Tameka Raymond Files Documents For Primary Custody Of Of Son’s With Singer Usher

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I hope you guys are ready for another long round of “Usher & Tameka go to court.” After their son was  hospitalized for almost drowning to death, Tameka Raymond has filed documents to obtain temporary primary custody of her two sons with Usher. Unfortunate was the accident, however timing couldn’t be better. Tameka who was never settled with Usher having primary custody of their was planning to appeal that decision anyway. The near drowning accident does give her two legs to stand on in court. Tameka’s main gripe is that Usher never really has the kids because he is out of town %85 percent of the time and delegates his responsibilities to family members. To her credit, if Usher is just going to pawn the kids off on other family members, hell they can be with their mama. Catch the rest of these T’s

In the docs, Tameka claims Usher Raymond V was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got stuck in the drain.  Tameka says Usher delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt … who she believes was not on the ball.

Tameka, who is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children, says it’s typical that Usher delegates responsibility for their kids … because he’s out of town 85% of the time every month.

What’s more, she says Usher had fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody … and she’s clearly saying the replacements are not up to snuff.

In the documents, which were filed Tuesday — the day after the pool accident — Tameka wants decision-making power over the children’s education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.

The hearing date has not been set. ~ TMZ

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133 thoughts on “Tameka Raymond Files Documents For Primary Custody Of Of Son’s With Singer Usher

  1. Well given what this woman has been through, the lost of one child to a Water accident, and then to have another one. I Expect nothing less. This was a pretty careless mistake, 5 years old shouldn’t even have Access to pools without a adult. All that money why wasn’t it grated????? Water and children are not to be played with, this is not like falling off a bike and needed a few Stitches. I would do the same thing, if he’s not at home, because of work let them boys live w/ their mother. I mean dang what was Auntie doing while a 5yr old was free to run around the house. I know that Usher’s ex wife looks like a gold digger, trouble marker, but I don’t know any mother, that wouldn’t want her children back after this. And yes would file the paper work the next day, ain’t no half stepping or pussy footing around when it comes to a mother and her babies.

    • Maybe she had them all ready, because she knew that something was gonna happen. I am learning on my Journey through motherhood. That being 5 steps a head, and trying to be ready for anything. Is always the best Practice.

  2. This is a wake call for them both to learn how to co-parent better because in a blink of an eye the child could be gone and instead of being by your sons side you going to court to get them back and you just lost a son when you did not have adequate supervisor smh come on how many more children do you have to lose before you become better

  3. I knew it. I just knew it was coming. SMH. Accidents are going to happen in the presence of a parent and sometimes out of their presence. So, I gather if he fell off of his bike & broke his leg, she´d sue for custody too? Shit & accidents happen all the time. So what if his aunt or nanny was watching the kids, he works & what´s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. He works & what does she do?? Oh, she´s about to do a reality show. Honestly, she is too old for all the going back and forth…Have a seat. Praying for the little one…

  4. Again these same people sayin shes wrong and spiteful usher didnt wait for her to grieve her sons passing before taking away her kids it probably even helped his case….secondly thats what lawyers are for u make a call they handle it u can even do it while sitting in the hospital….she isnt wrong to me what mother doesnt want their kids hell id use every dirty trick in the book to get mine back id kill for mine. I wouldnt keep them from their father but we would have a parenting contract that specifies who is allowed to care for them outside of us. He doesnt need full custody because he cant be a full time parent they should have partial

    • Ok hunny, when her son was in the hospital Usher tried to call off the lawsuit. She was the one who wanted to continue to pursue it. The bottom line is these two grown ass people who should have never gotten together because he was a hoe, she was married and they both appear to be too self serving to be of any benefit to the children. She want the money, he want custody so he don’t have to give her ass money and the kids caught in the middle. We all know Usher ain’t shit – he fucked a couple of her bridesmaids for God’s sake – but Tameka had 5 boys if I’m correct and all her baby daddies (actually ex-husbands) got custody of the kids. Something in the milk ain’t clean about her ass but they both ain’t shit and I’m praying for all the kids involved!!!!

      • yes girl I agree something just aint right and when it all balls down to it those kids are the ones who are not winning it was a wake up call and she dont give a damn she wants them kids because she need that pay check

  5. They need to get this custody shit straight. The older children are also watching this unfold and i’m sure it’s leaving some kind of impression on them.

