Texas Pastor Says No Women Wearing Weave Allowed In His Church

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I guess we our in the midst of a new version of the bible being written. Last I checked, the good book said come as you are. Well, Pastot A.J. Aimir decided he would add one caveat. “Come as you are, minus your 26 inch Peruvian Pakistani virgin Remy. Female parishioners and women alike have been in an uproar. Many sisters taking his position on hair weaves deeply personal and quite frankly feel personally attacked. Pastor Aamir feels women wearing weaves presents a false image of themselves and are associated with women who have low self-esteem. In part I agree and i will explain in just a moment.

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying” said Pastor Aamir.

Pastor Aamir admits he was raised in a strict household. His mother and father are members of the Islamic faith. At 39 years old, he leads a congregation whose average age is 22.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads” he told AmericaPreachers.com.

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

I do feel like Pastor Amir’s points may have a small bit of validity, but his approach was all wrong. Pastor Aamir acknowledges he cannot legally prohibit women from wearing weaves in church, but he still highly disapproves it. Want to know what I really think about hair weaves? Catch these T’s


Hear me and hear me good. I have no problem what-so-ever with women wearing hair weaves. However, I do take slight exception with women rocking weaves in colors, styles, lengths, and textures that their hair does not grow. My issue is not the hair weave, my issue is the fact that some women prefer the looks of women from other cultures over there own. Here it is some women are walking down the street rocking 30 inch weaves dyed blonde, crinkled, and teased to the gawds, knowing damn well their hair grows in a manner closely related to that of Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey. Both of which have undeniable beautiful hair. I’m sure Michelle and Oprah both probably get a few tracks sewed in from time to time to add volume and fulness, yet, their look is not transformed into something that they totally are not.

To each its own.  I recognize that my view on weaves is not the gospel and by no means the end all be all on what women should do. However, I will say that i totally dislike women who will not wear their own hair from time to time and who feel inferior and less beautiful unless they have bundles and bundles of long flowing pakistani p$$y hair sewn in their heads. THIS right here is indicative of deep rooted self esteem issues and I just don’t like overly self conscious people with low self esteem around me.


Let me ask this question, when did all this full head of weave stuff come about? What happen to the days where it was a dis if someone said you were wearing a weave. Remember the scene from Poetic Justice where the woman says “look at her, sitting over there in that cheap dress. Plastic payless shoes, ain’t even human hair, the bitch got yack hair in her head, fake mess…”. Better yet, remember the colt classic Black film House Party? During and around that era, black women in particular didn’t really rock weaves. They bumped and curled their natural hair and that was all too it. If we fast forward to the days of Martin and Living Single, Pam and Regine were often clowned and made fun of at the thought of their hair being laced with weave. So when did all this full head of weave business come about?

I know some smart ass is going to try to go in on me in the comments section and call me a hypocrite because I rock wigs and all other sorts of fake hairpieces. Note, “Funky Dineva” is not a REAL person. She is a character that I play that imitates those around us. Even with that, Funky Dineva is a reflection of our current societal environment.

What is your thoughts on Pastor Amir’s comments? What are your thoughts on weaves?

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196 thoughts on “Texas Pastor Says No Women Wearing Weave Allowed In His Church

  1. Why is what other people wear in their hair YOUR’S or anybody else’s business?! Worry about yourself! IF you dont like it, ok! Don’t wear it! Yall spend too much time worrying about other people and what they’re doing! Get you some business please! If you’re not financing it, why are you worried?! If you’re not wearing it, why are you worried! Moral of the story: MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS! Please and Thank You!

  2. I’m a black woman who wears weave and I dislike not having weave. But guess what?? THATS MY CHOICE & MY PEARSONAL DECISION. Who are u to judge me??? # YourNobody So from a married, beautiful queen take this advice= TO EACH HIS OWN. SWEEP AROUND UR OWN FRONT DOOR!! IM ROCKING MY WEAVE TIL DEATH DO US PART. FOR THE RECORD MY HAIR IS PAST MY SHOULDERS. ..WEAVE IS MY CHOICE. That pastor need to read the word n not worry about people’s cosmetics. It’s nun of his bizniz. Can’t even worship without being JUDGED! #HIPOCRITE

