Tameka Raymond Breaks Lease. Judge Orders Her To Pay Landlord 200k. USHER HELP!

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Chile this year we have experienced more tax liens, bankruptcy’s, and lawsuits than a little bit. Now we can add broken leases to the equation. For all you girls who skip out on your leases every time you don’t feel like paying, learn a lesson from Tameka Raymond. An Atlanta Judge has ordered Tameka to pay over 200k in back rent for the rental of 3 spaces. Catch these T’s

Tameka’s landlord claimed that Tameka owed over 50k a piece  in back rent on 3 rental spaces where Tameka ran her business. What business this is? I don’t know. Last I checked she ran a clothing store.

Tameka argued it was her landlord who broke the lease and the case should be tossed, but a judge did not see it that way AT ALL … and ordered Tameka pay up $186,036.50 in principal and $18,628.65 in attorney fees ….. for a grand total of $204,665.15.

Chile, i’m still stuck on what the hell type of business Tameka was running or planned on running. That is more interesting to me than all these coins that Usher Tameka has to pay this landlord. hmmm I’ll be back…
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25 thoughts on “Tameka Raymond Breaks Lease. Judge Orders Her To Pay Landlord 200k. USHER HELP!

  1. Who out there actually knows why she lost the kids in the first place? Seems like if she as half of a good mom she would have been granted joint custody. Hit me back……

  2. Her priorities are mos def off. WTF are these desparate housewolves plan B during desparate times? WTF was she doing before Usher Baby came along? I’m so over the “damsel in distress” act once your man leaves you. There was life b4 that nicca, there will be life after. Downsize, use/obtain a degree or trade, dust yourself off & go get your life back. Pay yo damn bills ho. Live within YOUR means, not YOUR MAN’S means. & quit waiting for superman to come save you. No one is coming. Regardless of income fame or popularity, in the state of GA, you gotta be less than a piece of shit for the father to gain SOLE CUSTODY. So whatever shit you smokin, STOP NOW before you lose what’s left of your stability and sanity. Get it together bitch. I want you to win, but winning starts within. #ToughLove

  3. Tameka is a low down trashy Winch, who thought she hit the jackpot with Usher. The chickens have come home to roost on her gold digging ass. She’s a mean duuuurrrtttyyy Cunt who left her husband for Usher, and some how now, folks are should feel sorry for her?? Hell Nawwww!!! I only feel sorrow that she lost her kid because that’s gotta be the worst thing that any parent can go through:-( but Tameka has obviously made bad blood with a lot of people. She let being, ” Mrs. Raymond ” go to that big ass head of hers. Any mother who looses custody of her kids is deemed by the judge not to be mentally, physically, nor financially stable to care for them. 9 x outta 10 the judge gives custody or joint custody to the mother but in this case that Dummy didn’t even get joint custody. That judge knew waaaayyy da #uck more about Tameka than we can ever imagine and that’s why she lost those 2 lil boys. She thought those lil boys were her pay day for at least 16 more years. LMBAO!

    Between Sheree & Tameka neither one of these Ho’s can’t win, for loosing!! Every time they’re in the news it’s something negative. They need to join forces and create a reality show called, ” Gold Diggers Who Keep Digging Holes For Themselves.” Lol!! ijs

    • Just because she lost a son doesn’t excuse her for not paying her rent. Law is law. Dineva didn’t attack her personally only reported the facts of the laws she has broken. Not everyone is a “hater”.

  4. I heard she had a place where kids cld go & bounce in those little bouncy castles. But it never got off oftheground because Usher refused to pay for it but hey I cld be wrong.

  5. Get in line to get slapped if you think Usher is supposed to help her. I bet she’s thinking back to that picture of her lookin like the Devil smirking in court while he cried about their sons and kicking herself. Pay up Tameka, God don’t like ugly!

  6. Kat you sound ridiculous a bit much. What do you mean her kids? Last I heard they were his kids too. After reading this Thank God he got custody of those boys or they would be moving from pillar to post. He is obviously more stable and it’s not like he knew her son was going to die and so he made a plan of attack. Just because women birth the children does not mean they are the only ones capable of raising their children.

  7. Karma is a Bitch, You have to be really careful what you put in the Universe.

  8. That’s what happens when you try to live this lavish life style when you get a little money. Live within your budget smh

  9. usher help? yea like he helped himself to her kids weeks after the death of another. i dislike usher with a passion, secretly i feel that niccas a fag, just sum a about his slimy face LOL

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