What Made The Aaliyah Biopic So Bad? Should Wendy Williams’s Producer Card Be Revoked?

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Nessa Girl, it looks as if Wendy Williams’s stab at producing may signify the start of her fall from grace. Chile, quiet as its kept, I never had any intentions on watching the Aaliyah biography in the first place. No tea no shade, but it just felt like a bunch a mess from the onset. Well, I guess my spirit was right. The way y’all lit up that biography and Wendy Williams on my Twitter time line makes me glad that I didn’t waste 2 hours of my life watching a rushed biopic.

Here was my initial issue with the production of the Aaliyah biography: SHE AIN’T BEEN DEAD LONG ENOUGH. Who the hell was this biography’s target demographic? All of us that grew up on Aaliyah’s music already know just about everything there is to know about her.  Hell, both Aaliyah and her core fan base lived their teenage years alongside one another. Aaliyah’s music was so before its time, that when It comes on the radio now, it still sounds very relevant. With that, the younger generations knows a little something something about her too. So I have to ask Wendy Williams, “who in the hell was this biopic designed to educate?”. Continue reading

R&B Divas LA Reunion Pt 1 (full video) + Funky Dineva’s Review

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Chile, last night’s R&B Diva’s LA reunion was everything and then some. Not so much because the ladies brought the funk, but because Wendy Williams brought the pain. Yes gawd hunty! I am convinced that from this point on, all reunion shows need real host (people who are hosts for a living), to host the shows moving forward. I feel as if a neutral 3rd party that is not tied to the network or production in any manner is the only person who can objectively ask the questions and solicit the tea that the viewers really want to know. TAKE NOTE!

Dawn Robinson was a no show. Good riddance bish! We didn’t miss you. Quiet as its kept, Claudette Ortiz could have stayed her ass home too!


Catch all the reunion t’s and my hilarious review of the drama. Continue reading

LISTEN: K. Michelle’s Album Sampler + K. Michelle On Wendy Williams. FIYA!

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Listen, K. Michelle is the prime example of what the hell you are supposed to do when you are given a reality tv platform. Bae-Bae this girl has masterfully executed a plan that has me looking at her not like some ratchet reality television star, but as a real artist. Like for real for real, the kind that come on MTV. LOL. I’m so proud of K.Michelle because she has come a long way. I’m glad that we the viewing audience got to witness first hand the process that K.Michelle went through over the first 2 seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now we get to bask in the gift that is her album that finally came to fruition.

K. Michelle’s new album ‘Rebellious Soul‘, is set to be released August 13th. However, she has given us a sampler with some pretty lengthy snippets on it and i must say “that thang is fiya”. Yes gawd hunty! I will be pre-ordering her album as soon as i finish writing this post.

Another Major accomplishment, K. Michelle was the 1st member of Love & Hip Hop to appear on Wendy Williams. Shade, I know. She sang VSOP and did a pretty damn good job. She looked good too. Check it out! Continue reading

Wendy Williams Gets READ For FILTH By Aunt Vivian (Janet Hubert) – Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air [listen]

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

I have never heard someone get told off so nice nasty and so eloquently until now. Chile Wendy Williams must have really gotten under the skin of Janet Hubert because she took to Blog Talk Radio and aired her grievances with Ms. Williams. This whole situation is funny on so many levels. First let me say that I think Janet Hubert is delusional and bitter. She carries on as if the world still owes her something from all that mess surrounding her departure from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Additionally,  why does she and the world act as if her departure was the most catastrophic event known to man? Hell, we’ve all gotten fired before.  I stopped featuring the first Aunt Vivian when TV One did an episode of ‘Life After’ on her. She was giving way too much attitude and way too much negative emotion for my liking.

I rarely catch the Wendy Williams show because I’m normally sleep around that time. Apparently, Wendy Williams had Tatyana Ali on  as a special guest. Supposedly Wendy Willams started questioning Tatyana about Janet Hubert’s departure. From the sounds of Janet’s tirade, Wendy must have done a hell of a lot more than ask question. Whatever the hell Wendy said pissed this woman off. LOL Chile catch these T’s on what all Aunt Vivian had to say to Wendy Williams. Continue reading

Lil Kim READS Wendy Williams For Filth. Says Wendy Sucked Biggie’s Big Poppa

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Chile, I swear some celebrities should not be allowed to have Twitter accounts. Emotional tweeting is going to be the death of so many careers. Yesterday, Kim and her face were the Hot topic on the Wendy Williams show. Let’s just say Lil Kim took exception with what Wendy had to say. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Sings Love And War Live On Wendy Williams, Evokes Spirit 90′s Divas (Video)

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Let me tell you something, I don’t care what you say about Tamar Braxton, she is alright with me. Y’all know that in the past Tamar has not been one of my favorite people, but this right here has COMPLETELY changed how I feel about her. Reality TV does not do every artist justice. I definitely think in the court of public opinion, much of Tamar’s over the top ways on television may have left a lot of people looking at her sideways. Whatever you may feel about Tamar’s personality, good, bad, or indifferent you can’t deny her talent. I always felt that Tamar needed just SHUT UP and SANG. Well, that is exactly what she did. Bae-Bae, Tamar made her to the Wendy Williams show to perform her single Love and War  and she TURNT IT! Continue reading