She WAS A Friend Of Mine. R&B Divas LA Kelly Price & Chante Moore NOT Feeling One Another

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As R&B Divas Atlanta is nearing its season end, it only makes sense that R&B Divas L.A. begins to turn up… Chile all kinds of T’s are spilling out of the L.A. camp. If you thought the Nicci & Syleena style drama was over, guess again. It’s only just begun. Quiet as its kept, Miss Chante Moore is not featuring Miss Kelly Price. Tensions between Chante & Kelly are what caused Lil Mo and Kelly Price to fall out. Lil Mo has been subtle about expressing some of her issues with Miss Price during radio interviews and on Twitter. We have not heard much from Miss Moore. I guess she is waiting for the show to air, but you know The Doll had to let the cat out of the bag. Catch these T’s

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R&B Divas Season 2 Finally Here! Fights, Fashions,Phonies, New Cast Members – Promo Video

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Are y’all ready for season 2 of Rough & Buff R&B Divas? Yes Gawd Hunty! After all the mess that has been going on around town I am. Bae-Bae, R&B Divas season one was ok, but my woman’s intuition is telling me that season 2 is going to be so much better. I think the divas along with the production folk over at TvOne got their hands on the Shaunie O’neal & Mona Scott-Young handbooks on “How To Pimp A Bish.” I’ve got confirmation that this season will be packed full of drama, mess and all the other unfortunate ratchetness you need to have a successful reality television show.

I am loving the promo picture. Looks like R&B divas was able to garner enough ratings to secure some more advertisers or higher advertising rates,  thus giving them a larger budget. IT SHOWS. I must say the ladies look really nice. There is one of them up there that I am questioning what the hell she has on, but I’ll give her a pass for right now. I’m sure she’ll find a way to dig her own hole once the show starts. Angie Stone and Latocha Scott we see y’all. Check out the promo and catch these T’s Continue reading

New Year’s EXCLUSIVE!!! R&B Divas L.A. Cast Revealed

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Y’all know I had to share this Tea with the quickness. It Ain’t no secret that an R&B Divas L.A. spin off show is in the making. Well The Doll through her relationships and handy dandy investigative work was able to get her hands on 3 of the confirmed cast members of the show. I think you are going to be pleased when you find out who they are. Catch these T’s.

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Its OFFICIAL, Nicci Gilbert FIRED From R&B Divas

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I’m not going to lie, when the buzz started circulating about the filming of R&B Divas, I was super excited. Everyone knows that i am a connoisseur of fine R&B music. The entire concept of this show tickled my fancy. Well chile, by the time the the season wrapped up, i was left feeling bamboozled and quite frankly I kind of had an attitude. A major source of my frustration was Nicci Gilbert and her obnoxious attitude. Well, APPARENTLY the rest of the viewing public felt the same way and TV One got the message live and clear. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Faith Evans the ONLY face on R&B Divas CD, WTF??? Here’s why…

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Ok I really had to debate if I was going to write this post. I don’t like to start no mess where there isn’t any, but I am honestly feeling some kind of way about Faith Evans being the ONLY face pictured on the R&B Divas Album Cover. While I on it, I might as well go a step further and let it be known that I have major issues with the ENTIRE set up of the R&B Divas plot. I am so not feeling this fabricated ass story line of Faith corralling all these women together to put together a tribute album in Whitney Houston’s honor. This is some major BS. Here is the real scoop. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

[VIDEO] More PROMO For The Rickey Smiley TV Show

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September 18th, The Rickey Smiley show is set to debut on TV One. Not sue how much you guys have heard about it, but the show is set to star Rickey Smiley, along side Ray J, and comedians J Anthony Brown and Lil JJ.

The show is focused around a radio personality who has adopted several children and the issues he faces as a celebrity raising these children. The issues in the show are said to be loosely based off of occurrences in Rickey’s real life. I watched the promo and all i have to say is “I guess…”. I completely  get what networks like TV One, and studios like Tyler Perry  are trying to accomplish and i applaud their efforts. However, sometimes I feel like in an effort to portray an over abundance of positivity and create these all black ensemble casts, that the entertainment value gets a tad bit diminished. Perhaps some of these shows just were not designed to entertain folks like me. Everybody ain’t gone like everything. Non the less, I wish Rickey the best. Check out the promo, you be the judge. Continue reading