  3. Reading many of this post, Dinela(hope I got it right) has achieved her aim. To get people talking. What I’m wondering s why do more people choose to abuse and call names,heaping insults on others. Why not politely but conscrutively state your point of view. Some of U got it right, ‘why attack each other’ u all said. U are right. Yes, black hair is never straight. IF worn permed, then its chemically treated or heat treated to make it straight. It won’t last. The hair quickly goes back to its natural state/new hair grows. Look at the hair of the whites in the 70s and 80s and today. There’s a difference. They have carried out research to make it look nicer, more manageable with less stress. Its time blacks contribute/sponsor research that can lead to or advance the ability of blacks to manage her with less stress. Our natural hair troubles will be minimised if we braid them, but we have to wash the hair. Do u know how painful and badly tangled black hair gets when washed. Have U seen tears and frustration experienced from combing natural black hair. What happens if I like to change my look. I might preffer wearing my hair loss/packed some other pattern without braiding. Shouldn’t I have to choose. Its my hair. I love natural hair wearers who are showing others how to wear their natural hair in versatile ways and how to wash and manage the hair. I’ve been natural for about a year now. I love my hair, always have. Didn’t have to wait till I went natural to love it. D problem is how to manage the hair with less stress. Do U think U’ll be carrying on dis conversaton if advancement in research and experimentation leads to black hair being easier to comb with less or no pain, easily style as d owner loves. U won’t have to abuse anybody. They’ll go for it on their own coz it works. Many people who wear dis stuff do so for convenience sake and ease/less hassles to look gud. Give them a better and desirable alternative see if they won’t go for it. Personally everyday I comb my hair I have to remind myself that I don’t like to loss my hair/have thinning hair. That’s why I continue not because of some philosohy or sense of identity. I still wear weaves, I braid. Give it a rest people. Start doing something or offer constructive criticism and not insults.

  4. This is all another divide and conquer scheme the very sisters on here acting like they are better than others for wearing their natural hair or not wearing weave are just as much a part of the very problems they are discussing. The same old Willie Lynch field niggas against the house niggas, light skinned against dark skinned, fat against skinny, black against white, natural hair against perms, natural hair against weaves. It is so easy to get our people to play into these games of whom is better than who. I wish they would make an updated version of school daze to get both sides to see how damn stupid they all are. IT DOES NOT MATTER! LOVE ONE ANOTHER! HAIR DOES NOT MATTER! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUP!

  5. Right, most black girls have been perming so long they don know what texture their hair grows. My hair is natural and I wear weave to match the natural texture. I have family members with naturally red hair (ginger with freckles and all) and my hair and weave are died red. As soon as black people realize we are the first of all civilization and that we can be born with any of the same traits that “white” people have they will stop looking down on one another and insinuating that a person of color is an assimilationist for wearing light colored hair because it is indeed a lie. There is nothing wrong with changing your look. If black people had as much of a problem with “white” people getting dreads as they did seeing black people with weave then I could possibly deal with the argument but it is simply not a valid one. People can wear and change what they want about themselves. If this man really wants to help his congregation financially he should do so Biblically instead of being a critical pharisee pushing people away from the church with messages that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or the gospel of grace! Sick of the devil using our so called own for his own foolishness. COME AS YOU ARE!

  6. Hair weaves wigs and lace fronts are a epidemic in the black community. Although white women wear fake hair just as much as black women, most bw do it for fucked up reasons, mostly self-hate and wanting to be accepted by white counter parts. It’s sad that we live in a society where bw feel the need in order to be accepted they have to perm the fuck outta their natural tresses and throw a pack-and-a-half of weave or a raggedy ass 16 – 32 inch wig on top of their heads.

    Most black fake hair wearing bitches are so stupid, they keep the Asians pockets fat wearing all that commercial shit in their heads. If they saw the process and chemicals that go in to making that fake hair, they would probably leave it alone. Then again Jim Jones killed a bunch of ignorant Negro’s who knew the truth and still followed his evil ass.

    Although pastor needs to stick to the text, he makes a valid point! I could go on forever talking about this topic but after reading some of these post and seeing the ignorance posted, I won’t waste my time… Oh one more thing!!!

    Black women saw the movie “Good Hair,” the part where they showed the perm melt the tin can and black women still went out and purchased perms. SMDH, if that wasn’t enough to scare the fuck outta them I don’t know what will. Chemical agents in relaxers/perms have also been linked to Uterine Fibroids, which black women suffer from in record number witch can lead to hysterectomy ( removal of the uterus and/or ovaries ) . I’ll stop right here cause most folks don’t like the truth…

    • I agree with you completely. I am a naturalista going on about two years now and I proudly rock my dreads. My opinion is that every time a black woman gets a that Euro or Asian weave or perms her natural hair she is saying to the white establishment that it is right: white women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Black ladies, you have to understand THEY think you are some ugly, gorilla looking b*. They do. They are LAUGHING at you because you’re spending all kinds of money trying to look like a white woman, but you can never be her. You can only be a poor imitation of her. I got tired of trying to emulate the white woman and other ethnicities of women with straight hair. I’m black, ya’ll. My hair should be culturally and texturally correct, always, period. When I wear my hair, I let the devils know that I am beautiful just the way I am. I have heard black women say I’m courageous. I must laugh at that. Courageous? To wear my hair the way God intended? That’s crazy talk. Here’s true talk: slavery ended almost 200 years ago. I refuse to be a slave to a beauty standard that has nothing to do with MY unique beauty.

