Tamar Braxton Not Paying Her People. Now She’s Mad That They Are Asking Her For A Contract

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Singing K. Michelle’s “Where they do that at…” Chile, the streets are talking. Word on the curb is Tamar & Vince have developed a pretty solid reputation for NOT paying folks. So much so, that Tamar’s stylist asked her for a contract in an effort to keep the business clean, and Tamar got all in her feelings and blasted the stylist on Instagram:

tamar-braxton-album_thelavalizardSeems to me that Tamar is the one acting Grand, feeling entitled to free services because she’s “Tamar Braxton”.  Don’t help someone and then throw it in their face later. Furthermore, it is so UGLY to boast as if you “made” someone. We all needed help getting “put on” at one time or another. Tamar needs not forget that very first dustpan  CD of hers that did everything but sell. Would anyone like an original Tamar Braxton dust pan? OKAY, Someone helped her a$$ too…

Chile the stylist isn’t the only one not getting paid. Catch these T’s

Gurl, in addition to the stylist the word is several band members have not been paid either. That’s not even the worst part. The REAL GAG is, folks are saying Tamar can’t record in nan studio in LA because She & Vince owe all of them money for unpaid studio time. Now quiet as its kept, lets not act like Vince has a solid reputation for paying his bills. Remember Towanda sprayed his a$$ on Twitter about that 3 million dollar tax debt. [Is Towanda Braxton A Shady Sister? Throws Shade At Tamar’s Husband In Twitter Battle]


On a positive note, Tamar girl, if this is the stylist that had you looking like a monkey stuck in a slingshot at the Soul Train Awards, then you don’t need their a$$ anyway.




  1. Must be willing to work for free with no contract
  2. Must have minimal styling experience
  3. Must have the ability to Make Tamar look like a clown at award shows

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159 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Not Paying Her People. Now She’s Mad That They Are Asking Her For A Contract

  1. Will never understand in a million years how millionaires are tight with paying folks that extend services to them–SERVICES ‘”they” commissioned!

    Are they on some “slave-massa” ish? No, that can’t be it…can it?

    Isn’t paying employees a tax write-off? So how much do they actually lose?

    Again, it just doesn’t make since. Yet, we believe it’s possible. It’s said that the rich are VERY CHEAP!

    And how in THA HELL do the rich have time to be on social media to “read” a former employee or even a current one?

    This is proof, you can have a SH*T LOAD of dough and STILL have too much time on your hand$! Sigh…

    Tamar, how about saving some kids from starvation. Feed the children! Oh, that’ll require some coin$…sigh…

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  7. Tamar knows that she is a cheap ass whore ! She is jealous that Diandre isn’t pressed about her this is not the 1st time she tried to get away with not paying him .FD you got this 100% RIGHT also he didn’t style her on those pictures that you are showing here . When he does style her she looks great out heresies she is a hot mess Beyonce wantabe ! No one in the industry respects her and he whale of a husband is loosing respect too! I hope Logan runs away before she tries to take him to the plastic surgeon to get his face chopped and screwed too !

    • I had to reply to this NOCLASS of a FOOL at least that’s what you sound Like. What industry you talking about that don’t have Respect 4 Tamar ? Oh you talking about the one Bey and JZ belong to and control their Fame. Talk what you know. Go back to 1996 when ur Bey was 18 she copycat Toni outfits and style so get it Correct Fool. Bey cheated Destiny Child and marry Ike oops I mean Jay Z and here Fame began. D is messy and he got pay unless he is a Fool like you and work 4 Free! Tamar don’t copy Bey Bey copy Tina,Janet,jlo,Mariah,Mary J(blonde wig)TONI do I need to go on? Pls get your life and did you run away from home ? So why u hope Baby Logan do and next time leave children out of grown folks business! Only a Fool would say what you SAID. Con’t later….

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  11. It’s funny that the editors used the worst picture of Tamar I’ve ever seen. Here she is clearly pregnant and heavier than normal. She is ALWAYS gorgeous(except award mixup) always. Sooo, ENOUGH with this nonsense about Mrs. Herbert. She will be fabulous, fantastic, and fierce no matter what anyone says about her. As she says, BEAT TO CAPACITY. Yup, she wins!