  6. I agree with Dee, accidents happen. Its unfortunate but no one called her an unfit mother when her oldest died in a tragic accident. I really hope she is not using this unfortunate time to back at Usher.

  7. Let’s get off the fact that she is older than him he was loving that old pussy at some point. Why did he take her kids right after their brother died? It was to be nasty and be back in his mother’s good graces if he had of married Chilli and fucked her bridesmaid everybody would be feeling sorry for her. Get off this mother one child is dead and another could of died have some compassion instead of dogging her no amount of money can replace your children. And another thing if she is unfit so is he who left his kids with unfit family members who don’t even know how to perform CPR and let strangers give the child mouth to mouth.

  8. Well I guess I´m in the minority because those are HIS kids too and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with a father fighting for and winning custody of his kids. Parents go to work and leave their kids in the care of others everyday and sometimes accidents happen and nobody shows up to take those kids away. Since when is working to keep a roof of your child´s head, keep clothes on their back, and keep food in their mouths being neglectful. So are we to assume that if Tameka regains custody that she is going to be with her kids 24/7 and never leave them in the care of others to handle business? I am a mother of 5 and you can best believe that if my child was lying in the ICU of a hospital the last thing on my mind would be a custody hearing. A mother with good intentions would make sure that her child is okay before running to some court house. A mother would good intentions wouldn´t use her kids as pawns to try to get back at their daddy. This was an accident that could have happened to ANYONE and no one is to blame!!!

    • I’m in the minority with you. I am a single parent that works and sends my kids to daycare also. Accidents happen. Furthermore, she is broke right now, and having issues with being sued over property that she owes money on. He will be the one taking care of them through child support, so why would a judge give them back if it will be HIS money taking care of them anyway? Now why can’t she just get herself back on track and then file for joint custody…because she wants HIS money. If her head/heart were in the right place that is how she would handle it.

  9. Well if they continue with this back and forth stuff, neither one of them will have thoes babies!!! Can we say, foster care or another relative? I dnt care how much money yah got!! It´s about the safety of those kids. Not saying they are being negligent, just seeing from a courts point of view…. #Boom#

    • She wasn’t watching them that was the problem. She was too busy getting mad cause he cancelled her credit cards. I’m sorry I missed the part about his aunt being from or associated with the ghetto. Last time I checked they didn’t have pools in the ghetto – in your backyard no less. So please tell me what news article, blog posting, etc. your facts are laid from because I would love to peruse it. Thanks!!

  10. All I am gonna say is accidents do happen. But we are talking about Tameka, the same mother who left her kids wid her husband to run off wid Usher. Where was she when those kids needed her. She left them to start a new family wid Usher. I jus dont got any luv for women who leave their kids like that. And Usher aint no better because how u allow her to leave her kids behind.. U take the cat, u take the kittens. i hope they can sort this out wid out the media

  11. I heard she had previously made complaints about this particular Aunt. Being that this isn’t the first time she’s had issues with this woman, the judge needs to seriously look into allowing her to have primary custody of her children. The previous decision was made when she was going through a divorce learning her husband was boinking everything moving…including one of her bridesmaids. I think peoples love for Usher are blinding them to the real wrong he did to this woman. She has raised her other boys to become fine young men so she can’t be that unfit to be a mother. Especially if he’s not around (which I believe, I see more pics of him with his new girlfriend and her son then his own kids, IJS) give the women her boys…

  12. I want to know how do people know the children are being raised by nannies? When Usher was on the voice, I did see pics of him with his children at work. Usher haven´t toured in a while, so how is it he´s not home? Not to say he´s not busy but we don´t know what goes on in his home. In MY OPINION, and it´s just that MY OPINION. It´s all about money, if tameka had a freaking job, she wouldn´t want her children. It´s all about a paycheck, you can say I´m wrong but why isn´t she seeking custody of her other children? This is a terrible situation and I pray the children are not affected by their parents actions.