      • I wish another black woman would say to me that I’m being courageous for rocking my own beautiful natural tresses. Lol! With that being said, I notice that you said slavery ended almost 200 years ago. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news my Sistha but the chains were physically lifted from black folks but the mental chains continue to exists. It’s 2013 and we’re still having dialog about black women not accepting their own God given tresses. The sad part about this whole fake hair fiasco is that most black women/men will never accept their own natural hair/skin color and will always try to live up to whiteys standards of beauty. I’m sitting here watching the 50th year anniversary since the MLK march on Washington and Mechelle Obama & Berneice King hair is permed to the Gawds. Even Oprah is sitting up their Looking like a sick poodle with all that curly weave in her hair. Michelle Obama is even known to wear a few tracks in her hair from time to time. I say that to say this; Even black women who come across as being so strong and comfortable in their skin can’t seem to break the mental chains of loving what God gave them. A wise strong black woman once said:

        I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
        - Harriet Tubman -

    • I do not know why most people wear weave. However that is their choice and can choose to spend money to do as they please. I wear it because of working in a very hot environment my natural hair does not hold a hair style. That is why I wear fake ponytails that look very nice and neat after I finish working a 10 hour shift in a car manufacturing plant that has high humidity, I am not trying to look white are please any one for that matter. While at the same time just as you choose to use those disrespectful four letter words to get your point across about how you feel towards perms, weaves, etc. Bi___tches, Many times people wear what they want because it is their free right to choose and buy what they want to no matter whether someone else likes it or not. There are good reasons and bad reasons . Cancer, allopecia, heredity from our DNA and other illnesses can cause hair loss in women. There are good weaves and bad weaves. In my opinion I’m glad that we have a choice to go natural or straight wear a weave or relaxed hair. Unlike before in the 60′s.

      • Hey Salt! You sound thirsty. Lol! Damn Ma~ this tread was months ago!! LMBAO! Sorry to strike a nerve but the truth hurts. You’re damn right about one thing and that is; ” You Can Do Whatever the Hell You Please With Your Coins. ” Who care about you pushing cars in a factory, which is even more reason why you shouldn’t have chemicals in your hair. On top of that wearing a raggedy azz ponytail which adds more stress to your already weakend hair is a recepie for disaster. Google Susan Taylor & Stevie Wonder so you can see how your hairline will look in the near future. Oh and btw they didn’t have chemicals, their damage was from wearing snatch-back do’s. I hate giving my expert advice to dumb black folks who live in Asian beauty supply stores wearing cheap weaves with Pump-it-up hair spritz. Girl, GET YO LIFE AND GET OFF MY CLIT! LOL! You sound real dumb. Sounds like you need to take a trip to your local library instead of your local beauty supply or maybe you need to loosen that tight azz ponytail Honee!! ROTF LMBAO @ You!!! can’t wait to show my co-workers your response. Anywho, thanks for being a fan, you F ing Stalker…

  7. Weaves are more so a convenience & save time for the working woman or mother instead of an attempt to cover up any insecurities. I’ll pay $300 upfront for a weave job if it saves me a trip to the salon every 2 weeks and time in the morning. However, Dineva makes a good point in this well written piece. Don’t buy what you can’t grow.. Skip colors, lengths, and textures that take away from your overall beauty.

    • What are you insecure about? That’s just the thing. I never found getting weaves or relaxers at all convenient and they are expensive as HELL. The only insecurity I had was with wondering if my hair would fall out or all that weave would disappear my hairline. Your own hair is more versatile and easier to care for than chemically straightened hair and fake hair, but most black women have no idea how to care for their own hair.

  8. YALL NEED TO STOP SAYING COME AS YOU ARE CAUSE YOU WEARING THAT WEAVE IS NOT “as you are” that would mean natural. Unless you were born with that weave glued in.

  9. Focusing on hairstyles/weaves is silly and counter-productive. He should be far more concerned about the condition of his parishoner’s soul. Furthermore, if he actually wants to HELP his flock, he should sponsor a SERIES on financial management…achieving good credit, money management, retirement planning, etc. his approach to his personal pet peeve is ignorant. You cannot address the ROOT cause of financial mismanagement by saying folks shouldn’t wear expensive weaves, because if it’s not expensive weaves, it will be something else….expensive sneakers for the kids, designer foolishness, high cable bill, etc. He should attempt to address the CAUSE, and remember his calling is to share the good news of Jesus, not judge and be critical of hairstyles!

  10. To a point I agree with the pastor and to a degree I agree w/FD. When the pastor says that some single moms are struggling for daily survival yet they are rockin a $300 weave I agree – their priorities are mixed up. Take care of your family before you sink that kind of money in a superficial enhancement. Where I agree w/FD is the TYPE of hair that some women choose to rock. Lawdy, it’s a mess when Ii see a AA woman with a blonde 22 inch weave. There is nothing wrong w/women enhancing their beauty when one you can afford it and two when it’s used to enhance not make you look like a circus clown. No one has the right to tell the next how they should dress, do their hair, etc …… but sometimes they need to hear it.

