Atlanta’s Social Scene, Fashions, And Glamour Is NOTHING Like What You See On VH1′s Singles Ladies

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For those of you who are highly enthralled with the glitz and glam of Atlanta that you see on Single Ladies, don’t be! What you see on your television screen is not what you get. Be not confused, if you travel 10 minutes in any direction of Atlanta’s epicenter, you are in GEORGIA. The booshe scene here in The Bible Belt looks more like bouffant hairstyles and colonial porches than Chanel blouses and penthouse apartments.

Don’t get me wrong, we residence here in Atlanta are more than thankful for the image that Single Ladies portrays to the outside world. However, we don’t want any of you moving here and getting an attitude with us when we can’t point you in the direction of a Buckhead boutique that is remotely as fabulous as Indulgence (the boutique on the show) , or invite you a party filled with people who all look like models. For all of that, you may want to bypass Atlanta and head down to Miami. Continue reading

Nancy (Jim Jones Mama) Reveals That Chrissy CANT Have Kids. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus

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We live in a time and place where reality television is everyone’s way out the hood. No matter if your story line is true or false, everyone is looking to the cameras and networks for their next meal. That being said, the children will tell you anything for ratings. Well, Chrissy Lampkin has been fronting for longest like she wants to get married to Jim Jones and have have kids and live happily ever after. Anyone find it odd that Jim’s son had not been anywhere to be found up until now? Well I got the tea as to the real reason why Chrissy & Jim had to call in the support of Jim’s young son to pull off their modern family image on this season’s ‘Jim Jones & Chrissy’. Catch these T’s Continue reading

VH1′s The Gossip Game Gets CANCELLED And K. Foxx Gets FIRED From Hot 97

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Well well well, The Gossip Game gets cancelled eh? I can’t say that I am surprised. I spoke a little freely after episode 1, perhaps a little too freely, and it ruffled a few feathers in places high up. The thing is, regardless of quasi affiliations, the truth is what it is. If folks would have just listened to the message and not have been so caught up on the messenger, perhaps they could have adjusted and the show would have performed better. But hey, who am I, other than the consolidated voice of THE PEOPLE? I watch television for a living. I know what the heck I’m talking about.

In addition to the show getting cancelled, K. Foxx’s job at hot 97 got cancelled. I don’t care what nobody has to say, K. Foxx being fired from Hot 97 is DIRECTLY correlated to her participation on The Gossip Game. It was not a good look. On top of it not being a good look, it was a bad look that happened in vain because the show didn’t perform well. Yeah you gotta go ma! It’s a damn shame because anyone who works in radio knows that if you or on are in New York at a station like Hot 97, you have arrived.  Unemployment is not going to pay nearly what Hot 97 paid! ha! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada’s RAGELY Assistant Nia Crooks Avoids Jail After Bitch Slapping Jennifer Williams

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Y’all remember Nia don’t y’all? You know the one I said looked like Billy Holiday on crack? Well God bless the child that has his own, well has his own lawyer. By the grace of God this maxi dress wearing 7-11 wig rocking, gypsy lady with her reedddddd lipstick on has avoided jail after slapping the hell out of Jennifer Williams. Surely y’all remember all of this? Remember the episode when Evelyn jumped across the table? Chile catch all these T’s Continue reading

K. Michelle Joining The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop NEW YORK

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K. Michelle may be through with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but she is not through with the franchise all together.  It’s no secret that Love & Hip Hop New York season 3 did not perform as well as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Trust & believe, when ratings aren’t as high as the network would prefer, somebody’s a$$ is getting fired. Love & Hip Hop New York is being recasted. Who’s staying, who’s leaving, who’s joining?. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Funky Dineva Interviews Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Newest Cast Members Traci Steele & Babey Drew For VH1

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No one could be more excited than I am for the return of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. As part of a collaboration with VH1, The Doll got the opportunity to sit down and chat with the two latest additions to the cast, Dj’s Traci Steele and Babey Drew. You guys are really in for a treat. These two are a ball of fun and drama wrapped into one. Check it out…

FYI – I get so excited when the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta theme music comes on that I dance like this.

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