Usher & Tameka Wasting The Court’s Time Again. This Time Usher Signed Son Up For Football Without Tameka’s Approval

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Let me tell y’all something, Usher & Tameka’s asses get on my last damn nerve with all this damn court drama. Like seriously, the next time they go to court, it needs to be for a marriage license. Those two need to get married, lock themselves in a mansion somewhere, and drive each other crazy until they are old and gray. I’m sorry, there should be a limit on how many times you can go to court surrounding the same issues before your ass is thrown in jail. The sad part is, I really feel like it is Usher that is keeping the sh!t going. ughh he is such a drama queen. A rich little boy with too much time and money on his hands. Damn, just play fair and toying around with the lady and her children. Whew…. Now that I am done ranting, on to the story.

Undeniably, Usher & Tameka’s sons have got to be the most loved little boys on the planet. They’ve got two parents that are fighting tooth and nail for them. Or do they have two parents that are using them as pawns in a human game of chess? Either way, Tameka has recently filed court papers on Usher citing that he does whatever the hell he wants to do with the kids without any regard to her opinion and they are supposed to be co-parenting the boys. She now wants Usher punished. See what else she alleges Usher has done Continue reading

Tameka Raymond Files Documents For Primary Custody Of Of Son’s With Singer Usher

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I hope you guys are ready for another long round of “Usher & Tameka go to court.” After their son was  hospitalized for almost drowning to death, Tameka Raymond has filed documents to obtain temporary primary custody of her two sons with Usher. Unfortunate was the accident, however timing couldn’t be better. Tameka who was never settled with Usher having primary custody of their was planning to appeal that decision anyway. The near drowning accident does give her two legs to stand on in court. Tameka’s main gripe is that Usher never really has the kids because he is out of town %85 percent of the time and delegates his responsibilities to family members. To her credit, if Usher is just going to pawn the kids off on other family members, hell they can be with their mama. Catch the rest of these T’s Continue reading

Rumor: Hollywood Exes Gets An Atlanta Spinoff – Tameka Raymond Reportedly On Cast

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Chile is is an ole nasty cup of tea that came across my desk this morning. However, I can’t promise you that I am buying it. Rumors are swirling that Hollywood Exes is getting an Atlanta Spinoff and Tameka Raymond and Cee-Lo’s ex wife Christina Johnson are on the cast. VH1 has yet to issue any sort of official correspondence regarding this, but Star Magazine is reporting it. Star Magazine is also reporting that they are still trying to assemble the remaining cast. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Tameka Raymond Breaks Lease. Judge Orders Her To Pay Landlord 200k. USHER HELP!

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Chile this year we have experienced more tax liens, bankruptcy’s, and lawsuits than a little bit. Now we can add broken leases to the equation. For all you girls who skip out on your leases every time you don’t feel like paying, learn a lesson from Tameka Raymond. An Atlanta Judge has ordered Tameka to pay over 200k in back rent for the rental of 3 spaces. Catch these T’s Continue reading

[Video] Tameka Raymond FINALLY Speaks Out Against Usher on Entertainment Tonight

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Now incase y’all didn’t know, I personally could care less about all of this User Raymond, Tameka Raymond stuff. My heart does go out to Tameka regarding the loss of her son, but all this custody mess they are going through, chile cheese. Since many of you have expressed to me on several occasions your interest in the situation, I figured I’d cover it lightly, but let my good friend Michelle Brown over at Straight From The A do the bulk of the work.

I blasted Oprah in the video, challenging her to give Tameka an opportunity to tell her side of the story. Well, Oprah didn’t answer my call, but Entertainment Tonight Did. Catch These T’s Continue reading

[Full Video] Usher Lies to Oprah For An Hour Straight In Interview + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile, Oprah, in her constant pursuit of higher ratings gave Usher a platform to spread lies, fantasies, and fairytales and thats exactly what he did. Usher sat down with the Queen of Talk for an hour and avoided directly answering questions and clouding the truth. The sad part about it is that Oprah seemed to be in on the PR stunt as well. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, and i damn sure ain’t on Team Tameka, but something is real fishy about this interview. It just didn’t feel genuine. Perhaps Usher should have sat down with Iyanla Vanzant. Get Into It…
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