  11. I’m a natural haired gal who wears weaves on occasion to protect my hair,and because all my natural sisters know Natural hair is a trip to keep up with! my comment on weave Is that I have no problem with a lady who wears her weave all the timeZ I’m all about doing whatever floats your boat. if wearing your Brazilian hair makes you feel more confident then by all means Go for it. If you don’t like your boobs or nose I’m all about self improvement. The Key is to do it for you. I think weave is more popular now than natural hair or pressed and relaxed hair is because that’s what we see as the “In” thing to do I mean little girls are seeing Black Disney and nickelodeon stars with Long luxurious hair and we want it too. back in the 90s all the girls were wearing the bump n curls and French rolls so we wanted it too. I don’t neccesarily think its a self hatred thing as much as its we are influenced by what we see and know. In the 60s those Motown girls weren’t wearing there hair they were wearing wigs too. Who knows in a few years we may revert back. We are so worried about what our black males and females are doing that we criticize more often then we empower and uplift. and this is why we are becoming stagnant as a people.

    • A part of it is media influence, there’s no denying that. However, black people started straightening their hair in the first place because we come from a history of being put down and oppressed by the white man, being told our hair, our skin color is WRONG. This was further reinforced by the high-toned, elite black classes at HBCU that held paper bag tests, where you couldn’t join their clubs unless your were lighter than a paper bag. My own grandmother told me this and I read about this. Add to all this the fact that white people up until very recently penalized the wearing of natural hairstyles on the job. So we have a brainwashing system going on here that tells us every single day that black hair is ugly and not “good” hair through the media, and reinforced through our own culture. This also cannot be denied. So there’s definitely an element of self-hatred and internalized oppression going on that makes black women want long, silky flowing hair in order to feel “beautiful.”

  12. Gurl, you went off on an irrelevant tangent. You started out talking about the pastor banning weave from his church. Then, you went to martin and gina. Finally, you ended up talking about that ugly arse wanda/shenehneh charachter you created. My hair is layed like confused after reading this foolishness.

    • I disagree I understand exactly what he saying I am jamacian/indian/dominican/caucasian and you would think I have hair down my back curly and thick but no the opisite and have been teased about it so I got a weave others loved it I hated it I went back to my natural and stop letting people play with my self esteem and love what God created an unique woman. I was born an original so I be damned I die a copy of a fake mainsteam society

      • I love it. I couldn’t have said it any better. I was born an original so I be damned I die a copy of a fake mainsteam society ! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big chop 3 1/2 yrs ago & type 4b4c hair.

  13. I think 2 each is on..the way some of their heads look they should gladly wear a weave,and it´s not about black and white any more,so my white women and ESP celebrity women are wearing weaves and clip on..paster is going 2 hell for judging..what about people that have cancer and looses all of their hair?the wigs and weave help boost their self esteem

    • White women are not clipping in nappy hair weave. They are clipping in weave that has the same texture of hair that they do naturally straight or wavy. So don’t drag them into it. They do not have a history of being oppressed as a people and put down as a people for how they look. White women set the beauty standard in Western society.

    • U have it twisted. He s not talkin about ppl with cancer missed it he’s sayin poor ppl who can’t afford to pay there livin expensives run out to buy hair



      • So do I, don’t tell me what to do with my hair when old heads wear wigs since god knows when it’s still fake, I get it with the wild colors and things but if u wear a normal toned down hair style I don’t see why that is sinful. My church is the same no braids. It I wear them where they look like a regular hairstyle not big dukey braids I curl the hair or wear like a wrap. Until I see all those wig wearers take off their wigs and hair pieces I’m not complying. Stick to preaching not judging . It’s ridiculous.

  15. Man y’all kill me with this. Black women pretend to be such church-going, God fearing women who virtually eat out of the palm of our pastor’s hand… UNTIL he says something that hits close to home. If he starts to get on to black women about some of y’all’s (I’m excluding myself from this fuckery) behavior, whether it is having a bunch of out of wedlock kids or hiding behind a mountain of fake hair that many of you can’t even afford, then suddenly the pastors’ words mean nothing and he can go jump in the lake. Black women have GOT to start being able to receive feedback from our men. They are saying ENOUGH with the fake crap and instead of listening, many of us want to fight and say stupid stuff like “white women wear extensions, too” when we all know good and well there are no white women getting their lights cut off so they can purchase a bundle of Brazillian wavy hair!

  16. The pastor has a point. People can fight and yell and defiantly say “I´ll do what I want with MY head” until they are blue in the face, but his point (if not his method) is valid. There is a serious complex with hair and European beauty standards in the black community. And before anyone starts, we are NOT talking about women who occasionally rock a sew-in or braids during transition, special events, or for a fun change-up. We are NOT talking about women with a medical condition like cancer or alopecia. We are talking about the girl we all know who will let her light bill get behind just so she can have a bundle of Brazillian wavy–the girl who you´ve never SEEN with her natural hair–the girl who will neglect her body and her health b/c she can´t “sweat out” her hair. This is not about beauty enhancement anymore, this is now about a collective self-esteem issue.