    • Not saying that makes him fit, but a judge will look at it from the point of view of who is best fit to raise the children financially. Why would a judge take children from an environment where they are well off to give them to someone that would have to collect child support in order to take care of them? When my kids’ father and I split up years ago, he got on his feet quicker than I did, and as a woman/mother, I made the tough decision to let my kids stay with him until I got on my feet. What a blessing to have a man to help me in that regard. Since he has moved on. i don’t spit in his girlfriends faces, and do the ignorant things that Tameka does with Usher. I didn’t press him for child support because he takes care of his and I don’t have to go through those channels, and lastly we know how to co-parent and share custody. She is not on that page. In my opinion, she is still bitter that he doesn’t want her and wants to stick it to him…just my opinion. I am sure you know/have met women like that. All I’m saying is, she is clearly broke. She is being sued, or going through some legal issues with her properties, she is shopping around for a deal on Hollywood Exes. She may have had money, but Usher was her bread and butter. For someone not to acknowledge that is blind to the facts.

    • Right. And at least this child survived because he had people that were there to help him, which is called supervision the last time I checked. Kids get into things quickly and I am sorry to say, but as a mother of 2, as much as you want to protect your kids from every single little thing, you can’t. My son, who is 3, was running through the house after I told him not to, and wasn’t paying attention and ran smack into the wall. He ended up with a big knot on his head. So should my son be taken also? At the end of the day, Usher is the better provider, and I don’t blame him for wanting to give that bitch a red cent. She is transparent, and Ray Charles can see that she wants money now that her ass is broke. She may have had money before Usher, but where is that money now? Right. Usher was her bread and butter.

  13. All the people who are saying that Tamika is an opportunist fail to realize that she had her own business before she ever married Usher. She was his stylist. She didn’t just land that job by chance–she had to have had some credentials to even land that position with him. Tamika had money before Usher. It seems that most of these folk who are bad-mouthing her are just mad that Usher married her–she being older than he (only 4 years), not of “mixed” heritage, or who they would have chosen for him. He loved that woman. He made the choice. Get over it.

    But about the baby–she is asking to make decisions about his medical care–which is something she should have the ability to do. Again, Usher is out of town 85% of the time, and it looks like the people he entrusted the baby’s welfare to aren’t doing any better than she. So really, why SHOULDN’T this baby be allowed to be with his mother? The accident with her own son was just that–an accident. A person was driving a jetski and hit Kile while he was floating on an innertube. Supervision or not, that could have happened. Usher V, however, is only 5. They need FAR more supervision than would an 11 year old. But I’m just saying… it sounds like a lot of bitterness and shade being thrown at Tameka. I hope that Tameka gets her babies back, because this basically proves that Usher’s environment is no safer than hers, especially with him not being there.

  14. Lord let that woman have her children whether she’s being “spiteful” or not those are her children! Her eldest died we all know this but how does that make her a bad parent? If it was my mother she would have done the same exact thing. That’s not being malicious that’s worrying about the welfare of your child golly

    • Her eldest was not the one who died… it was her middle child. She has a 21 yr and 16 yr old too. And you’re right.

  15. Sad when innocent babies have to be in the middle of a bitter divorce…I don´t care who´s right or wrong!!! the kids are more important than $,hoes,etc…I wish they come to some sort of agreement for the sake of the kids..this couldn´ve happ in her pool as well…the aunt was watching if she wasn´t then the child would´ve drowned..

  16. I agree with Angela it was a accident this is not the time and did she forget her son Kyle that passed away was not in her care when his accident occurred she was at the essence festival.

  17. PLease give this women her kids!!!! If the dude is gone have everybody else take care of them then why the HElLL NOT! Good Greif!

  18. No one but the Judge in their case knows whats best and he will still be guessing. But to be at the court house so soon shows how she likes to use the system and it will be a determining factor. She is most likely a good mom with a lot on her plate but this is not the time for court. Perception is everything in court.

  19. The Bitch is a oprutunist!! She thought those boys were her, “Gravy Train. ” She ain’t gonna get those kids unless Usher suddenly die. She’s waisting money and courts time. Didn’t any of you Dummies her the 911 tapes?? The aunt was there with the kids and she jumped in the pool to help the Lad, so did the Maid. Thank God someone heard the screaming and saved the Little Lad. Tameka’s son died on her watch. Nuff said!!!

    • Hello???? That’s exactly what the hell I was thinking. At least he lived through the ordeal, fuck outta here!

