T.I. Has Newborn Baby and NOT From Tiny. Couple Gets Physical At Grammy’s + Conspiracy To Cover It Up

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Chile, I had been sitting on this bit of tea for a minute. Due to OBVIOUS associations of mine, I wavered back and forth on if I should render my two cents on the situation. You’re reading this, so its obvious what I decided to do. Please pay close attention, because ish gets real.

The internet has been buzzing because during Grammy weekend, T.I. and Tiny both took to their respective social media accounts posting cryptic messages that would lead one to believe they were heading towards a divorce. T.I. posting the following:


Shortly there afterwards, Tiny took Instragram and and posted a rather cryptic message out. a major fight ensued on the red caret. The real gag is the true reason for the fight and the conspiracy that follows. Pull out a big cup and catch these T’s Continue reading

2012 BET HipHop Awards Performances + Chris Lighty Tribute – Who Did The Best? (VIDEO)

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So if you missed the 2012 BET awards or wants a rewind of some of your favorite performances, here they are. Personally I think the Rick Ross & Omarion performance was THE BEST. I was sitting in the audience during the taping of the awards and i remember getting real crunk, especially when Omarion started dancing. My 2nd Favorite performance was the opening number by Wiz Khalifa, and 3rd would be the Chris Lighty tribute. Here are all the performances. Let The Doll know which performances you thought were the best. Continue reading

[Reality TV] A September To Remember: T.I. & Tiny, Tamar & Vince

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September marks the start of the fall television season. There are so many shows that I just can’t wait to return. In particular, ABC’s Revenge, and their other hit Show staring Kerry Washington, Scandal.

This fall we will so some of our favorite shows return, as well as the addition of a few new ones. One in particular that I can’t wait to return is VH1′s T.I. & Tiny. I live for their children, especially they son MAJOR. He is so cute and so dog on smart! Season 2 of T.I. & Tiny starts September 3rd.

You would think with all the “dot coms” this chick used in her speech that she would have started a blog or some sort of other website. Though I am not too excited, I’m sure many of you are. Tamar & Vince have a reality show that will begin airing WE TV September 20th. Here’s an excerpt about the show from WE TV.

Ready for more Tamar? Tamar & Vince is a spin-off of WE tv’s hit original series, Braxton Family Values, where youngest sister, Tamar, has proven to be the show’s breakout star. This new show will follow Tamar in her ongoing pursuit of pop super stardom, with husband Vince Herbert helping and supporting her every step of the way.

In Tamar’s world, anything can happen, but Vince is always there to be the voice of reason, and bring her back down to earth. Viewers will get an inside look at their complicated yet devoted relationship, including how their upscale lifestyle must adjust as Vince recovers from a recent life-threatening health scare.