    • you hit the nail right on the head. This is not an issue of passing judgement, this is a serious issue about women who will literally go broke and homeless to have someone else’s hair in their head. I personally worked with a woman who was a single mom and told me that she couldn’t choose between paying her rent next month or buying this expensive weave she wanted so bad. Really? I saw her a week or two later with this abundant weave all in her hair-clearly her decision had been made. She then went on to tell me that sure enough she was getting evicted and this grown 40-something year old adult was moving back into her mothers house all because she wanted weave in her hair. I am not one to judge by ANY means, but as a mother of two young girls myself, you have to figure out our PRIORITIES. Shoot I love weave myself I toggle between wearing my hair and my clip-ins and would love to buy all types of fancy hair but I also understand that my children need food, gas, lights, and a home. Please ladies lets get it together!

    • I agree to a point. I think he shoud address the root of the problem overall. If it’s self esteem then have a series about that. Like someone said already have a series about financial security and stablility. You can’t just talk about the symptoms you have to treat the root. You think someone saying you can’t wear a weave in this church is going to make anyone stop spending thier light bill to get one? Probably not. I’m natural but I’m not a nazi, I do wear weave from time to time for a break. I do agree with the fact that if you don’t feel good with what God gave you (relaxed/press and curl/natural or whatever) , you need to work on your self esteem. If you can’t afford it you need to work on your priorities.

  17. What about the white church goers? Are black women the only race of women to wear weave in masses? No, white women have been wearing weaves as long as we have. I personally think it’s up to the person of what they do with their hair. Do I think its dumb to spend $300 on hair that isn’t yours and your fundamental needs aren’t being met? Yes. The amount of money black women spend on weaves would be better suited taking care of their real hair. But I also understand reasons for wearing it. Some people are transitioning and don’t want to damage their real hair. Some women may be suffering from cancer or alopecia. There are various reasons why women wear weave but I think that there are much more pertinent issues that could be addressed, especially given the platform of the church.

    • We need to stop with THAT lie. No other race of women glue and stitch hair of another race on their head like black women do. There are some black women who you will NEVER see with her natural hair. That is not beauty enhancement, that is HIDING who you are. No one is talking about women who are wearing a sew-in or braids for a few months or even a year to grow out their relaxer. No one is talking about people with cancer or alopecia. You are just REACHING. We know the type that he is talking about–the ones who will be on public assistance or have no food in the fridge, but will ALWAYS have some European wavy hair on her head.

    • You get the prize for most ignorant comment to this post. So it is your thought that Harriet Tubman, freedom fighter, conductor for the underground railroad should be used as the archetype of how black women shouldn’t look? The same woman who fought for the freedoms of our ancestors; you ma’am are not fit to look her boots People are so worried about how others will perceive the visually and forget about what is on the inside. So your outside persona is tight, but your inner self is dead For you this must be true to even leave a comment about such a great figure in history.

  18. I am in total agreement. With you FD, not the pastor. What DID happen to those days when women without weaves out numbered women with them in high numbers? Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is OK. But, nowadays when I walk down say, 125th in Harlem I see so many women with weaves exactly as you said. In textures and colors that either do not suit them or, would not grow out of their head. The pastor needs to read the bible one more time. The hairstyle should not matter. The character of the person should. If he is serious about peoples priorities being skewed… Preach about that. Don’t dictate.

    • God created beauty! As long as you know you’re beautiful without the weave, makeup up etc.. I say DO IT UP baby! Yass God knows some people need it.. I don’t want to be lookin at no snatched scalped women down at the church house on saturday morning!

      Now as quiet as its kept, we should be encouraging these women to fix themselves up and sidenote: please invest in good hair not that plastic sh^t i was at a function when a women’s hair matted up on the back of her neck after a few hours on the dance florr.

      • What black women SHOULD invest in is learning how to style the hair God gave them, the hair that grows out of their scalp naturally. Whether braids, a short fro, twists, or an updo black women need to learn how to cherish and take care of their own hair.

  19. You know black women loved to follow whatever the pastor, preacher, deacon says so I hope they listen. All of that chemicals is bad for your hair. Weaves tear up your edges and relaxing your hair is just plain bad for you. The sad part about it is that most young girls I know can not braid or twist hair because their mother did not show them, but they can apply a perm with their eyes close.

  20. Why did the pastor only ban weaves? If you follow his argument there’s a lot that should be banned from his church,… Jordans, fancy cars, rims, jewelry, make up, nails, etc. People purchase these items to “try to be something and someone they are not.” It seems like he just picked what he found unappealing to him. So his argument doesn’t hold water.

  21. We have so many real issues in our community….Hair is the least of the Pastors issues…Need to have a job fair and go on a mission trip to save souls and stop talking about hair… get a real walk with Jesus…

    • But that is just it you are not coming as you are, but what you want everybody to believe you are. Which is a false image. So please people stop using the argument come as you are, because to do that is to be in total ageement with the pasture. ijs

  22. I love the homophobic remarks on this post, smh. How can you get mad about a pastor judging you about a damn weave when you want to judge people for being gay, commenters step your game up.