      • And she was still losing the baby weight… She’s lost ALOT of weight since november. Look at her now in March and you see she’s got no weight on her.

    • You are so right these sites do and say what they want too and most are Rumors to entertain people. Why would people come out and say Tamar don’t pay her staff when her staff is all in her business! D was a messy person and needed to be fire oh by the way he was getting paid because if he wasn’t he’s the fool. This site is not a Tamar like and I Hope people will stop comparing to Bey. Tamar have a Real God Bless Marriage and not just for Fame. I know it’s 2 months late but I was out of country.. Keep them Correct…con’t later….

  12. Why he so mad though? Who puts all that effort and hate into a video about someone if they not checking for them? Btw! Beyoncé ain´t start ish. She´s not the first to rock blonde hair.


      • Pls get it Correct K Michelle only got new artist because that was the only slot available to her with that Rachect album that did not qualify for a Grammy. Tamar best Female artist that K did not make Best comp album that K did not make and most of all Ashford and Simpson Award(4 song writing) K did not make it and later rec’d 3Grammy Nominations that will always have that Title. That Robin T Canx most of his shows but remember Tamar toured with 9x Grammy WINNER John Legend that a Honor! Tamar already own her Tv Shows and a Talk Show”tThe Real”! As it goes KM call Tamar a muppet you and KM looks like Donkey on Shrek, look at K her face is Long and her mouth is Big like a Donkey. Pls get it correct!!!

      • First of all stop comparing K.Michelle to Tamar Braxton because that isnt even a competition. Tamar deserves everything that is coming to her and so does K. Michelle. Just shut up and let them sing. You say K.Michelle has made more money but i DONT hear any of her songs on the radio. Before you talk about shit you have no business talking about do research baby. If you google GRAMMY NOMINATED Tamar Braxton you will see the major things she is doing this year also. K.Michelle is a late 1 octave wannabe. She always puts people down she is a big ass bully. She’s negative and always has sumthing to say thats why her and elle varner arent cool anymore along with others. K.Michelle is gonna meet another K.Michelle and she is gonna wear her ass out. K.Michelle will always and forever be a whack ass keyshia cole. GRAMMY NOMINATED Tamar Braxton is that bitch. When K. Michelle is nominated for a grammy or wins more that one award at an award show holla at me. Ohhhh and one more thing ask K.michelle how does it feel to be a cast member?? She talking all that shit about GRAMMY NOMINATED Tamar Braxton and dont even own her show she’s on. GRAMMY NOMINATED Tamar Braxton owns every show(three shows) she is on & (BFV AND TAMAR & VINCE) are NUMBER ONE AND TWO ON THE WE TV NETWORK. SOO YOU AND WHACK ASS K.MICHELLE CAN SIT DOWN. THERE IS CLEARLY NO COMPETITION BETWEEN K.MICHELLE AND GRAMMY NOMINATED TAMAR BRAXTON. YOU CAN STOP SUCKING HER DICK BEFORE YOU SUCK THE SKIN OFF OF IT. SINCE YOUR ALL UP IN K.MICHELLE’S BUSINESS YOU SHUD REALLY BE HER PUBLICIST & GET HER ON GRAMMY NOMINATED TAMAR BRAXTON TALK SHOW THE REAL TO PROMOTE HER WHACK ASS ALBUM OR EVEN SALE SOME FISH PLATTERS AT K.MICHELLE’S CONCERT TO BRING IN THEM EXTRA DOLLARS. GOOD DAY YOU WHACK ASS SCALAWAG !!!!!!!!!

  13. But that stylist, Deandre Tristan, is a known scam artist. He has been locked up for credit card fraud….is he a real reliable source. He should never have opened up that can of worms. He’s a theif hunty!!!! Music artist and record labelsis are notorious for paying late….If he had more experience he would know that. Regardless, You NEVER go about your business talking to a blog to out your ex client….. This post grosses me out. Just proves how unprofessional he is. Continue with Robin…your cousin…The only way he got that job!!!! Tired ass!!!

