Tameka Raymond Files Documents For Primary Custody Of Of Son’s With Singer Usher

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I hope you guys are ready for another long round of “Usher & Tameka go to court.” After their son was  hospitalized for almost drowning to death, Tameka Raymond has filed documents to obtain temporary primary custody of her two sons with Usher. Unfortunate was the accident, however timing couldn’t be better. Tameka who was never settled with Usher having primary custody of their was planning to appeal that decision anyway. The near drowning accident does give her two legs to stand on in court. Tameka’s main gripe is that Usher never really has the kids because he is out of town %85 percent of the time and delegates his responsibilities to family members. To her credit, if Usher is just going to pawn the kids off on other family members, hell they can be with their mama. Catch the rest of these T’s Continue reading

[Full Video] Usher Lies to Oprah For An Hour Straight In Interview + Funky Dineva Review

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Chile, Oprah, in her constant pursuit of higher ratings gave Usher a platform to spread lies, fantasies, and fairytales and thats exactly what he did. Usher sat down with the Queen of Talk for an hour and avoided directly answering questions and clouding the truth. The sad part about it is that Oprah seemed to be in on the PR stunt as well. I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories, and i damn sure ain’t on Team Tameka, but something is real fishy about this interview. It just didn’t feel genuine. Perhaps Usher should have sat down with Iyanla Vanzant. Get Into It…
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