    • What are you talking about? I haven’t seen one homophobic comment yet and I started from the bottom where the comments begin.

    • Haha he just needs to have classes teaching people how to put things in perspective.. Case and point don’t be spending ya babies food money on ya weave… But as quiet as its kept a good weave can earn U some money. Get ya hair right and catch a fione man hahaha

  23. every one is so hard on black women and their hair and getting textures we werent born w/ but NO ONE says anything about black men trying to get waves, (cause u know u werent born with that hair pattern)

  24. Black men are a reflection of the black womb they come out of, so TJ if u happen to be black than your just as ugly as your mother, who has to be grouped in this most unattractive women on the planet category u speak of lets not get it twisted the only reason y black men are not deemed as ugly like their female counter parts its b/c white America doesnt want u to stop slinging big dicks and providing entertainment. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  25. Black females are the most unattractive women on the planet. What other explanation could explain why black females spend so much money on their head !
    I love black ladies who are ladies, not walking wig shops!

    • More than black women wear weaves…Actually it started in the 1800 with the Wig Party…A poltical party that actually wore wigs as a symboly of noblity…We are beautiful with or with out a weave…

    • You are apparently jealous of black women. Most women of other ethnicity often attempt to be like most black women bigger buttocks, fuller lips, etc.
      Black women you are beautiful.!

  26. i thought u were going to say something about the passa not wanting them to give coins to get they hair did, but put it in the collection plate instead! lol!

    although i have to admit, i was a pioneer of weave back in the day (my brother was a hair stylist and used me as his guinea pig….i didnt have to pay and practice made perfect, so it was a win/win for us both)

    but yeah, these heffalumps now a days act like this if they dont have some yacktracks all up and thru…. fast forward to 1:20

  27. Oh hell NO! If they take their weave out they’re going to look more f’ed up then they already are. The pastor need to teach them how to cut or put weave on their nappy a$$ pu$$y hair.

  28. So is the deacons drinking beer, the cheating that goes on at churches on spouses, and money not being managed right that should be going towards the building fund allow or did he just not get to that yet??? Point is its way more important things going on at the church that needs to be omitted that gets ignored..you can buy a 20$ pack of hair any day so over spending on weave cnt be the reason.

  29. What’s baffling to me is why men feel the constant need to offer their opinions on issues that don’t pertain to or affect them.
    Something I’m learning as I get older is that if it doesn’t have anything to do with me, and If I have no experience on the topic, then maybe I shouldn’t offer my opinion. Try it. It will change your life.

    • Molly you are a little off on this one. Anything that affects our Black Queens affect us as men. For too long we are relegated to the rear of the room not being allowed to stand up and defend our sisters. I commented because this issue is so non spiritually related and whether the pastor is black or white enough already. My wife is beautiful, black and I pay for every strand of weave she wears in her head. No one and I mean no one is going to criticize her or any other black woman as long as I have breath in my body…………..A Black Man, a Black Pastor, The Father of a Black Women……any questions??????

    • What the woman does in her household affects the whole community because they are generally the heads of their household. The children they raise are the byproduct of their household. If you are spending $300 on your weave but you are struggling financially, then that teachers your child that your weave is more important than maintaining the household or the family’s basic needs.

  30. You know this is not going to last long. Too many black women love wearing other races hair in their head, which makes them look ridiculous.. It’s kind of sad that blk women try to look like women of other races. *shrugs shoulder*

  31. I have one question to ask, where in either Testament, Old or New, does it say in the exact quote that seemingly everyone quotes, “come as you are” and it references mode of dress. My other observation is if you say that your church is struggling financially and you won’t permit female members or visitors in the Lord’s house then your financial difficulties are not an issue. I have been pastoring for 36 years and preaching for 41 years. I am neither liberal or Conservative. I am born again, saved, sanctified and filled with HIs Holy Spirit. To suggest that Jesus gave a wholesale invitation concerning dress runs counter to the parable of the wedding feast. When garments were provided for the guests and one guests refused to put on the garment were provided, the host had the guest unceremoniously removed from the feast. The actions of this pastor are puzzling to some, confusing to others and just hypocritical for most. For too long unrelated issues have taken priority over more scriptural issues, salvation, justification, regeneration, sanctification and so on. I keep ever before me that the body belongs to God and he has allowed me to be a steward over His church. In doing so whenever the children act up I tell daddy because He can correct them far better than I can. Pray for each other not create controversy for the sake of publicity….

  32. lmao, u bring me into this shyt Kim Molag??? I´m taking the high road on this one………..wait, well maybe he said it because he´s tired of smelling that scent of fresh 1 and 1B synthetic hair…..or maybe he wishes his plate would get that weave money instead it going to little Korea…..Or it could even be that he wants to see what´s really on the ladies minds.