  20. Danielle Nicole Reed I agree with you 100%. If it came to a point in which I was not able to provide for my kids, and their father was, I would definitely send them with their father….no problem. See most women side with Tameka because they want her to get his money, not so much the kids. It is the same thing that they would do to their children. Shame on the people that say Usher is a creep. Why is he a creep for wanting his kids? So is she a creep for wanting them? that makes no sense. And the two of them were in court before the untimely death of her son, so I am pretty sure that enough evidence had been submitted prior to that incident to go in Usher´s favor. Furthermore, with her having so much financial issues, a judge is not going to award her custody. He will keep the kids where they are best taken care of, with their father. Why should she get custody, and Usher have to pay her anything?

  21. After the death of her other son who was in someone elses care, I can totally understand her wanting her child like ASAP! If it were me I would be getting my child back and any decent mother would too and make their child SAFE.

    • So why no sense of urgency to regain custody of her other son following the death of Kyle from her ex husband? Money is the root of all Evil!!

  22. And then the bs that Usher would have to go through with this petty bitch for visitation. He already said that she has issues when he dates other women. It just seems like she would keep a lot of shit going if she had custoday.

  23. I don´t blame her, that baby could have died. Usher was not at the home. They were being looked after by an aunt and their nanny. Tameka is not an unfit mother, Usher obviously does not have time. I say the boys should be with their mother.

    • She wasn’t there when Kyle died, does that make her unfit? What about her other son she shares with the ex, why didn’t she run to the courts to ask for custody of him after Kylie’s death? Tameka is bitter and after his money and I hope the judge can see through this bs!!

  24. No surprises here and she has NO legs to stand on! All she has to stand on is bitterness and hypocrisy!! How dare she point the finger at Usher when she was in the EXACT same situation only worse, because the child died!! It was USHER who had to fund her trip back to her child as she was miles and miles away vs minutes away as USHER was!!! NO parent can watch their child 24/7!! It’s called an accident and accidents happen. You would think that this time she would use it to bond and form some type of unified front to help her child make it through. But leave it to this vindictive piece of s#it, to cause even more drama! Now what she and everybody else needs to do is pray for these kids as there truly is warfare coming against them and they are the only INNOCENT people in the equation!!! Lastly, if a man cheats on you DIVORCE him, but don’t use your kids as weapons!!

    Not proofread!! This really burned my biscuits!!

  25. The naysayers that don´t want to see the kids with their father kill me. Women moan and complain all of the time about how there are men out here that don´t take care of their responsibilities. Why is it so taboo for this man to be awarded custody of his kids, especially since he is in a better financial situation to handle them. It seems to me that everyone wants to side with the gold digger. She obviously wants the kids because it would put her in a better financial situation. And then the bs

  26. People on here are so ignorant to the legal system. She didn´t run anywhere ie the court house. That´s what she has an attorney for. She made a phone call & he ran to the court house. She don´t have primary custody! So as a parent if my child was in a comma. Yes ma´am file them papers I need to be able to make every medical decision . wise up, ignorance is bliss.

  27. How can she say that he pawns his kids off on others while he travels and she does the same thing! Didn´t she lose a son while she was out of the country and her some was with her family members??? People need to learn that CHILDREN are not toys and accidents do happen!! No one was trying to take away her other kids when her son died while he was in someone else care, it was an ACCIDENT a tragic one but DAMN!! Get it together and stop playing the blame game!

  28. Half of yall commenting dont even got the story straight! Which makes you look like an idiot. Know what ur talking about before you comment on a situation. Honestly dont none of you know Tamika or Usher personally so anything you say is speculation not cold hard facts! Yall are quick to sit up here and talk about her parenting skills while usher is having his aunt and nanny watching his kids! The unfortunate accident that took her sons life happened in his fathers care. So yall need to ease of off Tamikas dick!

  29. first off it was mucked up that usher got custody after her son died, he should’ve dropped the suit then unless in some way this woman was a danger to herself and u nfit to raise her children. no one woman should suffer like that. while one child is in icu your ex is plotting to take the kids, then bury one child and lose the other two. it was really fucked up. its unfortunate they cant come together and co parent these children together instead of beefing. seems like neither of them are paying the children any attention in the way that they should. with the death of one son and near death of another it seems to me that something is trying to get there attention to see the bigger p icture.

