Cissy Houston Stops Being Old & Ornery And Writes An Open Letter To Lost Bobbi Kristina

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No tea no shade, but I am really starting to question what kind of parent Whitney Houston was. I’ve always been a firm believer that children are a product of their parents expectations. That being said, Bobbi Kristina ain’t sh!t. It irritates me to no end to see young person with no ambition, direction, or passion. I’ve said this before, I find it strange that we have never heard the words “Bobbi Kristina” and “college” in the same sentence. Bobby Kristina could easily be amongst the ranks of Angela Simons, Justin Combs, and Blue Ivy at this point. Hell, Bobb Kristina was the original Blue Ivy quiet as its kept. There was a hell of a lot going on behind the closed doors of Whitney Houston’s home. Much of which we will never know, and that’s alright, because it isn’t our business. However, its just a bit disturbing that Bobbi Kristina seems to be on a road to nowhere.

Bobbi Kristina’s estranged grandmother has to  be feeling some of what I am feeling. That must be what pegged her to write an open letter to Bobbi Kristina. If is my believe that Cissy Houston is trying to gain Bobbi’s trust in an effort to guide her and get her on the right path. A job that Pat Houston supposedly was left to do. All bald headed Pat did was exploit the lost little girl with a failed reality show. Check out grandma Cissy’s letter. Continue reading

Rare Footage Of Whitney Houston Documentary She Started Long Before Her Death (video)

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Long before Whitney fell dead to da tub, she had actually filmed an up close and personal documentary of her life. For reasons unknown, the documentary never made the light of day. In this rare footage, Whitney speaks about her hesitation to allow cameras to follow her every move. After viewing other documentaries from this director, Whitney ultimately gave in and allowed filming to begin. The footage obtained was shot during Whitney’s 1999 “My Love Is Your Love Tour”

Quiet as its kept, its unfortunate that this film never made the light of day because it shows a side of Whitney that most has never been privy to. Long before the the Whitney that was stricken with addiction was the Whitney that we knew and loved. Here is her story… Continue reading

Woman Kicked Off Plane For Non-Stop Singing Of Whitney Houston Songs (video)

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Chile, after 9-11, you can’t even blow your nose on an airplane without a notarized letter from your congressman, yet alone sing out loud. One woman thought she would pay a lil homage to Whitney Houston by singing her songs non stop. Clearly the woman has to be crazy. The flight crew, determined not to end up dead to the bed plane, made an emergency landing short of their destination and had the woman removed. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Was Cissy Houston’s Christianity and Homophobia To Blame For Whitney’s Troubled Life?

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Let it be known Cissy Houston’s raw honesty, though admirable, left me feeling some kind of way during certain segments of her interview with Oprah. In particular, the segment on her daughters relationship with Robin Crawford and the rumors of her being in a bi-sexual/gay relationship with Robin left me looking at Cissy sideways. I excused her responses on the basis that she is elderly, from a different time, and holds steadfast to her Christian beliefs. I along with so many others dismissed Cissy for the same reasons. This is how so many of us have been conditioned to deal with our elders. Well, its a new dawn and a new day, and some argue that our dismissal perpetuates ignorance? Would You agree?

I consulted with a very good friend of the site @Anti_Intellect from the Anti Intellect Blog. He is someone i respect HIGHLY, no necessarily because of his views, but because of his ability to put thought behind the views he articulates to the masses and his thorough research and fact finding. Anti-Intellect says:

It can’t simply be said that Cissy is a product of her time because it isn’t as if no gay people existed at this time; they did. Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison are both around Cissy Houston’s age and are also religious women. However, they are not homophobic like Cissy Houston. Both Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou maintained close relationships with James Baldwin, a Black gay man. Cissy Houston, herself, often sang backup for Luther Vandross, another Black gay man. I think excusing homophobia as a generational thing is a cop out. Cissy Houston is homophobic because she chooses to be homophobic. I think we do a disservice to our elderly by suggesting that old age is somehow synonymous with homophobia. It is not. Homophobia is, and has always been, a choice.

See what what else he had to say. Read his essay in its entirety. Continue reading

Was Whitney Houston’s Alleged Homosexuality A Major Part Of Her Unhappiness? Cissy Houston Speaks

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Last night, I learned so much watching the Oprah interview with Cissy Houston. Let me start out by saying, this is the first time in life I have ever walked away from an interview feeling like the interviewee was not prepped by a PR person and that their only agenda was to render to TRUTH. Cissy Houston dished some major truth, much of which many people were not ready for. At several points in the interview, you see that Oprah was kind of caught of guard and looked a tad bit uneasy. There were some things that Cissy Houston said that did not sit well with me, however, no two people are ever going to agree on everything. Even though some of her views did not settle well with my spirit, I could not do anything but smile in admiration for her courage and ability to be honest, despite the fact that much of her honesty countered what is popular these days.

For years, rumors spiraled around Whitney Houston in regards to her being a lesbian and partaking in lesbian love affair with her “best freind” Robin Crawford. When Oprah asked Cissy about Whitney being gay and her relationship with Robin, what Cissy had to say shocked a lot of people. Continue reading

The Whitney Houston Tribute With The LARGEST Budget + VH1 Divas 2012 Performances

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Finally, Whitney Houston has been given a tribute that looks like someone actually put time, effort, and money into. To date, I feel like just about every Whitney Tribute we have seen has missed the mark. So much so that I honestly was not looking forward to the Tribute on VH1 Divas 2012. Well I must say, Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona, and Ledisi have made believers out of me. I must admit, with the exception of Ledisi, I thought to myself, can Jordin and Melanie pull this off? You know there is this unspoken rule around Whitney Houston songs. The rule is, is if you can’t SANG a Whitney Houston song, then don’t sing a Whitney Houston song. Plain and simple, you just don’t touch anything from her catalog of music. However, I must say, Jordan, Melanie and Ledisi turnt it! Check it out Continue reading