  33. I understand what he’s trying to say but to focus on “weave wearing” is stupid. Talk about how superficial and insecure we have become, our priorities, or how we need to embrace our individuality especially black women. How are you supposed to be a leader but you cant express yourself effectively?

  34. I understand where both the Pastor and the writer of this blog is coming from. Some women feel like they need weave these days because they feel that without it they reduced to less than human. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing weaves just as long as it not too much. I’ve seen women walking around looking like Beyonce on tour, she working ladies not at the mall, that’s her image while on stage. Also you have people wearing weaves down they ass and pink in color. I’m going to be honest some women hair weaves are a distraction! Some of these women pay more for weave than they pay for their children’s education and in some case more than they paying on meals for their children…<—- Catch them Tttttttttttttt. So maybe if it looked a lil more natural just to enhance your own beauty that's fine, but if I can't recognize you after you get yo hair done its too much. Stay in yo lane ladies. This pastor is just saying what a lot of people think! My opinion!

    • His church will be empty soon because first weaves then there will be something else next. I’m a pastor’s wife and wear weave because I like it. Teach people about being good stewards of God’s money and stop focusing on stuff that don’t matter

    • How do youknow what all women feel you just one lone voice speak for your self…Seems you are the one out the correct lane…Saty in your lane!

    • My friend works as a receptionist for an auto repo place. Last week these two ladies came in fussing that the car got repo’d. Said they need the car to get from point A to B because of the rural area in Michigan. They trying to sell a sob story but both got real hair, not synthetic hair in their heads all the way down to their butt. So to these ladies having all that long fake hair was more important than paying for the car note and keeping the tags up to date. I agree with the pastor. Do not put a want in front of your basic needs.

  35. Teaching about tithes and offering will teach about financial responsiblity with your money toward God..not a church or pastor. Alot people dont pay their tithes due to church mishandling. But its about your obedience. And thats between you and God. Banning weaves is a stupid ignit response. If folks aint paying tithe and offering..ya might need to look at ya preaching. Being a pastor can just be a title and not a calling. Ooooo..im preachin good up in hea….where´s my offering….lolllll…

  36. trust me, his church and I mean his church is not suffering financially due to hair weaves and gym shoes, it is because he never laid the foundation down in the first place on the importance of tithes and offerings. When a pastor has great revelation knowledge and wisdom to teach his congregation with clear understanding, his members will show their shepherd and God their love. (Yes, Pastor are called sheperds too, because they are there to feed the congregation with the Word. If he did so, he wouldn´t have to suggest such gestures. Many of times, when the church are suffering financially is because it was not their calling from the Lord above to be a pastor in the first place. Many pastor thinks this is they calling when they probably only to need to serve in the ministry such as the praise team, teen ministry, church leaders, but not Pastor. God will not call you into being a Pastor and build His Church, without providing the needs for His church. Instead of him taking it out on the weaves, maybe he need to have an one on one with God! ijs

  37. Whaaaaat!!!!! well he mind as well get rid of his wife,daughter,nieces hell nephew & sons too *screams* lmfao!!!!! Every body must go maybe even you *n my kat Williams voice* ctfu Libra Classic

  38. Leah John I agree with you and Funcky Dineva. But at the end of the day it’s a person’s choice to wear weave or not. If wearing weave makes them feel better abt themselves, even if it looks ridiculously fake, then let them live. The book the Four Agreements states (paraphrasing) that we are a secondary character in someone else’s life story, therefore we should not care what they do. And quite honestly I don’t. I’ve natural, permed, weaved and everything else in between and at the end of the day, I’ve learned that I am not my hair (as cliche as it sounds).

  39. “I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

    I get that he is concerned with the financial welfare of his congregation… I even respect that he recognizes that they are struggling. However, what kind of car does he drive? What type of house does he live in? Is he well off? Is his living that way a result of his pay from being a pastor? If so… shouldn’t he take a pay cut if he is so concerned with the financial well being of his congregation? This is just another attempt to distract people from really hearing the word of God. God’s word says nothing about how a person looks. God is more concerned with what we look like inside, and not what we look like on the outside. Smh… He seems like just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  40. I don’t understand what the big deal is about wearing weaves. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. I love wearing weaves, extensions, wigs, one track, two tracks, full head weave, partial weave, 10 inch, 30 inch, blonde, blue, curly, straight…what’s in my head has nothing to do with anyone else but me. I don’t think just because I wear a weave it means I have low self-esteem. I love being black and I love being a black woman, and I love my natural hair. I feel like shopping for hair is like shopping for shoes, its a fun way to change up my look and try something new. Like in the mid-90′s with people wearing color contact lenses, it’s just something fun and different. And I think that’s why weaves are so common place now days because people see it more as an accessory rather than a way to blend in with societies perception of who we ought to be. It’s not just black women doing it either, women of all colors (Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears) wear weaves and wigs to enhance their look. As for that pastor he is wrong, dead wrong and then wrong some more. If you want to call out single mothers with $300 weaves, then you have to call out their dead beat baby daddy’s who can’t pay child support, live at home with their mama and have fresh new Jordan’s every week. Or how many members in that congregation drive high end cars (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes) but don’t tithe on a regular basis. Or maybe he should check himself, how much does he spend on the suites, ties and gators that he wears on the pulpit every Sunday? In my bible Jesus hung out with the sinners, the liars and the thieves because he knew they needed saving. What he did not do was cast them out of his presence because he disagreed with their hairstyles. So perhaps that pastor should stop clockin’ peoples tracks and do what Jesus would do! Of all of the serious issues affecting the black community as a whole (poverty, single-parent homes, violence) overspending on weave may be a valid issue, but if that is at the top of the list then we are worse off then I thought we were.