    • First off Dida boules, you spelled his name wrong. Do your research before you TRY to state facts. At the end of the day he was good enough for Tamar to want his to style her for over a year. Second, Tamar had more than one stylist if you were a REAL fan you would have known that. And lastly there are a lot of shady people in this world in and out of the music business, ROBIN is NOT his cousin.

      • You know why he got that job because Tamar gave him a chance to Help our Own but later you get greedy and states she don’t pay her staff. Oh he was getting paid or less he was the fool and worked for free. Pls get it correct! D was Messy anyway she should have fired him sooner and if she was not paying him then Tamar would not have Fired him but he would have Quit. He LIED and got Served!!! Known as Sam have a good day!


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  15. Tamar has a rep in ATL of not paying people, how she does in NY or LA I do not know but here in ATL she tries to not pay. I know someone who did some deserts for a function she was throwing. She paid half the money prior to the event but the baker did not get the other half until 4 months later after contacting numerous people. Tamar felt since she chose her bakery to do this function then it was promoting her business and she should be happy she was chosen. Then tried to say she does not have to pay it was music related so send the invoice to the label. The label sent her an email saying Tamar is responsible. A bunch of back and forth when she could have easily wrote a check. When Tamar tried to use her again, the baker demanded all the money up fron and Tamar went with someone else.

    • HE SAY SHE SAY or did u witness this or like you Stated someone told someone that told you. Pls!!! Why are the Herbert’s well Known to be Wonderful People and living a Good life and by the way They Pay For their Service!! But sites like this one and others have to entertain you all. End of the day you got your life and they got theirs. Con’t later…..

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  17. I can see her not paying people. Her ego is so out of control that she probably feels like being able to style her and list her as a client is payment enough. Something about her and Vince I just don’t like.

    • Why do you know these people? They damn sho don’t know you! So you one of those people who don’t like someone that you don’t know??? WOWuntill you meet them don’ judge and I already know you don’t care to meet them so please have a seat and wait your turn if you know what I mean! Now you don’t like me and you don’t know me! Lol con’t later…….

  18. It’s not surprising that she’s now being brought back to size. She’s long gotten beside herself, boasting about her and Vince finances, like they’re loaded with cash. I guess they’re not too loaded: Vince owes the IRS, and she hasn’t tweeted or instagrammed about that. Her sisters tried to tell her long ago that she was getting beside herself, yet she’d suggest that they were jealous.

    • They are doing just Fine. That IRS was a rumor because if it was True Vince would have been sentence to months or years in FP. And all those years not filing pls people don’t believe everything you read on these sites! Towanda apologize and at the end of the day they are still loving sisters oh they have money. But if Vince owed the IRS that money they would have taken the money made ($3,000,000++) off the sale of his 2nd mansion. Be correct! Con’t later…..

      • Is meani Tamar because you are getting awful defensive. You are quick to comment and defend Tamar. You act like you know her very well. I’m just saying… You don’t know what people are capable of doing and you don’t know what IRS plans are. I for one can tell you that I do like some of Tamar’s songs and I also like K. Michelle’s songs and I don’t know where you live but here in STL and Nashville, TN, they play K. Michelle on the radio.

  19. I happened to be changing channels a couple of weeks ago, and Tamar and her sisters were on the Bethenny Frankel show. Tamar was “supposedly” the one sister who had never ridden a bicycle, so Bethenny was “trying to teach her how” on the show. Now do I believe that? I think she was trying to prove she is and was a “lady” as a child – not a tomboy or roughrider. The real you, Tamar, always shows, even when you try your hardest to be someone else. You probably love oily sardines right outta the can on a Saltine cracker and wipe your hands on your housecoat when you finish. Like Justin James said in his video above, you are a”mashed potato, hot grits-eating” female, just like everyone of us…stop trying to portray yourself as having eaten nothing but caviar all your life. Pride goeth before a fall…but oh, you have to be UP to fall, and we don’t see you UP THERE yet…not convinced, sorry.

