Mona Scott-Young Says “Joseline Was A Gift From The Reality Gawds”

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Mona Scott-Young, the Queen B and Author of “How To Pimp A Bitch 102″, is paying homage to the Gawds and I’m living. FYI Shaunie O’neal is the author of “How To Pimp A Bitch 101, the fundamentals and facts.Mona Scott-Young gives honor and glory to the reality gawds for sending Joseline Hernadez her way. Catch these T’s Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Rasheeda Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 4 Months PREGNANT

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Chile, so I know y’all have seen the trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 2. I also know y’all heard Rasheeda tell Kirk she was pregnant right? Well, quiet as its kept, better yet, loud as its given, SHE REALLY IS! That’s right, the boss chick spread her legs to the moon and is now 4 months pregnant. I caught those T’s last night as we wrapped up Kandi Koated Nights. Yes Gawd! More info soon…

Congrats Rasheeda & Kirk!

Diamond Films For Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2, Then DROPPED! Here’s Why

Check out the LHHATL Supertrailer… Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 SUPERTRAILER. WATCH NOW! Best 3 Minutes Of My Life (watch)

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If Monday nights needed CPR, and they do, then Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yes gawd Bish!! I can’t take it. I know I shared with you guys a few small clips from LHHATL season 2 yesterday, but bae-bae, the supertrailer is here. Y’all know I have to first give honor and glory to Miss Joseline Hernandez baby! Y’all have heard me say it a thousand times. I LIVE FOR THIS BITCH’S ATTITUDE. She is Miami Dade County’s FINEST! Yes lawd. Eww Chile, I can’t type these words fast enough baby.

The newest cast members are looking like they are going to hold their weight in season 2. My prediction is that DJ’s Traci Steele and Baby Drew are going to bring a bit of balance to all the ratchetness. My prediction is that their storyline is going to ground the show, giving it a family / tug at your heart strings kind of appeal. Supporting cast members Shay “buckey” Johnson and Che Mac bring the heat as well. Shay’s love affair with Scrappy continues, and Joseline gets a taste of her own homewrecker medicine when Che Mac hypnotizes Stevie J with her thighs.  Let me stop with all this “prediction” BS. Y’all know I already know. Bae-Bae there is so much T that I want to drop and now that the show is here, by law finally I can. Eww Jesus. Just look at the Supertrailer. Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Finally Here! Fights, Pregnancy, Cheating, New Cast Members – Promo Videos

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Yes Gawd Hunty! The number one reality show EVER created as far as I am concerned is finally back! April 22, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returns to our televisions. Gawd knows Monday nights have been a bore. Bae-Bae I am overjoyed. The first round of promo videos have been released and from the looks of things, this season may be even better than the first. I’ve run into many of the cast members around town while the filming of season 2 has been going on. Many of them also agree that season 2 just may be even better than season one. Take a look at the promo videos and let me know what you think.

Ohhhh there is a scene in there where Joseline refers to Mimi as the maid, chile you are going to holler. In case you guys forgot, I LIVE FOR MS JOSELINE HUNTY!

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K. Michelle and Kirk Frost Read Each Other For Filth On Twitter. Fake a$$, Molestation, Gay, Piss & MORE

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kirk k michelle

Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, they might as well go on ahead and cancel Love & Hip Hop New York now because all eyes and ears are on Atlanta. The Atlanta cast stays at the forefront of everyone’s mind with a little help from Twitter. I’ve been saying it for the longest, celebrities should not be allowed to have Twitter accounts. Today’s celebs are very emotional Tweeters, and their rants often times write checks that their asses are not prepared to cash.

Today is “Throw Back Thursday” on Twitter. The throw back that Kirk selected and the caption that accompanied it may have started a fire storm between he and K.Michelle. By the end of their Twitter tango, they both called each other everything but a child of GAWD. I’m so glad that I’ve got copies of the tweets because some of what was said is too deep for me to ever want to type out. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Rich Dollaz CONFIRMS Nude Picture Is His, So Why Did Email From Attorney Say Something Different???

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Lies, fantasies and fairy tales are the name of the game. For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the last 24 hours, yesterday The Doll posted 2 pictures I received in a non-anonymous of Love & Hip Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz ALLEGEDLY in the nude. Y’all know we have to use our S.A.T. buzz words over here to keep from getting sued.

Well following the post, unbeknownst to me because I was traveling and had limited access to all of my email accounts. The Doll received 2 separate emails from Rich Dollaz’s attorney that say verbatim “My client has informed me that he is not the person in the photos you published on your site.” The Gag is, Rich did a Breakfast Club interview this morning flat out acknowledging that at least one of the pictures is him. “Hold up, but your attorney said that YOU said that non of them are you”. hmmmm No tea no shade, Breakfast Club host Angela Yee was not buying it. Which one is it Rich and Miss Rich Dollaz attorney? Is it 1 picture, no pictures, or BOTH pictures? Read the emails, listen to the interview, view the pictures, and you be the judge. Continue reading