Black Twitter Lights Syleena Johnson’s A** Up For Comparing Blue Ivy To Old Dirty Bastard

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There are three people that if you comment about publicly, you better be ready for their stupid a** stans. 1 – Beyonce, 2-Tamar-, 3- Lil Kim. These three women have some of the dumbest most roofless stans around. You can say “Beyonce ate Pizza Hut last night”, and your Twitter time line will be flooded with lil ignorant children from Detroit cussing you out over a woman that they don’t even have enough money to go see perform. Nonetheless, Syleena Johnson found out the hard way when she compared Blue Ivy’s hair to that of ODB (which it did look like his hair). The Beyhive went in and let have on that a**. No tea no shade, we all know I love Syleena Johnson, but some of the shade was funny as hell. Get into the tweets…

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Tamar Braxton Cusses Out Sisters And Throws A Water Bottle At Traci For Rushing The Stage

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So the story goes, while on the Love & War tour, on her stop here in Atlanta, The Braxton Sisters wanted to surprise Tamar. Well, their surprise came in the form of an ambush by Trina, Towanda, and Traci. The trio reportedly ran on the stage and started twerking during the middle of one of Tamar’s sets. Well “She” “It” or however Tamar likes to refer to herself these days did not take too kind to her sisters antics. Bae-Bae “The People” say when Tamar got back stage, she cussed them girls out something nasty, OKAY. “The People” say if Traci wasn’t as agile as a Cirque du Soleil dancer, that she would have caught a water bottle straight to the head. Chile….

In Tamar’s defense, y’all know one of my favorite sayings is “you can’t do wrong to a Mother F&cker, then tell them how mad to get”. For what it’s worth, Tamar has worked hard to not have to sing doo wop behind Toni Braxton in Reco Chapple fashions. She deserves a little respect. I bet her sisters will think twice before they run their asses up on her stage again.

Moral of the Story: Stay yo ass in yo seat!

Tamar Braxton Removes Shady Message To Her Stylist From Instagram. Media & Fans Got Her A$$ TOGETHER

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I’m laughing my a$$ off because two days ago, I was a LATE blogger who gets her information from a scam queen according to Tamar Braxton. Today, Tamar is backpedaling and pussy popping by deleted the messages that this LATE blogger sprayed her over, and now has every media outlet in the US reporting on how she doesn’t pay people. Hmmmmm doesn’t sound LATE to me, sounds pretty ON-TIME…


Tamar, say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand firm in your word while you’re walking in your talk? Why did Tamar chose to delete her passive aggressive message to her stylist? I could have respected her more had she just STOOD UP IN IT. I’m going to tell you what happen, the label, her publicist, or the Illuminati president called her owner husband and let him know that my LATE blog post was picking up steam and that this was not a good look for her. In an effort to protect her coins so she can continue to pay her “glam squad” to keep her looking like something from Cirque Du Soleil, Tamar removed the tacky a$$ passive aggressive message to her stylist from her instagram account. Now who’s LATE? Catch these T’s

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Tamar Braxton Not Paying Her People. Now She’s Mad That They Are Asking Her For A Contract

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Singing K. Michelle’s “Where they do that at…” Chile, the streets are talking. Word on the curb is Tamar & Vince have developed a pretty solid reputation for NOT paying folks. So much so, that Tamar’s stylist asked her for a contract in an effort to keep the business clean, and Tamar got all in her feelings and blasted the stylist on Instagram:

tamar-braxton-album_thelavalizardSeems to me that Tamar is the one acting Grand, feeling entitled to free services because she’s “Tamar Braxton”.  Don’t help someone and then throw it in their face later. Furthermore, it is so UGLY to boast as if you “made” someone. We all needed help getting “put on” at one time or another. Tamar needs not forget that very first dustpan  CD of hers that did everything but sell. Would anyone like an original Tamar Braxton dust pan? OKAY, Someone helped her a$$ too…

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GIRL FIGHT! K. Michelle Records One Of Tamar Braxton’s Songs On New Mix Tape. Who Sang It Best?

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In all honesty, I was blogging from Starbucks yesterday while listening to K. Michelle’s new mix-tape. I tend to passively listen to music I don’t know, and wait for a song to grab my attention. My fingers came to a pause when “She Can Have You” rang out through my ear buds. I played the song over and over again until finally I had to stop the post I was working on and do a quick write-up on K.Michelle’s mix-tape. I made it a point to highlight the fact that I particularly loved the song “She Can Have You’. What I liked about the song is that it sounds like something Aretha Franklin would have sang, and her sister Carolyn would have wrote. The song puts me in the spirit of ‘Ain’t No Way.’

Nonetheless, I was blogging on about my business when my Twitter timeline started lighting up about how Tamar Braxton recorded the song first. No tea no shade, I was not being messy at all when I highlighted K. Michelle’s rendition of the song.  Unbeknownst to me before I wrote my initial post, Tamar recorded the song. Now I’ll be the first person to admit, I am messy. That being said, I’m a bold bish that has no problem owning hers. In this instance, I genuinely was not trying to throw shade at Tamar. No tea no shade, I didn’t have to throw any shade Tamar’s way, because K. Michelle handled that by just recording the song. No GAWD hunty!!

In all honesty, this I how I like to see things fought out. Take it to the booth, not to Twitter and television interviews. You got beef, sing! You don’t like me, sing! Got something to say, SING! That being said, now we have to perfectly mastered versions of essentially the same song. Who ran it?

NOTE: K. Michelle says she recorded this song 3 years ago with TC. Meaning before Tamar…

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Is Towanda Braxton A Shady Sister? Throws Shade At Tamar’s Husband In Twitter Battle

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Chile, I don’t know what the hell is going on with those Braxton sisters, but whatever the hell it is, the ish is real. I’ve been hearing chatter for sometime now that the tension between the background Braxton’s and Tamar is really thick. Quiet as it’s kept, folks are saying that the heart of the problem is that the background Braxton’s are jealous of Tamar. I’m not going to lie, I kind of believe it. In all honesty, it would be hard to not be jealous of Tamar to some degree. Think about it, we all were left behind in the trenches while Toni went on to become a big star. Then we were thrown whatever scraps Toni was willing to part with. Then out of nowhere, you are no longer one of the doo-wop singers, but a popping star with the ultra rich and powerful husband. Bishhhh I don’t know about y’all, but my a$$ would feel some kind of way.

Nonetheless, on Valentine’s day, Towanda was not feeling the love. Towanda engaged in a little twitter banter with some Tamartians, and ish got real when Towanda layed Vince to rest. Catch this:



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