Toni Braxton’s Bankruptcy Is FINALLY Over! Receiving New Credit Card Offers In Mail ALREADY

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Iyanla Vanzant forget fixing my life, can you ‘fix my finances’? Yes Gawd. Chile Toni Braxton has been going through this second bankruptcy for forever and 3 days. The bankruptcy process started in 2010, and in the original paperwork, Toni & friends were claiming debt in the ball park of $50 million. Good gawd almighty, what what Oprah say? Toni had to be buying a whole lot of Gucci flatware to rack up that kind of debt. Catch these T’s, $150,000 made it all go away. That’s right, Toni owed $50 mil, but $150, 000 payed to the trustee wiped out all the debt. Talk about fixing your credit! Catch all these T’s Continue reading