  20. A lot of folks claim that Towanda is jealous of Tamar … idk cause I don’t know those people but I do believe Towanda was right when she said on their show that no one wants to work with Tamar because of her attitude and how she treats people. I don’t know whose right or wrong in this situation but if Tamar was the classy diva she claims she damn sure wouldn’t be posting “beefed out” instagram quotes like a middle school girl.

    • Her stylist is my distant cousin. I heard from another of my cousins who is much closer to him that she had not paid him in the past, and they fell out over that. Evidently they reconciled and decided to work things out. I am sure that my cousin did not do that mess above!!! Furthermore, he styles Robin Roberts!!!!! If I am not mistaken she is the one client that Tamar is speaking of, and the last time I checked she is pretty high profiled. I am sure his other clients have not come from Tamar alone.

        • I know him personally and I can tell you for a fact he steals, lies, Cheats, and on more than one occasion has stolen from handbags and wallets of our mutual friends. Look him up Diandre Wills aka Diandre Tristan. Credit card scams are also in his repertoire.

      • There you go again HE SAY SHE SAY but do you really know your distance cousin if so you better stay your distance. I just saying……

  21. nevea trip me out because he´s rude to his fans (at times) But want to come at her. smh cuz he certainly was rude the other night and I support the neva movement. So don´t pull a Nene and see the same folks that support you going up see you go down. However, I do agree that it´s a shame if she is not paying her stylist. Is this the fashion stylist though? Because he was failing anyway. Or is it the hair stylist. I have a feeling it was the fashion stylist. That being said. I still love neva and Tamar. But are we really that shocked? IT IS TONI BRAXTON AND TOWANDA SISTERS, THE SAME SISTER THAT FILED BANKRUPTCY TWICE AND THE OTHER GOT CHARGED FOR CHECK FRAUD SOME YEARS BACK.

  22. nevea trip me out because he´s rude to his fans (at times) But want to come at her. smh cuz he certainly was rude the other night and I support the neva movement. So don´t pull a Nene and see the same folks that support you going up see you go down. However, I do agree that it´s a shame if she is not paying her stylist. Is this the fashion stylist though? Because he was failing anyway. Or is it the hair stylist. I have a feeling it was the fashion stylist.

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    • I hate to judge anybody but she and a couple of her sisters (not Toni) have really hard mam-faces and put on too much makeup and wild hair colors so they all look like they should be filming. on Drag Race. Snd in that pic in the sheer outfit Tamar lhas CANKLES

  24. The real shade is when that hairstylist posted that instagram video of Toni singing and had Tamar’s ass singing background with the caption that started with, “There will never be another”………

  25. Im noticing a trend when it comes to Tamar, she only warms up to people when she perceives them as an underling. She has this automatic reflex to turn on people who have success. DiAndre Tristan has earned everything he has based on his own hard work, Tamar has very little career wise, thanks to her sister and husband.

    • The nose. Justin, you mentioned ‘piggy’ nose. She DOES remind me of Vicki on the Real Housewives of OC with that chopped off nose – but the whole family, (except Toni) including the mom have that same nose…it’s what throws you off when trying to figure why they think they’re so “special” and better than the rest of the world.

    • I don’t get why this guy hates Tamar so much. First of all, I HATE k’s music. Everyone doesn’t enjoy such sad and tragic music. Second of all, Tamar is vocally amazing so give that ridiculous notion of inferiority a break. Finally, everyone who is worth anything in their field/very successful, experience growth and has “bumps” in the road. The fact that her 1st album bombed means nothing. FYI Beyonce did not INVENT blond hair OR blond weave for black women. Funny , even I, a school teacher, wore blond hair (colored my own) during my college days and that was before Beyonce came along.

      My advice, get over TamarBraxtonHer. She is loved by many . Unpaid bills aren’t new. Just ask artists, producers, and anyone in business. You have heard of a collection agency haven’t you? I suspect you have.

      By now, even an angry, biased, man such as yourself should have LISTENED to Love And War by now. If you haven’t you should. The truth is in the MUSIC!

