Tamar Braxton Loosing Her Eyesight And Suffering From Dementia. Say’s We’re Mad Because She’s BEAT

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Hello may I speak to Barbara? Barbara this is Shirley, is Tamar there. Chile last night Tamar Braxton was a guest on WWHL and in her own words, she tried it. Let me first start off by saying Bravo Andy and them did try it by putting Tamar on the spot by confronting her about that GAWD AWFUL slingshot garbage bag contraption she wore at the Soul Train Awards.- I know there is a unemployed sissy somewhere who is now sewing for food. Moving on…

Now y’all know in the very beginning I did not feature Tamar Braxton AT ALL. Over time, and with the aid her album, she actually grew on me. I can’t even believe I’m about to articulate this publicly, but 3 out of 7 days in the week I live for her. That being said, currently I’m operating in one of the 4 out of 7 days where I don’t see it for her, and I needs to give this bish the business.

Let me tell you something Tamar, how dare you get your cake batter complected a$$ on TV and try to read us? Your soggy coochie and baggie ass left us all dazed and confused. That’s what the hell we were mad about. You were far from beat, you looked beat up. You looked no ways TIRED, and like you needed somewhere to lay your burdens DOWN. The only thing you did that night for the GAWDS was Lip Sync! The girls had been saying for years you wanted to be a contestant on RuPauls Drag Race, and I guess that night was your time to shine, outfit and all. All tea all shade, that outfit looked like them stockings that your mama would buy out the grocery store that comes in the little egg. Chile it looked like you pulled it out the pack, ironed some girl scout badges on it, and walked out on stage. Jesus saves and so does Vincent Herbert. Clearly Vince wasn’t around when you were prepping, because we all know that he would not have been having THAT. Truthfully Tamar, what you should have done was owned the outfit. Your response should have been as follows ” [a light white girl chuckle] ewww chile what was I thinking that night. I tried it! Y’all got me” THE END.

I still love you though. Check out A few scenes from Tamar on WHHL

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125 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Loosing Her Eyesight And Suffering From Dementia. Say’s We’re Mad Because She’s BEAT

  1. Serita TheEclecticbeauti That laugh annoys they HELL out of me. I can´t wait until somebody in her camp bust her out about it. And she wonders why no one wants to go on the road with her. Who wants to be locked on a bus with her and that dumb ass laugh for hours? I know this is a little off topic but I was tickled to death when Tamar had little Logan and they were going home from the hospital Vince was acting like Tamar just gave birth to Blue Ivy when nobody was checking for them. I know they have some coins but he really needs to bring it down.

  2. Yasss!! about time somebody let her have it!! Big Mouth ass.. Clearly you need to come correct every time if you able to sit and throw shade at EVERYBODY!!!!! #NoGawd #SheDidNotWinInThatOutfit

  3. Somebody please tell the ” Cowardly Lion ” looking ass to neva evvvaaaa do that laugh at the end of a sentence!! Funky Dineva I died when you said her outfit came from the lil egg!!!! LOL! Yaaasss bish, yaaasss!

  4. I didn´t even watch. When Andy Cohen (hope I spelled this right) announced who is guests were I turned the channel immediately after Shahs of Sunset went off. I knew she was going to be ultra extra.

  5. No she didn´t try to read us….Now I will say Tamar fought the hard fight for my affection and solidified it with that album that speaks the truth in seven languges – seven days a week. BUT….she know that outfit was a hot steaming azz mess. Where did the designer go to school? The Tina Knowles House of Fashion and Wigs. The only things that should have been read are the following: “How to Fire Your Stylist in 10 Seconds Flat” and “How to Recover from Looking a Hot Steaming Azz Mess” Point BLANK and the PERIOD.

    • All yall got read! That is why I love HER! Tamar The Braxton can read hunty! She dont have to own anything but that fact that She MEANING HER,care as much about what yall think as a wino care about water! YALL TRIED IT!

  6. She better stop before she lose her fans..towanna got a better body then tamar she to stop shes younger than me really she have eye problems and memory issues blah..k Michelle need to stop talking when she look like a horse..I cant wait till Harlem nigga punch her in that mr ed mouth of hers always talking shit teeth so big ass so fake really she need to take her ass bake to the south ny goona eat that bitch up

  7. She´s overrated and K. Michelle said all she does is lip sing. She´s new money & thinks she´s above every1. She looks like latoya Jackson & she can always throw shade but can´t never take it in return. I could never be a fan of her!

  8. I love Funky Dineva! No shade at all but please correct the spelling: losing! I´m a writer and editor and will offer my services for free because I really dig you and your movement!

  9. Tamar was looking like just what she is…a Howdy Dowdy, LaToya Jackson love child. Her over the top persona was irritating enough; now she, it, her has now started with that LaToya J. giggle. She gives me a headache.

  10. Uuuggghhhh! Tamar is playing the role that made her the breakout star. Nothing more nothing less. I find her annoyingly amusing:)

  11. Funky Dineva did it on this one! Her booty was on -17. I´m mad at the fella on the couch who lied and said it was a 10. Every time I think Miss Dineva has given me her best, she outdoes herself. THIS WAS HILARIOUS! (And so true…Tamar should have just owned the fashion faux pas.)

    • Make-up can’t take away ugly. Tamar has a dead eye and her lips are big and those fake inplants in her face make-up can’t fix that.

  12. She should have stuck with the make up artist who did her for the Bethanny show, She was pretty for two days & now she looks like a drag queen again, check it out on media take out, they even noticed that she used a new make up artist. But she went ba says:

    She should have stuck with the make up artist who did her for the(Christopher Michael Kimora Lees make up artist) Bethanny show, She was pretty for two days & now she looks like a drag queen again, check it out on media take out, they even noticed that she used a new make up artist. But she went back to Los Angeles to that Terrel who makes her look her absolute worst.

  13. I don´t feel no ways tired. Come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. But I don´t believe he brought me this far to leave me.

  14. Girl boo sit the fuck down. If you weren´t married to Vincent we wouldn´t even know you. We´d be be like Toni Braxton´s background Singer sister. Please fade to the background!!!! Girl bye

  15. She Tried it With This Lacefront. Ummmmm Excuse Me Mr. Herbert, Can you call Shenaye Naye Down here to fix this mess of a hairstyle??? NO GAWD!!

  16. Tamar has ADH she needs to go and be a mother to her son and let people forget about her for a while. Then come back when she grows up.

  17. She looked in the mirror 55 times before she walked out the door. At that point she had already convinced herself she looked fabulous & we all thought it to be a joke. Tamar no one is hating in you, but it looks like you hated on yourself that night.!!!!!

      • FD, my mouth was open watching her bert and ernie looking self go in about she was beat to the Gawds, this chic and that off set eye had me rolling, she know she looked horrible in that throw together…. FD I cant with you, I knew you would put her right back in her place all that extraness she was doing” not the cake batter” OH LAWD MI BELLY

  18. i don´t know what looked worse…the front or that back. she needs to lay off the botox or whatever she is doing to her face. she is attractive, but professing your own attractiveness in by no means cute.

  19. i like tamar but she did look a mess and i don´t know who told her that she looked good but they lied, and like you said dineva she know she looked a mess and should have just owned it instead of trying to be fake about it.

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