Bronchitis ain’t keeping Sweet Brown From Suing Apple For $15 Million

Posted in Complete Devastation To The Nation


Ok honestly, Sweet Brown done got besides herself. I’m now about to make time for that, and go in and let have on her ass. Everyone knows that there are two corporate machines you do not mess with. The first one is Beyonce, the second is Apple. Those two are at the head of the Illuminati. Sweet Brown might as well be prepared to return to her previous life as a bag lady. Someone has gotten into Sweet Brown’s head and convinced her to file a lawsuit against Apple for $15 million for the unauthorized use of her likeness. Now Chicken Goerge’s mother Sweet Brown knows she needs to stop. Let not act like there was an art or any effort put into the sheer display of ignorance that made her famous. Sweet Brown was nothing more than a bum that caught a break. The woman has gotten a root canal and some make up and now she thinks she’s fancy. Ohh you fancy huh? ohhh ok? Catch these T’s Continue reading