Is Towanda Braxton A Shady Sister? Throws Shade At Tamar’s Husband In Twitter Battle

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Chile, I don’t know what the hell is going on with those Braxton sisters, but whatever the hell it is, the ish is real. I’ve been hearing chatter for sometime now that the tension between the background Braxton’s and Tamar is really thick. Quiet as it’s kept, folks are saying that the heart of the problem is that the background Braxton’s are jealous of Tamar. I’m not going to lie, I kind of believe it. In all honesty, it would be hard to not be jealous of Tamar to some degree. Think about it, we all were left behind in the trenches while Toni went on to become a big star. Then we were thrown whatever scraps Toni was willing to part with. Then out of nowhere, you are no longer one of the doo-wop singers, but a popping star with the ultra rich and powerful husband. Bishhhh I don’t know about y’all, but my a$$ would feel some kind of way.

Nonetheless, on Valentine’s day, Towanda was not feeling the love. Towanda engaged in a little twitter banter with some Tamartians, and ish got real when Towanda layed Vince to rest. Catch this:



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New Video: Tamar Braxton HOT SUGAR – Pays A Sickening Piece Of HOMAGE To The Gays

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Listen, y’all can say whatever the hell y’all want to say about Tamar & Vince, but when it comes to this music, branding, and Tamar’s career, they know what the hell they are doing. With hot sugar being an up tempo track and Tamar’s infatuation with Beyonce and Lady Gaga, I was so expecting the Hot Sugar video to be very reminiscent of Beyonce circa 2009. Boy was I wrong. Yes Gawd Hunty! Tamar Braxton thought way outside the box and payed a sickening piece of artistic homage to the gays. Go in and let have bish!!! Yellow fish turnt it bish!!! check out this video and get you a piece of Hot Sugar! Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Flips Mansion And Makes $3.5 Million PROFIT

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F*ck a music career. If Tamar Braxton’s upcoming album flops, no tea no shade, she can go work beside Jeff Lewis and flip houses. Tamar & Vince have recently had a baby and as an added bonus have deposited an ole nasty check for $3.5 million. Yes Gawd Bish! The gag is Tamar & Vince have only lived in the home for 2-years before they were able to realize this type of profit. Quiet as its kept, rent-a-center didn’t even have time to finish furnishing this 11,700-sqaure-foot home in Hidden Hills, CA. Catch these T’s Continue reading

First Pic Of Tamar & Vince’s New Baby Boy ‘Logan Vincent Herbert’ Appears

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Tis the season for having babies. It seems as if all or reality televisions leading ladies have had babies recently are currently pregnant. Tamar Braxton, Phaedra Parks, Rasheeda, Kim Kardashian, and whoever else I can’t think at the moment have all been up in Babies-R-Us this year. I’ve got a strong feeling that Kandi Burruss will be next.

Anyway, just in time for Father’s Day, Tamar & Vince recently brought a new baby boy into the world. Meet Logan Vincent Herbert! Well meet his hand. That’s about all we are getting thus far. Following behind Miss Beyonce, the celebs have gotten hip to the fact that the longer you conceal your baby’s identity, the more cash you command from the magazines. Tamar posted the above picture to her instagram on Father’s Day and tagged it with a special message. See what she had to say. Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Confirms She’s PREGNANT – Looks Like Marlon Wayans On White Chicks

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I told you so. Y’all thought i was being messy and swore me up and down that Tamar wasn’t pregnant. My sources don’t lie HUNTY. “Tamar shut that rumor down by posting a picture of her flat stomach on instagram”. Yea yeah. Anyway, Tamar Braxton confirmed this morning via twitter that she is pregnant. She tweeted the above picture and the words “#BeEpic.”

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EXCLUSIVE/CONFIRMED: Tamar Braxton is a whole bunch of months PREGNANT

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So everyone was ranting and raving about Tamar Braxton’s style on her recent appearance on B.E.T.’s 106 & Park. But the real gag is, her style incorporated concealing the fact that Tamar Braxton is preggers and y’all completely did not catch those T’s. I suspected Tamar was pregnant when I had the honor of introducing her at a show here in Atlanta about a month or two ago. However, a source close to Tamar & Vince confirmed my suspicions. The source also says she is pretty up their in months. I keep saying “the source” because clearly this person wants their identity protected considering the couple have not officially announced their pregnancy.

I wonder how her pregnancy and the release of her upcoming album is going to play out. Seems like the wrong time to be pregnant. I guess it ain’t about our time but GAWDS time. Ain’t that what the church folks say? oh well, all in all, congrats are in order.


Remember where you got the CONFIRMED tea from FIRST! 

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