  30. Didn´t Usher use the accident of her oldest child to get custody of their children? When it was reported that she lost custody right after the death of her son, I remember thinking Usher is really cold-hearted. But it looks like karma came back to bite him in the butt. I just hope Tameka remembers how she felt when it happened to her and reconsiders. How why not just settle for joint custody? SMH…sad situation

  31. The kid didn´t die on her watch he was on vacay with his dad her first husband.. Neither was fault so I assume she filed papers because the accidents happened when they both were in the care of dads or dads relatives

  32. She us such a lie she really dont want those kids. No one said she was unfit when she lost her son…mistakes happen & thats what it was. Maybe if she wouldnt be going on so many vacations she would be a better MOTHER!!! ijs

  33. This is gonna get real nasty they both have no room to talk about whose more fit bcuz both of their children were in water accidents on both of their watch, they just need to keep them away from water…I feel sorry for the babies

    • Exactly! And I’ve said before, what is wrong with a man getting custody of his kids? Is it so taboo for that to happen? Women gripe and complain about men that don’t do what they are supposed to do, and here is a man that is more that equipped to take care of his boys, so why should she get custody and he have to pay her a dime? She is being sued, or has been evicted for not 1, but 4 properties. What a fine time for her to try to get custody. She is already shopping for a space on Hollywood Exes. Maybe she should get some money that way instead of trying to get Usher’s. The judge is going to keep the kids right where they are, with the person who can provide for them. I live in MI and theses judges always side with the mother, even if she stays in a shack in the back, hole in the wall. They do not give custody to men that often here, even if the man is the better provider. It is refreshing to see that it is not the case everywhere.

    • Right. Last time I checked, he is their father. Why shouldn’t he get custody? Also in other comments people are talking about her son that died. Well, that had nothing to do with his situation, and he wanted the ordeal to be over. He had actually filed a petition in order to recess the case to Tameka time to deal with the death of her son, she in return, said that he was trying to use that as a publicity stunt and that she wanted the court proceedings to continue. People need to read up on shit. Also, with her having custody, Usher has already said that she creates a scene when their shouldn’t be one…with him dating, among other things. Can you imagine the bs he would have to go through with her if she had custody. Keep those kids with their dad!

  34. Marion I agree ppl look at situations differently until they or.someone they know fall in the same predicament. Do I think she need to heal.from their divorce yes but hell.she needs to be fighting foe her kids which os more important accident or not

  35. As a mother of a child bitter or not no mother shld have their kids taken away especially to be placed under Care of other family.members or friends…it is a nasty battle between them but using the kids to hurt each other is crazy…and if he´s always traveling and Shea not give her back her child…

  36. She seriously needs to focus on that baby right now and sit her muscle face self down somewhere. Her filing for custody is what she´s been waiting for. She needs to put her energy into that boy and be by HIS SIDE every second he is in that hospital not in some courtroom.

  37. To be fair to usher, their women out there who have kids who have accident . and they dont take the kids away. i broke my leg twice in 5 months when i was 5 years old. people didnt take me away from my parents?

  38. the fact that she is at the courthouse and not at the hospital tending to her son shows her true colors ……. she dont care about them kids she just want money

  39. He had no business marrying and sexing this ol´ hag !! However, if you must delegate responsibility b/c ur career requires 85% of travel, why not to their mother if she´s fit.

  40. Damn. Is the baby even dry before she takes it there??? Didn´t her own child die in a jet ski accident??? Although unfortunate, accidents happen. She is only doing this to get more money.

  41. She is a piss poor excuse for a human let alone mother. She is too busy trying to one up Usher instead of focusing on her son´s healthand recovery.

    And just because a father is awarded primary custody doesn´t mean that he paid off the judge. There are men in this world who can provide a better home for their children than their mother. And Tameka can´t talk about her children being in danger when she just went through something similar. This whole situation is so very tragic.

  42. I don´t know what Tameka did for people to say she deserved what she has been going through when It comes her kids but she has NEVER struck me as an unfit mother so I´m on her team with this one! I hope she gets her kids back ASAP. They are being raised by caregivers most of the time anyway. Get em girl and get your babies back!!!!

    • Until you are a mom and lose a child you really shouldn’t comment. It seems GA is constantly on some BS when it comes to taking kids from their mom when the father is rich and famous. Try that BS in California, they will supplement her income with his income.

  43. I need her children to stay away from water but on a real note Usher was probably being spiteful by taking her babies! Does he even have the time to dedicate to them full time?

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