NEW MUSIC: Havok Jones Remakes SWV’s ‘Rain’, But Should They Have? Hmmm

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Havok Jones has seized the moment in music with their take on SWV’s “Rain,” which is the second single off their homage-based EP, “Havok Jones Presents…The Re-Dedication.”

Releasing on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, the five-song project will include covers of R&B moments including, 702′s “Get It Together,” Destiny’s Child “Say My Name,” Xscape’s “Who Can I Run To” and En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.”

Executive produced by Two Eleven contributor Miykal Snoddy, vocal arranged/produced by new comer Leon Giles and the legendary John “Jubu” Smith, of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, lent his dynamic hands on the guitar.

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SWV Reality Show Trailer – Unresolved Group Drama Returns, Breast Cancer, And Good Music (video)

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I was overjoyed when SWV got back together to bring us their latest album. I was even more excited when I found out that they would be filming a reality television show. I can only hope that the reality show serves as a platform for them to release another album. Anyway, the time has finally arrived for us to get an in depth look at the inner workings of their sisterhood. We the fans never quite got a complete understanding as to why the group broke up in the first place. It looks as if this time around, we will get some answers to what broke up this superstar group back in the 1990′s. Sadly, it looks as if Coco has a run in with breast cancer and the cameras are chronicling her journey. Get into this trailer. Continue reading

SWV and Anita Baker Earn Grammy Nominations For Their R&B Covers

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I told you guys ay back when that SWV’s latest cd was the best true to r&b cd presently out. Well apparently the Illuminati people who sit in the room and decide who is going to win a Grammy think the same thing too. SWV along with Anita Baker have both nabbed Grammy nominations for Best Traditional R&B Performance award for covers of songs by other artists. Yes Gawd! Catch these T’s. Continue reading

[PHOTOS/VIDEO] TV One Hosts R&B Divas Launch Party In Atlanta, Funky Dineva Gets All The Tea

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Yes GAWD Hunty!  Thursday night (8-9-12), TV One threw an ole NASTY premiere party for their new reality tv series R&B Divas, and The Doll was all up in the mix. When I got the invite to the party, it came with a warning that went, “can you please tell Funky Dineva to be nice.” Let me first say I am not mean or nice, I am truthful. I report for the people, the way it happened .The truth isn’t republican or democratic, its independent. With that being said, get into these TRUTHS as I give you the run down on the night…

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SWV Performs “Do Ya” at ESSENCE Music Fest

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Yes GAWD Hunty. Y’all already know that the doll loves “Do Ya” by SWV as I showed you on one of those Real Housewives of Atlanta review videos. Well, the trio rocked out at the ESSENCE music fest and below is the video to prove it. These ladies say we might have aged a little bit, but we still got it. GO IN AND LET HAVE LADIES!

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