  26. If this is true they should be ashamed of themselves they can spend all this money on trips and clothes and shit but can´t pay people for their services now that´s messed up. And they need to remember that god can giveth but he can also take it away. And even if it was that person that had her looking like a clown they still deserved to get paid.

  27. I’m so exhausted with Tamar. Do we HAVE to hear anything else about her? From her reality show with Vince, The Braxtons and then her talk show The Real… I’m so over her. If one more person says “Have several seats” “You Tried it” or speaks about themselves in third person ONE MORE TIME – “she” will faint. IS IT ME, or does she have a horrible HAIRSTYLIST – bayy bayy those wigs are ALWAYS tired and she never looks well put together – it always comes across as overkill, MUCH LIKE HER PERSONALITY. On a positive note, I do like some of her songs. However, I don’t want to see her perform them live, her bulging eyes and unsolicited twists and gyrating make my teeth itch. I hope she sees this and realizes that her antics are entirely too much. That spoiled brat-over the top-talk to much-fake personality she portrays makes me weep. P.S. why do people keep comparing her to Toni? Two completely different artists…Toni EXUDES class. Tamar tries too hard to prove that she’s classy, but comes off like a HoodRat.

    • Now Towanda girlllll, if you tired of yo sister why you keep callin Dineva talkin about her? Lml Ya’ll funny!

    • Ima have to correct you there. When have she tried to act like she got CLASS? I’m a Tamar fan and I aint never seen anything other than StraightFromTheHoodRatShit! I’v never seen her EVEN REMOTELy try to act like Class EVER!!! IJS that’s something she aint tried!

  28. I wouldn´t pay my people if they had me looking like that either…I love Tamar to death but its the same weird make up same tired out wigs and cheap looking outfits…what´s the money being spent on cuz its not vinces taxes….look at how good she looked when she was on her talk show sneak peak versus when she keeps letting these cheap ratchet artists style her..and do her make up..cmon tay tay this is holding you back…

  29. …LMMFAOOOOOOOOO at that 3rd requirement tho…”Must have the ability to Make Tamar look like a clown at award shows”!! MANNNNNNNN…dineva ima hurt yo gotdamn ass!!!

  30. this plastic face ho and her scamming-ass, fat-ass slob need their gotdamn asses kicked. you can only get by for so long conning and scamming people, you thieving dummies. the Bernie Madoff case aint teach you ignant fools nothing? he now serving 150 years and will die in prison. take heed, you thieves. but mfkrs in Los Angeles are known to be liars, scammers, thieves and wanna be more than their finances will allow…that champagne taste on a koolaid ass budget….cant expect nothing less for Californians because that’s what they do. and all of their asses there wanna be “hollywood famous” and/or actors and/or singers of some sort in the entertainment industry and wanna get by off other people. smmfh

  31. Now ya’ll Tamar fans know FD don’t like Tamar. If you don’t want to hear him shade Tamar, don’t click his “articles” about her.

    • I am a Tamar fan, plastic face, no paying folks, and all, lol. I am a bigger fan of Funky Dineva, and I know he has a soft heart, and in a pinch, he would loan Tamar some wigs. And, is it me, or does someone need to hook her up with House of Chapple, or did she wear out her welcome there too.

      I know a couple of the musicians, and I hope that she don’t owe this one person, because he is well respected in the industry, and Baayyy Baayy, she don’t want him to have a bad taste in his mouth. Like she can’t record in no studios out here, if she screwed this person-he is not only a drummer, he is a musical director for alot of shows, so she won’t have any local musicians either, out here in L.A.

  32. #SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHADE *n my tamar voice* funky dineva ross you shaded da DOG SHIT outta tamar and it was funny. i LIIIIIVE for that shade. lol o and im first to comment on it YAS GAWD NESSA GURL

  33. You got all of this from that IG post she could be talking bout this hair stylist but I ain’t gon spill that tea. This tea is cold where is the proof. I guess it’s a show news day for you as we’ll.

  34. Umma need her to get a new contourer (not even a word) but GWORLLLLL nessa chile cheese…I love my aunt Tamar but hungrythat face is given a little too toasted baguette I can´t for the life of me just will NOT get into that beat!

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