell!

For those who watched Friends and the faithful fans of Lisa Kudrow alike, you will be pleased to know that she is joining the cast of Scandal. Little details surrounding her character are know at the moment. The only thing we know is that she is playing a politician. One thing about it, I know she will be playing an ole nasty peace of Hillary Clinton / Nancy Pelosi fish because mama can act. Gawd I just hope she is on our side.  Catch these T’s Continue reading

My Hair Is Layed Like Shaneka (Scandal Season 2 ep 3 Review)

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So y’all know The Doll LIVES for Scandal. Uhmm Shonda Rhimes & ABC, quiet as its kept, y’all need to shoot The Doll some coins for all of the new viewers I’m sending y’all way. Shonda we have some mutual friends. I’ll be sending you an invoice pretty soon.

Anyway, episode 3 of season 2 was everything. There are so many twists and turns and this episode. Just when we thought things could not get any more convoluted in the Olivia, Fitz, Mellie triangle, THEY JUST DID!  Get into my review of episode 3. This episode left me so heated, I was sweating all throughout the the video…

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