  41. I rock my weaves when I feel like it! I rock my braids when I feel like it! And I rock my hair when I feel like it! This pastor is concentrating on the wrong things, though I do agree that if you can´t pay your bills or take care of your children then your hair should not cost $300! I work, I go to school, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am active in my church, I pay my tithes, I pay my bills, and I wear weave!

  42. But how he gonna enforce that? I wanna see that SO bad…I should bring my grandmother there and not tell her the rules. She´s like Aretha – she don´t even bother to blend her edges no more…

  43. I am curious as to why in our society, men often try to dictate womens behavior and appearance. It is possible men play a role in insecurities women have if in fact they are insecure at all. Just a thought.

    • Lots of black women weave because men like that straight hair and they need to compete with that Asian girl or that white girl for the brother’s attention. Everyday, black women are fed propaganda about how ugly we are and how we have bad, nappy, unruly and ugly hair. So it doesn’t surprise me that some women who were not taught pride in themselves as black women resort to weaves. Sad but true.

  44. I can not for the life of me understand why someone is so concerned with what someone else does with their look. We , just like any other race, have the right to change up our look, without being labeled insecure. White women started weave and color, most are not true blondes with long hair either. Stop putting people in a box, are there insecure people who wear weaves, yes, are there insecure people without weaves, yes. This whole thing is another attack on black women. Newsflash, not all people look good with short hair, and not all people look good with long hair. You should be able to adjust to what suits you and not what someone else deems appropriate for your entire race. I am so sick of the natural vs fake crap, its worst than colorism. A weave is no different than hair cuts, eye brow waxes, baths and showers, etc. I dare those of you claiming that natural is best to go without all the other things that are fake such as deodorant, soap, toothpaste, and haircuts, be truly natural. All things that you are not born with on your body is an enhancement, the end and period.

  45. If his congregation is suffering financially, maybe they should get a waiver on paying tithes to start a personal savings account. He should have a finance expert come in & teach. Financial Priorities will be the subject. And them a Self Image & Awareness coach. However, this may take away from his future ignorant topics. Smh

    • Church and Weave? Well I feel some kind of way about the Pastor addressing this a subject in the Church in the manner which he presented it. I feel that on a scale of all the issues in our community this is the least of them, but there is a way to appropriately to get a message out with being offensive. The Pastor actually did what a lot of people do to women who wear weaves is to shame them about it, which if he feels that they wear them because they lack self esteem and trying to be something that they are not, well shaming them in front of an entire congregation was the answer? Not sure of his approach and feel like someone mentioned have workshops on financial priorities and self awareness.

  46. I think it’s a woman’s prerogative to wear her hair however she sees fit. Furthermore, church is the last place to dictate how a woman’s hair is to be worn. What’s next, no make-up?

  47. I agree with his reason for doing so. I mean, if your congregation is suffering financially then most likely they don´t tithe and have problems paying bills. So where do they get money to pay $300 for hair weave. It´s about priorities and if hair is number 1 on your life then you need to reevaluate yourself. Don´t get me wrong I don´t think there´s anything wrong with wearing a weave from time to time but you should at least be set financially and comfortable in your own look without the help of add-ons. Ijs

  48. If he don´t carry his add somewhere N sattid down ninja please. This is why I believe my relationship with God don´t have a thing to do with “Church”. Why are you worrying about weaves and haven´t said a thing about men buying 300 tennis shoes maybe if you would have just discussed PRIORITIES it would have covered all of that and not singled out the women……what a dumbass!!! Everybody ain´t meant to lead

  49. I agree with him. If your congregation is suffering financially, and you see this is a reason why, then speak the truth, shame the devil. Don´t spend $300 on weave then come to the church food pantry… It´s all about priorities.

  50. I have been chatting about this today and agree with much you´ve stated in your article. I want women to get their priorities straight and this Pastor to focus on teaching financial responsibility and obedience to the word…not so much on whether or not you spent your tithe money on some good Virgin Indian hair and a decent sew-in. I guess his heart may be in the right place but his approach is terribly wrong. And please say it 27 more times that all this 37 inch, crazy color hair in everyday society (not for entertainment) is absolutely ridiculous! Stop the madness!!!

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