If Tamika Scott Apologizes PUBLICLY To Kandi For Lies, There May Be An Xscape Reunion

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With the addition of Latocha Scott to R&B Divas, Xscape and all the drama surrounding their breakup has been given new life. It has been 20 years since Xscape released their first single ‘Just Kicking It’ in 1993. The short-lived quartet definitely died out before they reached their full potential. Having 3 uber successful albums, fans are still asking “what really happened, and does it really matter 20 years later?” Well, for Kandi, it seems that somethings do still matter because they have had a lasting impact on her spirit and her reputations. Recently Kandi talked to Sister 2 Sister Magazine about some things that were said publicly that left her feeling some kind of way. Catch these T’s  Continue reading

Half of Xscape Performs at SoSo Def 20 Year Reunion Concert – How Did They Do? [video]

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This past week Jermaine Dupree held a fundraiser 20 year So So Def reunion concert here in Atlanta. No tea no shade, the only real reason why i would have been remotely interested in this would have been to see Xscape perform. Everyone else on the roster I honestly could take or leave. I had known well before the concert date that Kandi & Tiny would not be in attendance. All tea all shade, I didn’t go to the concert because Jermaine Dupree and his camp pulled it. They offered the media press passes to work the red carpet, but didn’t offer us a single ticket to see the show. Let me get this straight, you want me to stand outside and interview people, take pictures, and other, yet I can’t even get a ticket in the nose bleed section? NO GAWD. Even B.E.T. gave us 2 tickets. Anyway, all that said, I wasn’t at the concert. However, videos are beginning to surface of various performance. Check out the Scott Sisters holding it down for Xscape Continue reading

Latocha Scott of Xscape is OFFICIALLY An R&B Diva – ohh and Angie Stone

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latocha scott (copy)

So I had already told you guys some time ago that Angie Stone was being added to the cast of R&B Divas. Well, I wasn’t expecting this one, but Latocha Scott from the girl group Xscape has OFFICIALLY been added to the cast as well. I spoke to some people from her camp and an official press release will be issued later today. This adds a really interesting dynamic to the show and here is why. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Ivy Couch of The Sisterhood in girl group Xscape? What? When? Here’s the Tea

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Now I pride myself on being very knowledgable when it comes to 90′s R&B. While watching the premiere episode of the new TLC show The Sisterhood when Ivy Couch said she was in the girl group Xscape, I damn near fell out of my bed. I’ve NEVER know Xscape to have any other members other than Latocha, Kandi, Tiny and Tameka. So who is this chick??? Well, come to find out, she was a replacement after the group disbanded. I’m sure you can guess who’s replacement she was. Catch these T’s Continue reading

[PICS] Kandi Burruss Throws Boyfriend Todd Tucker a NASTY Birthday Party

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Y’all know if she can “take care of each and every mutha F in here”, referring to her Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast-mates on the last reunion, then she should have no problem putting together a nice party! This swanky affair went down Saturday night at a Hangar in Atlanta’s Cobb County. The attendees at this intimate affair were limited to Kandi & Todd’s closest friends and family. Hence why The Doll was not there, but I still got all the T! Continue reading


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Yes Gawd!!! The doll was in high school when this came out. We use to play the hell out of this in the dance room. One time for Carol City Senior High, room 149, Ms. Moorehead. All the queens in the making and all the females would belt the lyrics to this song as loud as they could, eyes closed, fist clinched, just wishing that for one split moment God allowed them to sound good. GET YOU A PIECE!