Black Twitter Lights Syleena Johnson’s A** Up For Comparing Blue Ivy To Old Dirty Bastard

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There are three people that if you comment about publicly, you better be ready for their stupid a** stans. 1 – Beyonce, 2-Tamar-, 3- Lil Kim. These three women have some of the dumbest most roofless stans around. You can say “Beyonce ate Pizza Hut last night”, and your Twitter time line will be flooded with lil ignorant children from Detroit cussing you out over a woman that they don’t even have enough money to go see perform. Nonetheless, Syleena Johnson found out the hard way when she compared Blue Ivy’s hair to that of ODB (which it did look like his hair). The Beyhive went in and let have on that a**. No tea no shade, we all know I love Syleena Johnson, but some of the shade was funny as hell. Get into the tweets…

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In Case You Missed: R&B Divas Atlanta ep4 (full video) + Funky Dineva’s Review

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monifah surgery

I’m ALWAYS going to be hear for the R&B Divas. They are the closest thing to real music that exist these days. Last night’s episode of R&B Divas Atlanta was real cute. There is some f&ckery going on, and Angie Stone thinks we don’t see it. Angie is trying to slide her daughter into the fold and may possibly be dating a much younger man. Terez got her income tax return and put it together with Monifah’s Obama Care so that Monifah could get lipo suction. Koo-Koo Wyatt took her mother to counseling when it is she that should have been in counseling ALONE. Meelah sang at a bootleg charity event, while Latavia continues to backpedal and pussy pop when it comes to singing. This and a whole lot more on R&B Divas Atlanta season 3 episode 4.

If you missed episode 4, you can check it out down below.

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Producer Says Porsha Williams Song “Perfectly Worthless” Was Sold To Syleena Johnson

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So clearly someone is in their feelings and is feeling some kind of way. I was minding my business (as I always do), when I received an email from some not so happy people. In the email, the writer points out that they are feeling some kind of way about such heavy emphasis being placed on Porsha singing the song “Perfectly Worthless” on RHOA last week. They even go further to mention that the song isn’t Porsha’s, and has since been sold to and recorded by Syleena Johnson. They event went as far as to send me Syleena’s version of the song. Quiet as its kept, the song was a much better fit for Syleena’s voice.

All jokes aside, I really don’t understand what has the producer and his camp in a tizzy. It’s not like Porsha is out here in the streets making money off of the song. Additionally, all parties were sitting in the studio as the footage was being recorded. What the hell did they think was going to happen with the footage.

Anyway, get into this email and Miss Syleena Johnson singing perfectly worthless…

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Angie Stone Celebrates 52 Birthday With The R&B Divas And Other R&B Legends (pics)

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This past Saturday I had the esteemed pleasure of celebrating Angie Stone’s 52 birthday alongside Angie and her closest friends and family. The TVOne cameras were there and so were all the R&B Divas including the newbies and excluding Nikki Gilbird. There were special performances by Dottie People, Mikki Howard, Allison Williams, Regina Belle and others. When I walked into the party Allison Williams was on the stage singing “Just Call My Name”. Baby when I tell you she shut the place down. Chile folks were slain in the spirit all through the venue. Spontaneity was the driving force in the room. After Angie stone took the stage to perform, an impromptu jam session broke out where Angie called the divas to the stage 1 by 1 to sing a lil something. Chile the gag is, when she called Latavia Roberson to the stage to sing, she would not get out of her chair citing that she had laryngitis. You know I was side-eying the hell out of her. Anyway get into these pics and other T’s from the party. Continue reading

Syleena Johnson Says Nicci Gilbert’s Lips Look Like A Baboon’s Ass – READ BISH

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Listen, for some odd reason, some friends and I were riding in the car this weekend and somehow we ended up watching a clip from the season finale of R&B Divas Atlanta on my Iphone. Chile I do not remember the argument between Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert being as funny as it was, but that thang was funty hunty! OKAY. Chile, Syleena told Madea, and I quote

“I know you ain’t talking spongebob with that wack a$$ outfit you got on. Bish you super wack. Yes I’m a bish. A bish thats better than you, a bish that’s cuter than you, and  that’s more pulled up than you bish, and you hate it”

If that wasn’t enough to have you dead to the bed, Syleena went on to tell that Uhaul

“You’re a hot mess, and your lips look like a baboons a$$”

“You’re gonna look a mess with those black gums and all, and those knock a$$ knees”

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Syleena Johnson Appears On Iyanla Fix My Life Saturday, July 27

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Chile Syleena Johnson better go on ahead and milk this new life that R&B Divas has given her. I ain’t mad with you sister! Get it girl, and when its got, get some more. The real gag is, the wrong R&B diva is getting her life fixed. Syleena Johnson just needs a lil brown liquor and a nasty slow jam so she can get her life! It is Nicci GilBIRD’S a$$ that need to fix her life. I’m not even going to start on her. Check out the promo video for this next go around of Fix My Life. Continue reading