Todd Tucker Returns To Work After The Sudden Passing Of His Mom Miss Sharon. Welcome Back

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I just wanted to let you guys know that your prayers for the Tucker family really worked. I was shocked to find out last night that today is Todd’s official first day back at work. No tea no shade, I was expecting him to take a month off. I’ve got a few things that I’m working on in conjunction with Todd. I was on a call last night with another member of one of the projects when they said to me “ok, well I just wanted to get your input, we’ll be presenting these to Todd tomorrow.” Chile you would have thought I seen a damn ghost. I was particularly shocked because I dropped the ball on a large portion of my responsibility because I  wasn’t expecting to see Todd for another 2-3 weeks. Quiet as it kept, my eyes are burning now because I had to stay up overnight and get my sh!t together. Non the less, I’m here, I’m ready, and so is Todd. YAY!!!!!!

Welcome back Todd

Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss Issue Statements On Passing Of Todd’s Mom Miss Sharon

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It is always traumatizing when death takes a family by surprise. I’m still in shock at how I was both Kandi & Todd last week and things were all peachy as usual, now their family is going through an unforeseen transition. It feels to me like the nice fun people are always called to Glory too soon. I first met Miss Sharon during the tail end of our rehearsals for ‘A Mother’s Love’. She was so funny, outspoken, and real. The night of our finally show, we had an after party at The Kandi Factory. The highlight of the night was me teaching Miss Sharon how to twerk. Todd later went on to tell me that his mother was looking forward to dancing with me again at he and Kandi’s wedding. That dance never happened because Kandi and em took so got damn long to feed us that by the time I finished eating, I was ready to go [READ: Kandi’s Wedding: Fantasia Drunk Bootz, Mama Joyce Had An Attitude, Dinner Served At Midnight]. I always thought to myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal, that I’d see Miss Sharon again on several occasions for her to partake in some more twerk lessons. Now I’m regretting that I didn’t stay at the wedding 30 minutes longer to get one last dance with Miss Sharon.

Todd and Kandi have both issued statements regarding the passing of Miss Sharon. See what they had to say Continue reading

‘The People’ Are Torn. The Vote Is Split. Team Don Juan vs Team Todd. Will Kandi Make The Final Call?

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Nessa Girl, Ir an a poll yesterday to determine where the people stood on the confrontation between Todd and Don Juan, and surprisingly, the people are torn. I was shocked to see that the vote was split as evenly as it was. No tea no shade, I’m kind of leaning towards Team Todd. I completely understood what it was Todd was trying to articulate, and feels as though Don Juan took the whole thing a little too personally. The funny thing is, according to the vote, they must both be right, or both be wrong. Either way, the thoughts and opinions of the general public are split perfectly down the middle. Take a look at the poll results, and let me know what you think.


tam todd don juan rhoa

The Battle Kandi’s Leading Men. Team Todd or Team Don Juan? (Poll Question)

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todd tucker vs don juan rhoa (copy)

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was very revealing. We witnessed the two leading me in Kandi’s life go head to head over whether or not the work to take Kandi’s brand to the next level is being done efficiently. Todd is of the opinion that the team is not working to their maximum output capacity. Don Juan’s position is that he goes above and beyond and is doing the best he can. From the outside looking in, I think the main issue is that the lines between Kandi’s friendship with these people and her being their boss are blurred. The same holds true for Todd’s involvement with the team and being Kandi’s husband. The team seems to be confused as to why Todd is in meetings or even able to voice and opinion about the running of Kandi Koated Entertainment when they don’t work for him. I think the solution to this issue is super simple. One, Todd needs to be reintroduced to the team in an official Kandi Koated Entertainment role (i.e. Vice President). This will mitigate all confusion that arises as a result of Todd’s input. Secondly, Kandi needs to be more boss like and less friend like when it comes to the daily operations of her business. Implement these two things, and the problem is solved.

We’ll see what happens. So who’s team are you on? Team Todd or Team Don Juan?

RHOA’s Kandi & Todd Discuss The Idea Of Having Threesomes In Their Newly Formed Marriage (video)

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Nessa Girl, I’m about as freaky as they come, but I can’t promise you that I would be down to have a 3-some if I was married. I’m not going to say I never will, because you never really know what you will do until put into a situation. However, I’d like to think that a 3-some while married is not something that I am interested in.  Now we all know that Kandi is not new to the freaky deaky. Musical dicks, lipsticks for the clit, and vaginal balls are all Kandi’s forte. Who would have thought the the 3-some might be too?

Recently Kandi in conjunction with Todd has relaunched her nighttime adult talk show Kandi Koated Nights. On this particular episode, guest hosts Dr. Rachael from The Doctors asked Kandi & Todd about their willingness to participate in a 3-some. Their response just might shock you. Catch this:

Chile… All I’m going to say to Kandi is “go consult ya girl Tiny before you travel down this road…”