Madea Gives Birth. Tyler Perry Is The Pappy

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Tyler Perry and that African letty done had this arranged baby. I’m happy for the birth of this child, but still feels like this entire arrangement is  business deal. Rather it is or it isn’t, congratulations are in order. I”m sure all the good ole church folks are ready to have all kinds of church cookouts and celebrations to welcome the paycheck child that was born out of wedlock.  Chile I guess.

Aman Tyler Perry arrived on Sunday, Nov. 30, according to multiple reports. “Aman,” derived from Arabic, means peace.

Madea Goes To Lamaze Class. Tyler Perry Expecting A Baby

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Now look, before we event get into this, let me start off by saying “I don’t make the news, I just report it, okay.” Nessa girl, “The People” say Tyler Perry is expecting a baby. Chile, they say Perry announced last week at his 45th birthday celebration that he is expecting his first child. Quiet as its kept, we think it might be some ole Virgin Mary immaculate conception type of hoodoo going on, because ain’t nobody said nothing bout no wife, girlfriend, or cut buddy being pregnant.

For the last 5 years, Perry has been dating Gelila Bekele, a 28-year-old Ethiopian model and philanthropist. However, as of recent, sitings of these two together have been pretty non existent. Considering Perry’s firm Christian beliefs, it is reasonable to assume that he isn’t “creating” a baby perse’, being that he isn’t married, or at least we don’t think he is. It is more reasonable to believe that Perry will be adopting or entering some sort of surrogacy arrangement.If he did go the surrogacy route, I hope he consulted Sherri Shepherd first…

Chile this sounds real LGBT based to me hunty… I tried not to go there, but hmmmm. Maybe Oprah is Tyler’s baby mama? Wouldn’t that be something?  All shade aside, It think Tyler Perry has a lot to offer a child. Any child he parents, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their birth, is going to be one lucky kid!

Karlie Redd Says She Wasn’t Cast In A Tyler Perry Film Because Of Her Association With #LHHATL. Was Tyler Wrong?

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As much as Love & Hp Hop Atlanta has done to entertain the masses,  not everyone is feeling its contribution to society. We all can agree that if both ends or the reality tv spectrum were labeled ratchet and classy, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta would be flushed left to the ratchet side. With that, everyone does not want the stigma associated with LHHATL attached to their brand. Tyler Perry being one of them.

We all know that Karlie Redd is talented and seasoned actress with awards and accolades out the ass. Therefore, when she did not get the roll in one of Tyler’s films, she knew it ha everything to do with her being a cast member of LHHATL. According to Karlie, several doors have been slammed in her face as a result of her affiliation.

In a recent radio  interview in DC, this is what Karlie had to to say:

“I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop.’”

“There’s been roles that I auditioned for and then they found out…literally I’m on my way to set to work, got the role and everything and then they find out I’m on the show and then they’re like, ‘Uh, no.’”

No tea no shade. Enough is enough already. People are tired of all that bottle throwing rapper screwing, fake designer shoe wearing foolishness. It’s starting to look like LHHATL may have been a blessing and a curse for some. It might have been cute in the short run, but we all know the show isn’t going to last forever. And then what…


Tyler Perry Lays Hands On Bishop TD Jakes. Jakes Catches Holy Ghost, Only After Receiving $1mil Check

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Chile I’m just going to be candid with my thoughts and take the backlash that comes along with it. I swear some of you church folks KILL ME!! Do you honestly expect me to believe that Tyler Perry is now laying hands on folks and through the anointing of God T.D. Jakes is catching the holly ghost? Girl bye!  Get off my phone with this mess. That wasn’t the holly ghost that Bishop TD Jakes caught, that was stress exiting his body now that the church can pay its bills for another 6 months because Tyler Perry donated 1 million dollars. I’m sorry y’all, make of me what you’d like, but I just don’t get into all this pomp and circumstance. The theatrics of church really wears me out.

Let me be clear, I very much believe in God, and is very much spiritual, but all this church stuff, y’all can have. I probably would not have even posted this, but I didn’t blog very much today and I could use the coins. Anyway y’all get into the Lord and Savior Of Black People, Miss Tyler Perry Laying Hands on Bishop TD Jakes Continue reading

Madea Meets Sofia – Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey Commercial Finally Here! FUNNY!!! (watch)

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Earlier last week, pictures hit the net of Oprah Winfrey once again dressed like Miss Sofia, the roll she made iconic in the 1985 movie The Color Purple. Well if you are wondering why, it was for a commercial that her and Tyler Perry were doing together. The dynamic duo have teamed up to create some original programming for Oprah’s network OWN. The commercial is very cute to say the least. Check it out. Continue reading

Radio Host Talks Hanging With Tyler Perry In Gay Club And How He STOLE His Character And Called Her MADEA [video]

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

For years, people have speculated if Tyler Perry was gay. I swear to you I have heard all kinds of stories of friends of a friend who attend these “private mansion parties” yata yata yata. If he is gay, it really isn’t that big of a deal, hell everyone is gay these days. Sure it would upset the fan base that his empire is built upon, the Black Church, but hey. Besides, he institution known as the Black Church is still reppin’ Bishop Eddie Long, so I don’t think things would be that bad. LOL.

I have been witness to many conversations with several older gay men who have told stories of hanging out with Tyler Perry in gay clubs back in the day. Most of which really have no real reason to fabricate anything or lie. Another more notable name to add to that list of people who remember hanging out with Tyler Perry in the gay club is radio host and comedian Miss Sophia. Miss Sophia not only talks about how Tyler Perry use to frequent the club she worked at, she tell a very interesting story about how Tyler Perry stole her likeness and her material and called it MADEA. Catch these T’s Continue reading