Petition Launched Begging Execs To Remove Nicci Gilbert From R&B Divas. Nicci Snaps Back!

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Chile, as if things in the court of public opinion could not get any worse for Nicci Gilbert, “someone” has now launched a petition asking for TvOne and producers to remove Nicci Gilbert from R&B Divas Atlanta. Why is it the the general public just does not like this woman? Episode after episode Nicci is made to look like a  b!tch! As the season progresses, things are getting worse. At what point does one stop blaming the editing and take an introspective look at themselves. If you scour the net for anything R&B Divas related, the overwhelming majority of the comments express disdain for Nicci. At this point, in an effort to salvage whatever steam is left in her engine, I really feel like Nicci needs to remove herself from in front of the camera and play up her strengths in the background. It must suck being the executive producer of this show and one of the driving forces behind the concept coming to fruition but not being well received by those watching it.

Overall, the general consensus is that non one likes Nicci Gilbert. Are these feelings the product of biased editing or does Nicci Really have a nasty attitude and an ugly spirit? Well Nicci seems to think that all the heat she is catching is as a result of biased editing and even goes on to name a particular producer as the culprit. In a twitter rant, Nicci went in and let have. Take a look at what all she had to say and you be the judge. Continue reading

My Hair Is Layed Like Angie Stone’s Anointed Oil. R&B Divas Season 2 Episode 2 Recap (video)

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Y’all I must say that season 2 of R&B Divas is giving me all kinds of life. On episode 2, we were introduced to Angie Stone. Angie Stone was brought in by Faith the serve as a mediator and to try and instill some knowledge upon the girls because she is older. Angie, a 30-year industry veteran made very little headway with the Sylena & Nicci beef. Crazy Keke on the other hand created a a brand new issue as a result of her immaturity and insecurities. I covered it all and then some in my video recap. I also payed a lil homage to Angie Stone with an old through back that you guys will be sure to love. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Angie Stone & Sunshine Anderson Added To Cast Of R&B Divas, Faith & Nikki GONE

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“Remember where you got this Tea from FIRST” ~ Funky Dineva

Nessa Girl!! Ive been holding on to this tea for a little minute and I finally have mustered up the energy to spill it. You may not believe it, but stating facts while throwing shade is an art that can drain the life out of of you. OK. Here we go. So it is no secret that Nikki Gilbert got axed from R&B Divas. I told you about that some time ago. [Its OFFICIAL, Nicci Gilbert FIRED From R&B DivasLong story short, the folks over at TvOne  conducted some marketing surveys and 95% of respondents stated that they did not like Nicci Gilbert. I think the general consensus is that people really didn’t care for Nicci’s attitude on the show. Continue reading